Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Exactly Like You di Bobby Gordon e Adele Girard Marsala Jonathan Allen contenuta nell'album Don’t Let It End. “Exactly Like You” è una canzone di Bobby Gordon. Exactly Like You Lyrics.

TESTO - Bobby Gordon - Exactly Like You


TESTO - Bobby Gordon - Exactly Like You

So, bitch, we finally here
No need to preach, how he been on a winnin' streak
Cause I done followed J (Jay) his whole career...like Memphis Bleek
But, see, the difference in the niggas here standin'
He livin' for pen attention, I was livin' off of penitentiary chances
So fix your stance, bitch, 'cause you been gettin' by with fly talk
Knowin' that your kind is why they provided a sidewalk
Soft niggas on this goddamn Earth
Al Kapone shirts, I be at loss every time the Yak Man curse
But you put in work?
But see this is why I doubt the shit tho
Cause how you Vice Lord and a Muslim? Yeah you counterfeit bro
When shit get real do one go out the window?
Say F the flag, that's when I bet he should baz (Betty Shabazz), word to Malcolm widow
Bro, you'se a hoe
And bein' able to flow ain't gon' justify it
You talk guns, but my niggas buy the shit to just to fire
I'm talkin' just to survive
Cause when we pack with cannons, it's '
Pac and Janet
We be Lucky if Justice on our side
But you don't mind, cause you not who you say
So now I'm pissed when I gotta look at you different like I'm Bobby Boucher
Which makes me wanna punch this bitch in his face
Cause you might be Frog-gy where you stay
But today you ain't in Michigan J
Don't give a fuck what he display with his skills
Cause he just claimed he would kill
I ain't suited up a single day in this field
He'll freeze up with me just wavin' the steel
Nigga ain't even get bust and bein' a bitch
Oh you JC for real
But see I'm trill, old school, I'm still with usin' these
I can throw you a single blow and he losin' all his teeth
Maybe two mo' and you sleep
And that's cause I only move wit' the shoulders
So on the ground you'll find Ju
Ju on that beat
Boy I'ma beast
Still down to raise the crime rate dawg
Once I get trap wit' them arms like my Shine Faceoff
See niggas like you, just play boss
I'm really wit' soldiers, get big bucks
So soon as shit get illy it's over
Boy you'se a poser
If you a gun-blower, then prove me that
But if you send a shot and miss we gon' hunt 'til you truly stretched
So bitch you better stab yourself if you scared of that tooley wreck
Cause it won't be no cap you let (Capulet) me find out Juli' at (Juliet)
Or a foul option, mama Carter catch rounds poppin'
Now you mad she movin' on to the Shepherd (Sheppard) like Kyle Watson
All because her boy that thirsty, jottin' shit he ain't 'bout
So I can't show this Vice Lord have mercy
You should be worried
Bout the bullets we'll spray in that shirt
About the pain that your mama feel to see you lay in that hearse
Bout the money she gotta spend to get ya day in that church
But the preacher's fee is what's free, just to give J the best verse
Oh it gets worse
See, niggas get murked for tryin' to be heathens
But don't be an example this evening
I know you want us to believe you ran them streets and in beef you be hammer squeezin'
Look, if J (Jay) your peoples, you'll be Sigel, the man have reasons
See you dope man, the things that you do with the bars? Sheesh
I mean it's hot! They had to come and get me 'cause he on the street
See how all of y'all asleep?
Dope Man', the '
Things That U Do', '
It's Hot', '
Come And Get Me'
J (Jay) we on Volume 3!
See here's the difference, I've been official and my pen a missile
Prove I've cold with how I stuck out on Chess (chest) like women's nipples
So I don't trip off the shit that pricks tell me
Cause every time we turn, look up, it's the same angle like a big bitch selfie
That ain't gon' help G
I'm too certified for verbal lies (verbalize)
I steal on you, not off you, look in a burglar eyes (burglarize)
All of my shooters ride, I just hit up the game
And have Chef handle that problem like a kitchen complaint
Cause money talks, and I told y'all a Franklin's enough dollars
It leaves shit Smokey, Monday through Friday we dumb showers
So for dead presidents and a skip we'll bust cowards
So it ain't shit to detect if (Detective) Carter tryin' to rush ours (Rush Hours)
Cause we really in the field
And I rob cause I'm allergic to broke
So me havin' to take somethin' been a drill (Benadryl)
But you ain't trill enough to trap where you live
Bitch stop it, I bet I could make green in the Yak ('gnac), I'm Hpnotiq
It's nonsense
Most of these niggas we cross is clowns
And I know it's only rap when he yap that he sparkin' rounds
But I ought to off him now
So Lord talk me down
I wanna hit this bitch but God, he (Gotti) cool, that's Coffee Brown
But for now, I just tied the bag that his head in
And they should've told him takin' this Ave was a dead end
That's Round 1, man

