Fuck It Puppet


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TESTO - slowthai - Fuck It Puppet

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TESTO - slowthai - Fuck It Puppet

Whispers, "why the voices make me act impulsively?"
My touch corrosive, I been tryna OD
Why I always got the notion, no one cares about T?
Wanna watch the world burn, 'cause the world been burning me
Insecurities, fuck 'em, I need cash
Rob yutes, push crack, push your wig back
Send a yute back to Turkey, selling Shirley out the cab
Been up from early, 'cause I'm gonna relapse
All the good I've done, why they focus on the bad?
I was tryna stop drugs, drugs stop me in my tracks
"Here my brother, go on have another"
I have dreams of dying, I've been hanging from the shutter
I have schemes of frying pussios like they chicken wings
(Protein diet) Creatine for the fucking gym
At least mum loves me (Bro your mum is biased, shut the fuck up, weed for your arthritis)
I'm depressed
(No you're not)
Wanna kill myself
(Good, you wouldn't do it anyway, bro, you need the push)
Man I wanna live
(Bro shut the fuck up here's some cocaine bro, man it'll make you feel good)
Need luck
(Knock on wood, you wouldn't be good enough)
Shut the fuck up!
(I'm your friend)
No you're not
Good-looking colour, I'ma do it, I'ma—
(Okay, bro, delete my number from your phone)

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