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TESTO - OJ Da Juiceman - Dope Boy


TESTO - OJ Da Juiceman - Dope Boy

In the music business, perhaps the two most important factors that will dictate an artist’s success and longevity outside of their talent is their performance name and title of their album or mix tape. Take for example, a rapper with the stage moniker of Preach and a mix tape entitled “Last Man Standing”, one need only research the definitions of Preach to fully understand whom the artist is and what they stand for. Case in point, Webster’s dictionary states that the meaning of Preach is to advocate, to proclaim, or to deliver a sermon. Well, meet Robert Howard a/k/a Preach, the new voice of hip-hop and the South’s hardest grinding MC to emerge in years. Strong words maybe, especially when you consider the South’s monopoly of rap music. However, Preach’s rare combination of A-1 work habits, undeniable lyrical skills, irresistible charm, and to die for movie star good looks that proudly showcases a rock solid six pack, are the indelible attributes that separate him from most other rappers, rather from the South or otherwise

Born in Orlando, Florida, Preach towers as the consummate all around entertainer of generation next whose talent has no limits. Preach is a solid ten-year music industry veteran whose earned the respect of fans and fellow musicians the world over for his relentless and down right grueling touring regiment. A regiment that to date is responsible for an eye-popping 557 performances globally alongside many of the biggest and most celebrated names in hip-hop and R&B to include but not limited to Lil’ Wayne, Plies, Young Joc, Young Jeezy, Rick Ross, Juvenile, Trick Daddy, Shorty Lo, OJ Da Juice Man, Yo Gotti, Webbie, Lil’ Boosie, Flo-Rida, Shyheim from the Wu Tang Clan, Blood Raw, D4L, BET’s Big Tigga, 106 & Park’s Free, and Chris Brown. Considered by several music critics and hip-hop opinion makers as the next great MC to emerge from the sunshine state, is the first class reputation that allowed Preach to record the classic “We from Florida” featuring fellow Floridian and Def Jam recording artist, Rick Ross that became his first hit single in the United States. Unlike many American born rappers that are relegated to perfecting their craft in front of U. S. audiences only, to the contrary, Preach signed his first major recording contract with Germany based Lucky Song, that provided the Florida native the opportunity of a lifetime, to perform extensively throughout the European theater at international hot spots, often in front of crowds in excess of 70,000 spectators. Having already released a slew of street certified bangers such as “The Other Side of Preach” and “I’m a Monster” that featured the infectious hit single “Swaggin’ In/Swaggin’ Out” along with an unmatched high energy signature stage show are the intangibles that has Preach poised to do for hip-hop what all star center Dwight Howard has done for the Orlando Magic, and that’s dominate

As civic minded as he is talented, Preach regularly performs free of charge for numerous charitable causes like, the Florida center for battered women, stop the violence campaign for the Orlando Police Department, Little League sporting events, FCAT state testing pep rallies for elementary, middle and high schools, and countless back to school fundraising events. Additionally, Preach has traveled around the country in his own RV passing out thousands upon thousands of CDs, DVDs, t-shirts, ball caps, and posters to communities devastated by the recession, all at his own expense

With the release of his earth shattering new single, “He’s A Dope Boy” off his now classic “Last Man Standing” mix tape CD totally annihilating the streets, clubs, radio, and the internet worldwide, it won’t be long before fans and major record label executives everywhere anxiously awaits to hear what the man they call Preach has to say next

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