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Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Faultline di Girlpool contenuta nell'album Faultline. “Faultline” è una canzone di Girlpool. Faultline Lyrics.

TESTO - Girlpool - Faultline

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TESTO - Girlpool - Faultline

Every day it's Friday night
I hold my body like a butcher knife
Smiling for the camera eyes closed
Doing anything you ask, I suppose
You tell me you would die to breathe me in
I know there's no excuse for oxygen
So I will make your bed my graveyard
Let the world run through my soft parts

And I live at this faultline
Between the edge of solitude and hope
I'm shaking in a sentimental trope
And though the stars apologize for night
I don't blame them, I've wanted to sometimes
I don't know what to tell you where I've been
My body is just a landscape for your sin
And all the days regret the city lights
I know it's just the fault of the faultline

Every week keeps slipping by
In this imitation paradise
The angels make me sorry when I err
From the way they want me everywhere
Can't you see I'm sinking further in
Wish you could reimburse my oxygen
I gave you everything and then some more
Left you with nothing to be looking for

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