Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di For All We Know di Jimmy Cobb Trio e Massimo Faraò Ada Montellanico Walter Booker Jimmy Cobb. “For All We Know” è una canzone di Jimmy Cobb Trio. For All We Know Lyrics.

TESTO - Jimmy Cobb Trio - For All We Know


TESTO - Jimmy Cobb Trio - For All We Know

I'm blue mood, y'all (Mood, y'all)
I slive with jive, y'all (Jive, y'all)
I'm actually deep, y'all (Deep, y'all)
Invented time, y'all (Time, y'all)
In ten fourths, y'all (Fourths, y'all)
I pay your cap, y'all (Cap, y'all)
I player late, y'all (Late, y'all)
And draw down too (Down too)
I bust raps, y'all (Raps, y'all)
In love with naps, y'all (Naps, y'all)
The sweet beats, kid (Beats, kid)
I speak my thoughts, y'all (Thoughts, y'all)
I record break y'all (Break y'all)
Don't trust the flag, y'all (Flag, y'all)
I dig the birds, y'all (Birds, y'all)
I'm layin' out now (Yeah)

The season's been good like a sweet
I hang out with a gang out Flatbush with cool beats
I found the reverberated shout was goddamn
And questions 'bout the methods, how the Planets made jams
Wallowed through a gang a murk in the interim
A couple times we got jerked, but still invented them
Wicked little kinky joints that got us ghetto weight
And also kept the jazz alive by pullin' off the plates
Maybe only we was hip to stretchin' out the brain
I felt like Bird Parker when I shot it in my vein

I toss these major losses on the Mingus jazzy strum

Flip off into a nod and dig myself a dyin' young
It's like, cool was the bop and the flair
I kicks it to my pools by the nap of the hair
I'm pinnin' Uncle Sam for the death of swingin' quotes
For losin' Bud Powell slidin' over Dizzy's notes

Was it that the rebirth was the birth for new shit, or cool shit?
The jazz power showers from the crew was sure legit
But, hey, present since gone, Hank Mo's gone
They kill the coolest breeze in this land of the free
And it been like that since they lied about they flag
Like all my main mans gave they beats up for skags
So I pops it at your crew like Bu, I did a lid
But I used Lee's Cooker got my buzz around midnight

I'm sunshine, y'all (Shine, y'all)
I'm hip to badge, y'all (Badge, y'all)
From sector six, yeah (Six, yeah)
And now and then too (Then too)
I slows the trims, y'all (Trims, y'all)
And fades a fake now (Fake now)
I know the nat, y'all (Nat, y'all)
I'm layin' out, y'all (Yeah)

The season's been smooth like the suede
Pumas that butter got when butter got paid
Or better yet, Dolphy's archetypes for cool dudes

Or better still, '
Trane usin' space in Afro Blue

It's simple, swing be the freakin' of the time
The spinnin' by the kings good for speakin' of the mind
The forty seven sessions gave the buzzes that I caught
They asked was it cool blues knowledge (What you thought?)
I told 'em it was solid, dig, the licks was way out
My baby loves to kiss when Ornette just lays out
So the quotes be as such 'bout the kits, uh
(You down with Digable Planets, you's a hipster, shit)
I lay it on the cats about Monk
The logical extensions comin' boomin' out that trunk
Assumin' that the room in which you zooms designed by your mind
Not the stars and stripes but red Cali booms
And the rat-a-tat-tat by Max or Philly Joe

On we go

The fly shit, y'all
We don't quit, y'all
The slick beats here
And it's out there
A smooth groove, kid
The jive is high, y'all
We ain't marks, y'all
Okay, pow me up

Uh, the seasons been fat like some boom
Doodlebug's math jazz fillin' up the room
When Booker jam with Eric at the funky five spot
Jimmy Cob's job was layin' crashes on the top
Butter cop his lid at this little Harlem jam
The tenor bop the middle and his shades and his tam
I'm diggin' how these dudes made my buzz a little hipper
And angles on the moves really couldn't get no blacker
I'm sinkin' deeper to the sleekness of the horn
I'm thinkin', "Take the hipness and just lay it in my form"
So when the hoodlums flood waitin' for another anthem
I say, "It's in the blood," 'cause it ain't nothin' but rhythm
And rhythm goes on and on to the break of moon, baby
The dads is gone but they used to come lovely
The sickness towards the world's was Sam caused the blues
But hipness takes a swirl and jams by my crew

In fact, space, y'all (Space, y'all)
We swing time, y'all (Time, y'all)
It's like milk, yeah (Milk, yeah)
It's like bebop (Bebop)
The new scat slips (Oh, shit)
We got fly kicks (Fly kicks)
It's like jazz, uh (Uh)
It's like us now

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