Face No Book

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TESTO - Heembeezy - Face No Book

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TESTO - Heembeezy - Face No Book

Yeah, yeah, yeah and all that
Bitch, it's the joint
The trophy himself and all that, stop playin'
Yeah, aight

I just pulled up in a— hmm, wait
I just pulled up in a Benz, baby, bring your friends
If you ain't throwin' neck, baby, you can't get up in
And I ain't goin' in if I can't bring the Glock in
I can't do the nine-to-five, I could never clock in
I was never up in school, I was out flockin'
Bitch, I'm Mr. turn nothin' into somethin'
We don't do no sucka duckin'
We them niggas that was born to cause ruckus
Slidin' on the suckas at three in the morning in a bucket
I'ma die behind my Grammys, if he touch it, I'ma up it
Four-five if the nigga think he Mr. Incredible
Ass so fat, I be mad that it ain't edible
She sucked a nigga so good that she turned me to a vegetable
Bitch, don't ask me what I'm doin 'like it ain't money on my schedule
If you wanna take it there, then we can take it there
Best believe that I'ma risk it all if it's paper there
I be at his bitch house all the time, I get faded there (Hmm)
They don't want no smoke, I was out on they block
Tryna terrorize they whole gang, but nobody out (Hmm)
We the ones that yellow tape the whole crime scene
I'm that young nigga with the chili, so they don't like me
Bitch, I'm toxic, I'll block you while you typing
Why the fuck you call me over and your clothes on?
I know she ain't shit 'cause she don't never leave her phone on
Girl you bad, I'm tryna fuck you with the lights on
I'ma lock her in as "Pretty Face" in my iPhone
If I show up at three in the morning, you know what I'm on
Skinny mini lightskin little brace face
Beat the yocky up, got the bitch screamin', "Gang gang"
Got her toes curlin' signs like she gangbang
Hold on, damn
Hmm, tuh
Bitch, you bad and you know it, fine in the face
You got ass, baby, throw it, put it in my face
Baby, who you bank with? Wells or the Chase?
She see the sauce that I'm drippin', she like, "Daddy, can I taste?"
Girl, I know you know that I'm a joint, but can I get some space?
Blunts for the pain, smokin' good Cook'
I been gassin' the whole time without a chorus or a hook
I was off a couple shrooms when I almost got booked
I done ran off on the plug and his shit got took
Bad bitch give me face all day, no 'Book

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