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TESTO - Sleepytime Trio - Flake City


TESTO - Sleepytime Trio - Flake City

I been a mess
I been smoking for the stress
Gotta keep going I’m blessed
Some days I feel less
Had to get that off my chest
Just Like a bulletproof vest
My bro in a road
Creeping through the city slow
Watching for three times 4
I used to be poor
Now I got a Lil mo
Mo money mo hoes
I don’t feel right
I don’t even sleep at night
I keep my gun outta sight
Trust me I tried
I can’t go with out a fight
I see da light shining bright
You want me to fail I never flop
Music don’t work out I’m flipping the stocks
How I finesse struggle like work of art
Would you know that I was down from start
I got drip and the sauce on the beat but you see me in public no flex
Where you spend all you bread ask my ex
How much you got to spend that’s a check
We don’t talk on the phone we text
No i don’t wanna bone just neck
Shoutout my bro Filipe patek
Shoutout my Lil bro Nemo he next
(Yeah) Breaking Bad Baghdad
Afghan kush on the way call it sand man
Sleepy time tea when I’m tryna sleep on my tempuroedic bed mattress
They call phone they don’t know what’s been going on at a nigga address
I can’t fake it bitch I’m never plastic
Least i got it niggas never had it
40 days 40 nights Rottweiler dog food in a duffle bag man
40 days 40 nights I been chasing raccoons they some dirty bandits
40 days 40 nights Rottweiler Big dog stand a lil taller
Every where I go pity seem to follow
Everytime I leave bitches try to me holler
Circle lil smaller
9 go Iggy for dollars
She give me her number don’t caller
She think that I gotta problem
I told her don’t take it personal Pucker face she suck on me like a bottle
Crash dummy full throttle
They told me gettem I gottem
Man hopped up on The beat and did my thang I did the freak a leak
Got pulled over while we was whipping in the Jeep Cherokee
All these girls love man fuck they tryna marry me
But who gone ride for Rari shyt hard who gone cherish me
Niggas tryna kill me man I Think they want to bury me
I’m laughing at these niggas I’m Really thinking it’s a parody
You ain’t hard and none of the lil shyt you do be scaring me
Sour K done made this beat
I spit my shyt with clarity
It took some time but I finally got my lil muscle up
Had to shake back to prove I was a real hustler
Shop with me I’m really tryna build up my lil customers
Finessin these lil niggas sucker free You selling suckers huh

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