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For Your Love

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TESTO - Unlinked Artist - For Your Love

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TESTO - Unlinked Artist - For Your Love

Ocean deep, flowing far, building mass like creatine
Stay reading, keep my head sharp as a guillotine
Life is learning, we could steer our dreams
Which are lucid
Freddy Krugers strangled with my sheets, plus I don't need to sleep

Procrastination gets agrivating
I'm too agitated to slack
If I do, can't get mad if I haven't made it
It takes practice and dedication
While balancing graduating uni with stacking wages and having patience

I'm past debating
The fallacies are exacerbating passion
Tracks are pavement with spit as I'm salivating
Making wack rappers as stable as CDS' under agencies
Which aren't actually rating, collapsing nations
But that's for later

It's as essential to give as to accept favours
That's the eb and flow of experience in this mass creation
Independence is key, but relationships are the only matter
Literally, the atoms mostly empty space, take that data

When fresh as laundry, the audio's on spin cycle
It's called hip-hop, so let's get it jumping like Vince or Michael
Spitting psycho
Shine the bright glow
Electrifying on the mic with the flow, this is hydro
Like what I blow
The lines are my calling
At your service, though I was never working for Fido
Spittage burning on fire, I'm a pyro
So foes are flying every time I'm kicking it like tae-bo

Plus they're spying though
I don't give a shit
Agenda's to serve others, this isn't pop, I'll still flip your lids
If you're looking for idiot, this isn't it
Still spitting since this mission is as infinite as existence is

Synonymous with wisdom, intelligence, enlightening
Try to spread love, but they're still spiteful despite it
Still I say why quit? I'm not the one that's lost
This is the age of the upper-hand for the underdogs

Brought the flow to the Oasis, folks formed a Wonderwall
I told them sorry for the delay, tend to stumble so I stalled
At the end of the day, I'm only aiming to grow from flaws
Even if it's so hard as teaching new protocol to know-it-alls

False poets fall short as a small tortoise
I'm more raw, not forfeiting nor distorting
I've not forgot honest glory, take aim with a sure shot
It's not only a story whenever it's my turn like a doorknob
Get to the core like the cob of the corn
When what you say is not popular, you often get scorn
Make a mockery of my message, as I'm offering my blessings
Cause we're all lost in a storm, and I'm positive as ever

Run tracks, similar to the Road Runner
Unique as summer snow, rare as deserts with no summer
Deep as the great escape, down under, something like a pearl
We incarnate to make sure that we've ate like the wonders of the world

But it could be much more than that, this broadcast transforms
Past norms, so predictable I forecast and understand like platforms
Don't exactly follow formats, just rap more
Stampede on tracks, which get trampled on like doormats on flat floors

I don't do do it for your love, but much rather your growth
There's more to music than bragging and boasting and having a toast
With that I say art imitates life, not both exact but they're close
Though some artists have chosen fibs since they're after some dough

As I travel on this life path, lost sight for a bit
But now I'm back on the right path, ever since a kid
I always knew I could write tracks
If I didn't have a mic, I'd feel quite trapped in the bars like a pint of Jack or a bike rack

Mastering life by manifesting light
Say hi to destiny and co-create with what the plan was like
Panoramic sight, matter of fact, birds eye view
Using my third eye and expressing visions with words I choose, eternal truths
Archetypal with this art recital
Uncut, unlike the Council of Nicea, since they scarred the bible in 325 AD
They harmonized with Roman emperor Constantine to drop some teachings
Today's results are preachers off their leash

But that's awfully deep
So I'ma keep talking about these verses which are flames whether acapella, boom-box, or beat
Box that is
Had to clarify for the one-time listeners
But judging by the extent this goes, those folks are awfully limited

Bumping into gimmicks is imminent
Such as whether they talk weapon palming or busting, or rocks that they're hustling
High pay plus wallets with 100's, stay fly with lots of luggage
9 times out of 10, they're about as real as some Mc
Donald's Mcnuggets

Besides, I refuse to be a robot or a puppet
Rather provoke thought and discussion, and still manage to flow hot with some punches
Enjoy throwing knowledge in hopes it's caught, like boy in front of it
Talk is cheap, I don't buy nothing, but not on a bummy tip

Fell on the planet, pen hit the pad and
Shazam! Genuine magic, led to eloquent ramblings
Vocab intelligent, setting standards they measure with
I tend to drift, but nevertheless, even my ramblings are eloquent

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