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Go Home

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TESTO - Vic Bixton - Go Home

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TESTO - Vic Bixton - Go Home

Philadelphia district attorney, Larry Krasner has a message for the group that he said has been causin' mayhem on the streets
(Ooh, Sav, killed it)
Investigators say members have been involved in numerous shootings
Today at the DA's office reference the arrest and conviction of two of the group members was charged and convicted

The DA show the judge my pic' askin' why I got a gun
Tell that DA eat a dick, why would I explain myself to him?
I can't go out like no vic', we get up close, it's one-on-one
Nigga had on black Timbs, he ain't even get a chance to run
That nigga broke as shit, he can't even get her nails done
Show that bitch some dog shit, she put her hair inside a bun
He kept cryin' about that bitch, I gave her back when I was done
Bro, I'm Philly most wanted, he take a risk, he on a run
Therefore for , I can't go out like a coward
In that rental cars, a hundred miles per hour
Relaxin' in the trenches, ask the killers, niggas vouchin'
Twenty grand, rubber band, can't fit it inside my pocket
I just fucked this bitch, she want me to buy her Rick Owens
Broski hit that cut and that ten milli' started rollin'
Kill they star player then go for the nigga coachin'
He was chasin' clout, he got his face all on a poster
He got shot while it was hot, he played that block and no one hurt
Nigga look me in my face, he seen the Drac' and did the jerk
Broski ran into a opp and started blickin' with a smirk
We been on them fuckin' cars way before we heard of Durk

And I been—
Haha, hold on
And I been home for only three—, about six hours
These niggas got me fucked up
Go, the big fuckin' go home
Go, go

And if you want a, frr, four hundred for a button
The easy way to cook a nigga before he start runnin'
Why we so loud? '
Cause we the niggas that be stompin'
We the ones that caught, shh, my fault, all that pumpin'
Nigga turned his back and he got cooked inside that VLONE
Niggas play the crib soon as they heard that Lil 3 home
I stay in that V with Pistol P, I keep my ski on
He on house arrest, we got that lo', bro see what he on
I be with them ahks who play with Dracos, make salat
Moral of the story we be lurkin' on Fox
Well, moral of the story, I be prayin' it's a opp
The nigga tried to cop a deuce, I told him talk to God
That switch sound like Shiesty everytime he did his adlibs
My cougar bitch took it too far, she tryna have kids
All these cappin' and they actin', call 'em Brat Pitt
That Glizzy not a semi but that ten milli' give out backflips
That stupid bitch had gave my addy, had to switch locations
That ARP had broke him down, his shoulder dislocated
My judge said juvenile life 'cause I kept catchin' cases
My lawyer said, "It's gon' be alright, we fightin' for probation"
My brother always tryna bend, he be too energetic
7.62's hit hard as shit, they give out prosthetics
He ain't even tryna rank, he do that shit for Reddit
He ain't tryna paint, he ain't got no credits
Steppin', hmmm, I'm like, "Who want it?"
We got Glocks, fifty rounds, them big ass titties hold a hundred
Same niggas sayin' they chasin' be the same niggas runnin'
Better not catch you in them pictures
Whoever with 'em gettin' punished
Speakin' of the devil, my homie came home
He got a body and a metal
We don't play with cops, we put that foot on top of the pedal
Comparin' me to rappers, we on two different levels
You be rappin', I be steppin'

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