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TESTO - Portraits Of Tracy - En Garde

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TESTO - Portraits Of Tracy - En Garde

You will know the truth
Betta' believe it
And if you think I'm here to play around with y'all
Goddammit I'm not
Goddammit I'm

Let a nigga talk his shit
Don't give a fuck about ya' twitter fingers
I'll admit it, I'll admit it
I'm a cotton picker
It really must offend you bitches
I can tell, I can tell
How you on my dick
I can already hear the comments
Niggas looking at me, strange faces, so astonished
Bad taste's, like whites up in blackface
They liked to claim, but why the crowd insane?

One-nine-nine-nine, they were never here
Nigga climbed so high, they forever fear
Unrealistic goals, never did believe
Told 'em suck the chode, now it's just me
Power-tripping on this goddamn stage
If yo' feelings fucked up, bitch, I hope it stay
If you got a fucking problem, just say
En Garde got 'em screaming, ain't no fucking way
En Garde, En Garde
En Garde, uh, yeah, En Garde

Fuck it, let the beat build
Niggas in the crowd getting ill
To this sound, that I found
When I could just barely feel
Meet an army of me, you claiming this shit ain't real
And I'm back in town fucker, this time I just came to kill
Ah, bitch, it's getting too real now
Airplane might crash
But my home might want it that way
Motherfucker run, I'm stepping on the gas

Now they all wan' apologize
Don't assume that this nigga ever sympathize
Want me one step closer with a weak mind?
Bitch I'm two steps closer leaving y'all behind
But three steps closer?
Nigga, you don't wanna know
That's when the shawty's get involved
Kicking down doors
Now I'm kicking down flows
Still myself hoe
En Garde, En Garde
Hop up off my nuts, woah
Hop up off my nuts, woah
Yeah, Yeah
It's kinda crazy, ain't it?
It's kinda crazy, ain't it?
Uh, let me say one thang
Let me talk my shit

En Garde, En Garde
En Garde, En Garde

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