Ave, Mackk Myron told me to tell you you mad gay for fuckin' up that Body Bag-

Fuck Mackk Myron

Okay, now y'all really ready?
I still remember the first time you held your iron low like you was anemic
From then on, you remained the coolest
As legendary as Nintendo, 'cause you shook the game...and blew it

Then we had to hear about that shit all the time
All them lines
If you felt for Ave, you was walkin' blind
Cause here, you gon' need all them stripes
We call this life
This Claude, this Ray
Each biscuit mean don't cross the line
What happened?
This was once a place you was most welcomed at
And now you damn near a welcome mat
You know it's a bluff
Still (steal), the toaster will bust
One shot, open him up
Casket? Closing and shut
Six pallbearers, you better hope they loyal as fuck
Cause when we pu-
Just pray the same niggas holdin' you down holdin' you up
Cause it's about to rain
Arms'll wave and it'll send you through a hole like I'm Dr. Strange

And your president? He won't even attend your service like you John Mc
It's gettin' sad
They won't remember Ave, he gettin' dragged
The game is fake, Jake The Snake
But when sir pen (serpent) in the ring, I'm in my bag
And it's gettin' bad!
Cause nothin' 'bout this pen game lazy, but the fif' game crazy
One shot, sir'll get (surrogate) carried, like he Kim K. baby
Pay attention!
It's nothing you can do that would be enough to even up
All you niggas chase death in the hood
But when Death in the hood chasin' that's when the Reaper come
You next up, so vest up
Cause I chose the shotgun but I'm ridin' by myself, that's like a Tesla
It's important you know me
But how you 40 with an O.G.?
See, this is the reason the Cave crowded just a little
I bet you when you used to watch Batman, all the sound effects was visual
POW! Yeah to be in front of this type of power it takes extreme guts
And you need some, a lot of it
Cause the ratchet got a kick like Kareem Hunt's
But never mind that
We in line, Ave
Write ya will, fuck who gets it
Open ya mouth, the gun is in it
What a coincidence: he bitin' steel (bite and steel) - pun intended
I been told niggas I was levels ahead of him
And this is proof, you are as out of place as Master P in the NBA
But still, the Miller (mil' will) shoot
Straight liftin' guys
Whoever you gon' phone for help, do that shit ahead of time
Cause when we come to flatten the whole house, even the signal dies
Bitch, I like to kill and everybody's for a special reason
Weapon's squeezin'
The clip long enough for a second season
We gon' send him back
You ridin'? Well notice the signs, this the dead end of Ave
And this Ave different
I mean you was on top and now you can't get a win
You 'bout as valuable as a Cavs ticket
And me? Well I'm that nigga
Just admit you can't stop the nigga, and he won't go away
I mean between you and yo' old age, I don't know what's gon' bring back problems quicker
But it's me, it gotta be
Honestly, the the precision that guide these rounds is how we know that he dead
Stay focused instead
Cause tryin' to throw all that weight around here, we'll make sure that all that power go to his head
It's body bags at every battle, make sure ya homie found one
But do not jump in that bitch yet, 'cause it's only Round 1
That easy

