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TESTO - The Backseat Lovers - Growing/Dying

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TESTO - The Backseat Lovers - Growing/Dying

Why does the plant on the windowsill reflect my state of mind?Growing and dying all the time
Why did the clerk that rang me up look so hypnotized?Just look me in the eyes

I'd like to let it slide
But it would be nice to know
Why all the blinds are closed
It would be nice to know

Why does the wall insist I have my back against it?
Why does the wall—
Why don't you call me out for leaving all the lights on?
Why don't you call—

Searching for a sliver
Just enough to tell the forest from the fire
Slowly getting closer
Every moment in the light is drifting by

It would be nice to know
When I decide to grow
Sure would be nice to know
I think it's time to grow

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