Sheek Louch ft. Jadakiss

Go to Work

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Go to Work di Sheek Louch e Jadakiss contenuta nell'album Go to Work. “Go to Work” è una canzone di Sheek Louch. Go to Work Lyrics.

TESTO - Sheek Louch - Go to Work


TESTO - Sheek Louch - Go to Work

Donny, yo

Fuck you talk about me for?
When your money up and down like a seesaw
I came in the game flying on a G4
I got money with Diddy,
Go to work, go to work
Get it poppin, get it poppin
Mixtape era, still knocking
e and my brothers, till rocking
Loyalty, it's so shocking
Go to work, grind
Get money nigga, shine
If you ain't fucking with my homies, fine
Y'all ain't beef to us anyway, swine
Throwing money on the floor every night, we polluting
Nigga stop eating glutin
If you ain't check for us, y the fuck are you
Told that bitch leave, we ain't 'bout to start shooting
Go to work
Bitch you look good for now, but how long can you twerk?
Silverback, ape shit
'm fly nigga, bape shit
You gon' call up the law when I knock on your door
You lose all that weight when you eat through a straw
That bitch you be wifing, I treat like a whore
I bust on her face, and she back for some more

Cuban so heavy, hat they got my neck
The money's so old, got the rubber bands melting
I do it myself, not another man help me
All black, yeah, I like to do it on the stealthing
Still got it on me, I ain't put it on the shelf, man
Fuck how you feel now, fuck how you felt then
Go to work, hit the clock
If you like to cook, then get a wok
Fuck that, if you a crook, then get a Glock
If you got something that get them hooked, then get a block
Them bitches'll get them booked then get them hot
Rat niggas'll get them booked then get them knocked
Clean them up, then get them mopped
You know how I feel, just get them shot
Don't go crazy, go berserk
Whatever you do, just go to work

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