Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Five Minutes More di Tex Beneke e Will Smith Nicky Jam contenuta nell'album Give Me Five Minutes More. “Five Minutes More” è una canzone di Tex Beneke. Five Minutes More Lyrics.

TESTO - Tex Beneke - Five Minutes More


TESTO - Tex Beneke - Five Minutes More

Yeah, Nicky Jam
Spanish remix, yeah
Yo Fyre, yo Jaden, uh
Woo! Hahaha
Yeah, hit it!

Nicky con el flow terrible (yeah)
Nadie a mí me para, yo hice lo imposible (woo!)
Hago hasta que el viento rime
No pueden conmigo, 'toy muy turbio en el business (woo!)
Y yo sé que muchos no lo entienden (woo!)
Porque Nicky tiene lo que tiene (woo!)
Cuáles son los duros, dime quiénes (woo!)
Tú te haces el loco, te conviene
Y los envidiosos no me quieren (woo!)
Porque tengo lo que ellos no tienen (wah!)
Saludo a los haters que son fiele' (wah!)
Saludo a los haters que son fiele'

I am just an icon livin', livin'
I-I-Icon livin' (woo)
I am just an icon living, living
I am just an i-i-icon (woo)

I am not a Mayan, I'm a menace (menace)
It's wild, you can lie like a professor
I don't got the time to put you on the stretcher (stretcher)
I am here and I'm still flexing (flexing)
I am just an icon living
Start a record label, MSFTS just did it, woah
I'm Highsnob, cover five minutes, woah
We are so hot in the business (woo)

No le tengo miedo a ningún venenoso
Bendecido como el todopoderoso (woo!)
Le metimos con un ritmo escandaloso
Ya no estamos en la calle ni 'tamos vendiendo coso (Ícono)
Suéltame el beat, lo destrozo
El dúo latino, so mentiroso
Pa' to's los envidiosos pa' to's los resentidos y rencorosos
Yo sé que en el fondo ustedes están muy orgulloso'

Look, we don't know no one like you (huh?)
Gold grills and you dance like Michael (what?)
No I's, MSFTS; no typos (woo)
Look, wait—we just wanna make you go psycho (go psycho)
Put a hundred thousand dollars in a Bible (woo)
I took the game with my eyes closed
Last verse was before the award show (what?)
Icon tatted on my torso (huh?)
Me and Moi dipping in a Porsche, so what?
I ain't even take it on tour, so what?
Your shit is fire, I'm more so, what?
Young Jaden dyin' on the floor, so what?
She broke my heart to the core, so what?
I guess we all gotta grow up

Boy, you know why you was a icon living? (woo)
You was born from a icon living (woo)
Messed around and married me a icon livin'
Tequila, then we made some icon children
You was raised in a icon village

Worked hard and raised the icon ceilin'
One day I'ma hand you all the icon billin'
And bounce, I'ma be a icon chilling
Un ícono que siempre hace golazo (woah)
Por eso con el éxito me caso (woah)
No quiero que me hables de fracaso (woo)
Tú ponme lo que quieras que yo arraso

I am just an icon living
Start a record label, MSFTS just did it (woo)
Interview cover five minutes (woo)
We are too hot in the business (woo)
I'm going straight to the top with the crew
We should just chill and maybe take it slow
Fore we get up there with nowhere to go
And we can chill and just look at the view (woo)
Damn, load a yellow rose into a rifle (ooh)
Me and Nicky 'bout to go psycho (psycho!)

Put a hundred thousand in a bible (Bible!)
Damn, wait—gold teeth, dance like Michael (Michael!)
Man, this nigga on like a lightbulb (lightbulb!)
Owe it all to Cudi and to Tycho (damn)
Bout to make a movie independent (woo)
Need new trucks, Independent (woo)
I need you to listen to the vision (woo)
All your verses sound like dirty dishes (gross)
I'm about to clean them in the kitchen (woo)
And we making money by the minute (woo)
I'm about to do it way different (godly)

I am just an icon livin'
I am just an icon livin', livin'
I-i-icon livin' (woo)
I am just an icon livin', livin'
I am just an icon livin'

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