This the part where I show we not the same, bredren
So either you gain blessings
Or Florida's gon' mourn for your death...you James Evans
All that flexin'? And lines about drawin' I'm second guessin'
You'se a square that gets clearly shook, who ain't did an Etch-A-Sketch
And I bet it
It's not that I know you, I just can smell it
So if pussy's what you made (maid) of, honor it, who you wettin' (wedding)?
We was young niggas squeezin' them toolies
So ringin' somethin' felt good by 20: that's word to Fettuccine and Shooney
Now who can prove he know a thing 'bout a shell? Or the bullet?
A taco, at least a (Lisa) Turtle, but not Saved By The Bell
See, you too frail to catch wreck in the trenches
You lose your life, that's cause you asked for it, Vice (advice), like a second opinion
Nigga, we breathe recklessness
Nigga, he ain't stretchin' shit
Old commercial-ass nigga, how y'all believe threats from this?
Yeah, commercial, I said it
I'm guessin' he ain't catch the drift 'til I send texts (TECs)
Now come back after these messages
Man, I'll get at this bitch, just to suppress all the stressin'
I'm goin' through somethin', and it feel like I ain't catchin' no blessings
And drinkin' heavy only ruins it, that's why I cut back
But y'all gon' give me mo' Yak ('gnac)? Smack these niggas bad influences
Why y'all doin' this to this nigga?
You know we gutta
Oh y'all tryin' to see him hype, right? Tryin' to promote he tougher
Like his N.O.M.E. battle, but it don't matter, ya homie's a sucker
Reachin' for that champagne woulda got you like Stoney brother
Man, this fucker could've peeled and been gone
And I'd have still had Roc(k) on this bitch's neck like you Wilma Flintstone
Nah, better yet, the whole Cave
Even the bro Wav' will snap on niggas tryin' to cross Ave wrong, that's road rage
You better let him know, Ace
A war with us got brutal
Especially since we order some more of them top Rugers
Oh, you don't think 'cause of the plane that you can't get no pop, do you?
If you get shot, blame Orlando, sorta like '
Pac's shooter
I got goons everywhere, dumbass
They fuck wit' Ave
That's 'cause anywhere I go I ain't scared to pick up no cash
You? Claim you hit the block for the bread
But niggas told me you been poor (pour) out the Yak ('gnac) and it's not for the dead

So if you scared, don't even try to leave and play street
Cause niggas die before they reachin' they peak
And you don't want your pops hurt grievin', awake and can't sleep
Knowin' the Game took his son, now he feel like Tyrese in Waist Deep

See, I just want you to be you, Ju'
And understand you not a murderer
You wanna be loved, get you a boo Ju' (Buju)
If dance is what you'd rather be on?
Then, young fella, keep goin'
Or fuck wit' the music: '70s porn
See, the route you want, we done been on
Niggas been through it, holmes
We hood niggas - bitch, I still drink the juice when the noodles gone
I hit the trap, run through the zones
My strip burnin'
I had breakdown plays that was better than Chris Berman
Y'all niggas too stuck on that petty gwap
As far as Pontiac, I'll X this guy (Alexis Skyy): that's Fetty Wap
I get respect on every block
Cause I'm nervous the way he not
So as far as cookin' this lil' shit, I'm Ready Roc(k)
See the bars much iller, and my heart just realer
I done seen triumph from things you just talk lil' nigga
Let him swing, my weaves mean, Gem Star, just split him
Cut clean, new Lion King: see that Scar much clearer!
On the for reala, none of y'all niggas put fear here and let's get that real clear
Can't hide how you queers feel, we were scrappin' too
Just let me know when the match is through
I guarantee niggas get the smooth sleep; the mattress new
But as for you? You claim we got beef? Bring it
Just know I'm fuckin' up everything with ease, more than Jacquees singin'
So keep thinkin' you can go at a Heathen and that beef gon' get that Yak to candle-lightin' like a romantic evenin'
Give me a reason
We got big shit that'll set him straight
My advice is to get the wifey and ya kids extra safe
Shit, ya friends better skate
Even if you call the pigs, the police (Pulice) will no-show, now you like Brizz at SM8
Nigga, I'm a great

