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Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Engine Joe di Slobberbone contenuta nell'album Barrel Chested. “Engine Joe” è una canzone di Slobberbone. Engine Joe Lyrics.

TESTO - Slobberbone - Engine Joe


TESTO - Slobberbone - Engine Joe

Why ya gotta go and sell your soul?
Why ya gotta talk about Engine Joe
Like he's some guy in a fairy tale book?
Everybody knows that he just cooks
Baked beans and brisket in a BBQ stand
On the dirty side of town
He's a dirty old man
But he likes his job more than the rest
Who work with him and consider him the best
Still he wouldn't care if you called him a rat
But why ya gotta talk about Engine Joe like that?

In the very same city on the other side of town
Lives a funny little lady and a rodeo clown
And she swears she's loved him all her life
Promises one day he's gonna make her his wife
Have a couple kids and a little plot of land
Open themselves up a BBQ stand,
Just like Engine Joe on the other side of town
Funny little lady and the rodeo clown
Rodeo clown thinks that Engine Joe is fat
Still he wouldn't talk about Engine Joe like that
Once upon a time there was a race car racer,
And he had himself a suped up AMC Pacer
It was shaped like a bubble, but it drove really fast
Racer couldn't drive so the Pacer it crashed
Got himself a guy with a truck that could tow her
Still he said he didn't think that guy could fix its motor
But that guy he didn't care; he fixed it just the same
I guess that's how Engine Joe got his name
Now he wrangles beef in a BBQ stand
Ever since the day that he mangled his hand
He doesn't care
He just keeps on smokin'
Cigarettes and brisket man
I ain't jokin'


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