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Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Gospel di Lil Kapow contenuta nell'album Gospel. “Gospel” è una canzone di Lil Kapow. Gospel Lyrics.

TESTO - Lil Kapow - Gospel

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TESTO - Lil Kapow - Gospel

Pistol whip you two times 'cause I brought two sticks
I fucked her so good she thought that I had two dicks
I could violate you out in public, you won't do shit
Bitch, you could see I'm rich by how I'm fuckin' cruisin'

Pop five bars and I started speaking Hebrew
Fucked up pissin' in the middle of casinos
Runnin' from the cops, I hid my whip at the Sea World
Sunday masked, getting neck in the cathedral
Ooh, I'm back on my street shit
House cleaner up in this bitch how I sweep shit
Dance Dance Revolution on your face, now you're leakin'
Sold him K2, now we're geekin', uh
I told him to lack
I'm fuckin' his bitch in the front and the back
I'm runnin' a train, I think that I can
Both thumbs in her ass then she takin' a cab
If I didn't hit you, I'm takin' a lap
You was talkin' that shit, now you takin' it back
I just sold you some shit, now I'm takin' it back
Keep suckin' my dick or you gon' make me mad
Ugly bastard, I get pussy, I'm poundin'
I just poppеd a perc, I'm tired of rappin'

Ayo Xanakin
Yo, Xanakin
Oh, it's my turn

Your shooter, hе cappin'
He livin' it lavish
My troopers are savage
takin' Advil
You poppin' them pills while you listen to sad shit
Most of these niggas don't know how to gas shit
Her pussy
I fuck on her
after I pass it to Fat Joe
Bitch, you don't really want that hoe
I be the bars when I gospel
he gettin' head in the neck thot hoe
She be an eater, then she thought she got post
More like , fuckin' her taco
I ain't no medium, we smokin' thrax and it's premium
Like John Cena, not seein' 'em
Choppas gon' spray while I'm cleanin' up
Bitches suck dick in the meeting room, ooh
Oh, it's still my turn
, nigga, get the chop, he got fast roll
Body got more fuckin' damage than a Glock does
I shoot bitches in they neck with my cock come
then they top run
on my dinner plate
I love the chops side more than a Tinder date
Nigga , suck my dick up for a feature, ayy
I'ma let for a cheaper rate

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