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Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Gametime di Kid Ink . “Gametime” è una canzone di Kid Ink. Gametime Lyrics.

TESTO - Kid Ink - Gametime

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TESTO - Kid Ink - Gametime

Yeah, you know it's gametime
We show you that we ain't lyin'
It's gametime
Yeah, it's gametime
Fuck them niggas on the bench, it's playing time

Now, who'd ever thought I will make it this far
Just wanted heaven on earth
Feel like I made it to Mars
Know that we shootin' for somethin'
Maybe the stars
Maybe the drinks
Maybe your broads
Face, face it you niggas is frontin' and faker than mofuckin' tv plot
Think that you make any close
But you still see the mirage
I ain't even feel it yet, watch when the pill get to kickin' like it was Solange
Feelin' if I get them sisters inside of a elevator man I see 'em or not
Zero for zero I hit you with doubles just tryin' to even the odds
Swear if you don't feel like you gon' die tonight
Then you ain't even alive
Swear if you ain't been puttin' in work, then you don't get a piece of the pie
But take it the look at the piece on my wrist and you know it's gametime

It's gametime
It's gametime
Takin' it from the top (Top)
Takin' one for my block to you
Takin' from you, won't stop no
It's gametime
It's gametime

Three shots, it's gametime
Goin' out for bricks, it's gametime
Pass at me like it's gametime
MVP, it's gametime

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