Find Out

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TESTO - Liv.e - Find Out

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TESTO - Liv.e - Find Out

Pick a flower too young from his mother
So hot take my coat off when it's late at night
So cold I turn him into another
Watch the phone light up
Turn it face down
Feel my heart sinking into the gutter
Surely we'll make it back to another round
Can't risk it findin out just what I could've
It's so hard to make it easy
Thinkin about it way too much
I'm dreading thinkin bout you
All the voices say it's dust
I'm steady losing my cool
Can I go on go through
Being in love with you
I guess we'll find out find out baby
The hard way
I guess we'll find find out find out
The hard way
Feel the sun burnin on my shoulders
Everyday on my chest like a boulder
Cryin spillin tears into the late night
There's more than 50 ways to leave your lover
Sittin alone I'm talkin on the phone
Not with you though why i even bother
I think Im ready for some precious time alone
I hope you know I love you like no other
I guess you'll find out find out baby
The hard way
I guess you'll find out find out baby
The hard way

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