Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Graceland di Portraits Of Tracy contenuta nell'album Drive Home. “Graceland” è una canzone di Portraits Of Tracy. Graceland Lyrics.

TESTO - Portraits Of Tracy - Graceland


TESTO - Portraits Of Tracy - Graceland

I’m calling you, oh for an answer
My goodbye messages sent to a phone
Oh nothing matters to me anyways
Trying to ignore it all and see today
Oh fuck, I can’t tell if I can hold on
Someway, Somehow
Someway, Somehow
Someway, Somehow
The silk that would just coat my world view
It’s a melting down, oh baby I can’t tell you
Oh how I feel, how I feel, how I feel
To just awake me from this bad dream
I’ll give myself away to maybe fix this scene
Toll was due but why did they choose you?
This feeling, I’m feeling
Why can’t I accept it?
My tears they, won’t let me
Bury you, leave you in today
For Ema
The end of the road
I spent a long time parading
The wrong time, to say it
To you
And you’ve been my friend
Holding your face so dearly
I closed my eyes, walking right in the street
Nothing matters to me
I’m ready to go
I’ve swallowed all of my pills
To finally get the feeling of being all alone
I’m fading away, when you find me
Know that finally I am at peace
Nothing matters to me
To me
Oh, nothing matters at all
Nothing, nothing
Nothing matters to me

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