Vanilla Ice ft. C-Note


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TESTO - Vanilla Ice - Freestyle


TESTO - Vanilla Ice - Freestyle

Freestylin on the mic at Indigo
Freestylin on the mic so let it flow
Freestylin on the mic at Indigo
First on the microphone; Cyco!

Taking rappers like hot dice, like hot nights in vegas
Got says they hate us cause they are fuckin with the greatest
Niggas that pull gats and steal gats just like potatoes
Knowing they couldn't break us or take us
Now fake us take us out, no doubt
Make us serve your ass with a teck
Making rappers "Bow Down" like the Westside Connect

I want the Ice like Cube, So I blast with the MAC-10

But trust me, I'm throwing up the dub just like Dub C
Plus we fucks it up on both coasts
Don't show clouts when I rip shot, put niggas in zip lock
Fuckin with this hip hop fanatics still automatic
Yes I smoke kryptonite, get it right, my shit is tight
Got "Wicked Wayz" like Mr. Mike

Get the gauge in the night these niggas running loose, catchin' bodies
These niggas in khakis and not versace
Somebody should have told you, son it's on like that
With the ice man, bitch and I'm gone like that

Freestylin' on the mic at Indigo
Freestylin' on the mic so let it flow
Freestylin' on the mic at Indigo
And next on the microphone, C-Note

I got some business that I gotta handle
Shit is kinda risky, But I'm gonna have to take the gamble
Niggas they trying to plot a scheme on me
Double and triple teams on me
I'll make them bleed for me
And that's how it is going down
I won't be satisfied until I see that ass six feet underground

Cause you fucked around and pissed the wrong brother off
You lied to yourself when you said I was soft
Now that's a no no, with manhole I'll formulate a plan yo
That will make your children bastards and your wife a widow
Trying to battle me, that's a sin
And be like Toni Braxton and you'll never breathe again
Cause I hit hard like thunder, straight from the under
Ground with the sound that will make Stevie wonder

Pause, but let me continue
Serving MC's like lettuce on the menu
Pound for pound up in this game, I be the best
Back the fuck up off me, motherfucker, cause I'm stressed
You'll wind up in a casket, fucking with me
You get your ass kicked - hit you harder than an accident, a tragedy

Lets get down to pleasure
And beat the kid out the treasure
Let me measure this here joint cause it'll be nothing lesser
I'll bet ya that I'll get it wide open like Hostetler
Vanilla and Obe, surround all of you like Kobe
And leave you in suspense like who done that
You check the grammar
I'll be the last man standing off lyrical stamina
I round up 100 MC's in one city
Knock off 99 and a half
And that leaves a half that wanna face me
I'll leave him face down in the dirt, call the paramedics
Grip the body for surgery or the anesthetic
Bloody massacre like salker, hit the creator
Set it off like Michael Myers in a double matinee feature

Feature funky rhymes that are hard to swallow

Send your ass until tomorrow, you'll be hoping to escape the horror
Now pay attention to today's lesson
And in for your possession, recognize these freestyle confessions
I'll step aside a case like Kojak, get rid of the evidence

Make sure I leave behind no fingerprints
Yo put the script off in a case like Matlock

Come bumpin' on your block
And clean your ass up like Dr. Spock

Freestylin on the mic at Indigo
Freestylin on the mic so let it flow
Freestylin on the mic at Indigo
And next on the mic it's Ice, so let it flow!

It's the incredible party rocker, the heart stopper, hit dropper
Hypnotize you all like Big Poppa

Getting everybody blazed with the funk, it don't stop
As I detonate the spot like Oklahoma on your block
Like there will be the day that I don't blow up any buildings
When you hear me boy, it'll beat the microphone I'm killing
Registering 10 on the Richter when I shake it
With the earthquake bass, my taste blowing out your roofers
Put you in a State of Shock like Mick and Mike so get it right

Making this tonight
Just to let you know my clique is tight, right
We got women up front shaking ass
Just about stripping want to put 'em on the glass
Pass the phat philly as I heat it up like chili
Put down the gun son, there is no need for the 9 milli
Got the meat for the barbecue, so spark a few hops
Watch as I raid your spot like spartan, infiltrate your whole block, yeah!

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