I know you here to put on a display and that's fine
But stay in that line cause while you rappin'
I got two arms tucked away the whole time
Like your faceoff with Shine
And that pair will shoot parachute, it'll do more than embarrass you
Like your faceoff with Shine
The last time they saw dawg was with his arms crossed...like yo' faceoff with Sh-
Matter of fact, let's just make this simple and plain
I grab this, they won't remember his name
He'll be past tense, literally go from Ave to Memory Lane
First, they gon' remember the plot then they gon' reminisce over Remington shots
And it's not gon' phase me
Death? I had plenty brushes wit' it
How you think shit got so wavy?
I shook the game
Might've added new seasonin', but I cook the same
Still mixed with that stainless piece
So if you niggas can't take the heat
It's natural to look for shade
I mean you trash cause you simple
I'm mad cause they picked you
Rage to come after Ave- I'mma definitely put up my average against you
I'm actually glad you took the battle
I hate niggas that duck and I hate divas
And you ain't either
Glad you didn't lose sleep preparin' for me, you won't at the wake neither
The fo' strike him
I'll even get the baby kissed like the Pope like him
And put a hit out, you'll never know who was behind it, I be ghostwritin'
No more makin' them threats
Smack saw you as a profit he had you facin' the best
But plagiarism is what laid you to rest
They saw that profit was bluffin' and you died with a bunch of followers for nothin': you David Koresh
The clip will rock him, did him proper
The family say he was "never quite on track"; Silkk the Shocker
You can tell he trash, it's exactly why I'm compelled to spaz
I brought the test but I grade simple
Even if he fail he pass
A Chris Stokes dance angle?
You said a bar
Trip, trip, trip, after all these years I know y'all hate the shit
It's outdated shit
But y'all wanna know how I knew he would still take the shit?
Cause he steal (still) takin' shit
But this time, it get real real
The shot come from the Yak, so if I don't do it, then Will will
Did I stutter nigga?
Yeah, well either way he get steal still
And it's plenty here
These ain't your typical rounds 'bout lettin' semi's flair
These bitches better than VR
When they in your face you can end up anywhere
Nigga, Champion Of The Year?
I see a whole group of niggas on it
I only kill cause I like to write history usin' my opponents
We not accepted the same
I don't need validation off the same belt that he chase
Shit, I even whipped Eric with the same belt that he made
And when you finally made it to the big stage and started absorbing the glow
It was like Shaq off the dribble: the crossover was slow
I should give you lead next
Or you can quit and act ya age, that's your new best bet
This nigga got kids old as Chess was in UFF
Not to mention, you got half-court sweepstakes, halftime accuracy in your rounds
See this is the reason none of them punches last wit' me
My accuracy? John Wilkes Booth from the balcony
There you have it
Before I play with Ave, I would play in traffic
So don't play with me
A-V-E will quickly end up on A&E
I had to make a choice
Until he done takin' bars, these people can't rejoice
And that accuracy just proves what I'm sayin'
I just load the shell, case and point
You part of one of the largest movements
But provin' that you actually belong? You hardly do it
So this time, it's gonna take a lot of bars to prove it
Just don't take a lot of bars to prove it
Round 2

I've been earned my respect
But this new battle rap lane is some other rabble
So if this was wrestlin', nigga I'd be changin' the fuckin' channel
Cause the era where I'm from was 'bout killin'
But now if you don't do shit with a bunch of this they swear you won in the buildin'
Look here children, y'all know how we built our reps up few
You Got Served, battles, that niggas had to step up to
They get a Footloose, again niggas knew that the comp was hard
We still bet, we threw a buck on the ground and we Stomped The Yard
Wait, hold on, hold on, 'cause this is not that crowd
You heard them titles and started feelin' like Michael right goddamn now

But nah, he palm the strap and say it tough like we fallin' back
Well, bitch, I'll never fold, I'm lazy as fuck at the laundromat
So calm your raps, we know for a fact you ain't lead spittin'
Everything about you say "Scared Mission"
We bred different
I should slap this little bitch head spinnin'
And your dogs (dawgs) won't be sayin' shit, you just think that they are: he Craig trippin'
Boy you not blazin' and not bangin' so stop fakin'
Cause that's mad lame, yo' flag plain: that's Roc Nation
Y'all got this nigga thinkin' his rank in the gang is live?
Well fine, take these bucks from me, Lord: I'm payin' tithes
But he lyin'
I ain't buyin' that bro be with the strap
That's just flow for the culture
We know he don't be in the trap
Cause if this was the main nigga to go see in the Yak
Then that's an easy lick for them keys like Jodie with the smack
You just rap, nigga
Nothin' 'bout you say cap peeler
Far as hustlin', we know you ain't touchin' no trap skrilla
See, I caught a charge for petty soft, thought it was minor
But that's when I learned that there's Big Trouble In Little China
These niggas here be vagina
Tryin' to find a direction, to get some type of acceptance from niggas that's hood respected
Why you want a record?
Are you impressed with the stories writing?
Do you know the difference between who reflect and who glorifying?
All your hustle lies and dumpin' iron, you fuckin' lyin'
You ain't bust nothin', probably ain't moved a bump and grindin'
I'm advising you to stick with the squares
A move where you can relax, it's clear the Yak ('gnac) got your vision impaired
I ain't tryin' to Lux fix you, I fucks witchu, believe me
I'm just talkin' now cause shit'll be different if we was beefin'
Then it ain't gon' be no choppin' up slim
I'm pullin' up, spittin' at Carter window: "Take the lock off the gym!"
I'm one of them
Nigga who bring the beef to y'all dudes
That's when I don't speak I just move, only me and my tool
I catch him slippin', soon as he in my view
He's screamin' "I got a son!"
Well, look, what you've done, cause BAOW he ain't got you
That's how we move
It's doom to these niggas that's hella fraud
Like word to Dr. Huxtable's closet...swear to (sweater) God
Or the hands that give him scars
Damage him, hit him hard, vision lost
The nigga's still Dancing, just With The Stars
But y'all won't give me credit for it cause he ain't tough like me
But fuck it, I bet this joint'll count (joint account) like I trust wifey
Or I might just set a price, some C-notes and you done
I drop money on Carter roof, I'm Nino on the run
But you cool, cause you got ya gun
Yeah, he say all these things
But I'm on point in Orlando: that's DJ Augustine
See all that means is revolvers is near me
So as soon as the situation is Wilder I'm drawin' with Fury
I ain't gon' budge for this bitch, niggas know how we vibin'
I got a plug on the sticks, my controllers was dyin'
So you can play street dummy, but when that K keep drummin' and his Soul lay
Who Dat' who raisin' JT Money?
Ain't nothin' funny!
Don't make me show how fire shit gets
Always talkin' you dumpin' pounds, man who allows this bitch?
They say you talk that 100-round clip shit, cause I'm around this bitch
I'm old-school, you know the style it sticks (Stylistics)
And we don't miss, I told you fix my plate, right Smack?
Cause they been sleepin', it's time I brought my state right back
Don't give a fuck about these dancin' niggas, they type wack
Cause I'm a nigga outta Norfolk, Straight Like That!

