Yelawolf ft. Jelly Roll - DJ Muggs

Geeyat Damnit

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Geeyat Damnit di Yelawolf e Jelly Roll DJ Muggs contenuta nell'album Mile Zero. “Geeyat Damnit” è una canzone di Yelawolf. Geeyat Damnit Lyrics.

TESTO - Yelawolf - Geeyat Damnit


TESTO - Yelawolf - Geeyat Damnit

God damn it you gettin' it baby
If ain't nobody else told you, Imma tell you, you fuckin' killin' it dawg
Fuck, I'm so fuck proud of you dawg

Yea, Lilke a bunch of married bitches on broadway, who don't
All bars no singles, at the bar no singles
All chips no pringles, stacking, I'm an anomaly and hogs dude fly
A quarter pack the order sack, five fingers the pigskin
Deliver the package from '
Bama porch side
Reeling up a catch from flowing the keys port side
Sushi, raw focus, four eyes
Gucci, still floating, low tide
Got a panoramic on the Atlantic, got the foreign strippers to pouring up the liquor
I just told a Cannon, stop it, quit it, this hoe was barely standing
I keep it cold with the ultra, the snow was ever landing
, leopard shorts nu fur, necklace all sorts, reckless four-letter words
Fuck, fuck, bitch, shit
Stumble out the PJ's, what's the business
Snakeskins on the pavement let the footprints of the greatest on the tarmac
Zilla, call the black car back, I'm in a black tall hat
51-50 bandana tied, boy what you call that
Crazy, crazy's on the lazy, and I'm crazy fuckin' busy, so get busy fuckin' pay me
Look, sign up check, sign up check, sign up check,
The strip with a real nice look
Hit the club with the clique, catch a bitch like stuck
Cut a loose, got a dip, gotta work, no luck
I left a coke on the table, cause I'm a gentleman, yet sort of morbid
She blew a line like a porpoise orifice

Hah, porpoise oriface, of course she did
Yo, if I Swipe this credit card at the pool, none of you kids will make it back to school
Shot to Creek Water, 2, 3, 4, 5, you'll be on the bird scooter catchin' D-U eyes
Drunk on the Instagram, that's a social acronym
Acrobatic rap shit, flippin' syllables from out the pen
Out my head, I'm out the two-door Acura into the van
Chevy steel, heavy wheels, no algebra, no college grand
Common sense, logical lobby damn, flip the mill it's simple mad
Me plus the instruments, plus a Piccasso like mine, yea I pay the rent
Maybe by the trailer park, maybe just for my man
Pinwheel yea, my head spinning like windmilling
Weakening burnings, I'm dead chillin' cause I been killin'
Low fashion, juxtaposing my net worth like a Chanel black person a Cadillac purse
Grayhound you see who's running up the track first, but ain't chasin' rabbits, I'm chasin' your favorite classic
I'm making the ladies basket case, they baking the cookies
I brought milk and prophylactics all for the nookie
No limp biscuit, no fake pimp shit
Real pimp shit, break a leg and walk back limping
Y'all fuckin' stuttering with it, I got the track skipping
You do the shit for the bitches, she got you backflipping
Good for her, I applied the hustle first
When you're done breaking the bank I left the box out on the curb
Free willing, that's free will-end, three Willa sittin' got the Impala drifting you
Free ,

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