How can I be so cool with so many niggas on ya team and you still feel like the ops?
Well, he still get the shot
Fast death, the out-of-body experience gon' happen before his real body drop
He here to witness his death
And it's gon' be hard to forget and nobody exempt
They say he punch like Creed?
That's not Apollo, G (apology), just a sorry attempt
Clip rip through niggas, I'll split two victims
I'll put more at peace, with the foreign piece (peace) than Hinduism
I know that they told you, "You got this Ave", but don't believe the help
I done whooped so many of y'all asses this year, I actually need the belt
And they call you "The DVD Man"
I took one look at that nigga and figured, "probably"
And judgin' from his last few battles, he should have no problem gettin' Bodied, so send a copy
Besides, I own you my own personal kill shot
But this not for the usual purpose
When you see these sweepers and bags on Ave, it's not community service
So when is your breakout performance start?
When does the Flu Game start?
It doesn't, you done turned into a brown shirt random in a 2K park
I get the pinpoint on Ave like his location drop
Drop the location then I send him in a bag
So many cars it has his street roadblocked
Then I'm sendin' him (synonym) for Ave
See, street, road, block, them all synonyms for Ave
How is this even though?
Oddly it's not even close
Nothin' about you original
Even a nigga takin' bars is somethin' we seen befo'
This is nothin' different, but still suited when I walk through Ave like Jehovah Witness
I peel the weapon
I lit up the spot
This bitch didn't even get hit and he drop...like Building 7
I'm a wild child, I'm the reason for the condition on Ave like a Rothschild
But it's goin' from bad to worse, 'matics burst
When you see these street sweepers on Ave we actin' addin' dirt
Karma's a bitch and it's true
It has a way to get at you
I mean you pulled out on Mackk, the day of the battle
Then a MAC get pulled out on you, aye bitch you makin' a battle
We increase the static, bulldog bark with a sharp bite, bitch you need to have it
I mean you had the battle booked and literally vanished
This nigga really think he Magic
Now I got news, it's gettin' gruesome
The clip abuse him or the Shotgun leave him hangin', Jimmie Newsome
This will not be debatable, nothing you can do to make this close
You show Ave to the followers, the next ups, not the niggas pavin' roads
I don't ask for nothin'
You old as the TV's with the antennas on top, but I get the static jumpin'
Two arms, and they both turn into animals like shadow puppets
I am not nice, niggas know by these third rounds I usually stop life
You are livin' proof, if it's only two rounds into you, I only shot twice
And you coasted through
And you stole some bars
Got some respect! But you stole that too
See this hopeless fool
Really thought he was gon' be validated by his third body and I came in like Irv Gotti, overruled (over Rule'd)
You don't really gotta show us you tough
Real niggas knowin' what's up
No matter how real you make it look it's still in question, like Sno on a bluff

We not in the mood for any shoutin'
Cause you gon' look as dumb as Dr. Umar did in that hotel room
Remember you was on the phone doin' plenty mouthin'
At least we thought
And then one ring showed he wasn't really 'bout (BAOW) it
Nigga it's over wit'
Overdose from the dopest pen and y'all know I wrote the shit
Cause just like this nigga I stole the show, my condolenses

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