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And action
Just got a parking fine
But I'm dressed to the nines, who cares?
Just sold a few tickets, racked up a few digits, lovely
Yeah, lads on their way 'round
A few tequilas spare
But I've most of them 'cause I'm a mare
But in a few instances, I'll be right there
Yeah, come on, squat party, warehouse
Lovely jubbly (Oi)
Country's gone right down the pan
But as long as I'm an house music fan
I'll be there with a four-pack of cans, lovely
As long there's no grasses, though
Gotta hate fuckin' grasses
They should just fuck off if they've long gone past it
Fucking grasses
Just keep them eyelids closed
If I had to cut this song outta paper clips
I'd clip their fucking eyelids closed

Oi, yeah, lads through the door ready to market
Few tequilas spare ,sharpish
Down the Gregory Peck
Bit of cologne on the chest
Tom Ford, yes
Got the text, postcode address, conquest
Lads in their Sunday best, lovely
Uber outside the crescent
Lads peacocking, no pheasant
Heard Sheila's gonna be present too
Fancied her since about year two
Nowadays I heard she loves a bit of gear too
Driver, drop the gear down from three to two
'Round the corner, here you go dudes
Here's a tip for ya, geeza
He had the old school tunes playing
Got us right in the mood
Door number thirty-two, interlude

You alright darling, Lulu?
Were downstairs, can't quite find the route
Give us a sec, Hak, I'll be down and find you in a few
Alright, lovely

Straight down the stairs, straight through
Fairy lights, decorations, everyone;s in some sort of two-step mediation revolution
Sheila's looking like the munchies
Curly hair tied up in a coupla bunches
With a coupla scrunchies
Moving a bit abruptly
That'll be the vodka and the packet she clutching
Corrr, can't be too keen
Corrr, wuite the dream she is
More, more, more everything
Tequila, reefa
Head spinning like a seizure
Dealing ether out to a coupla beautiful, beautiful creatures
Cracking on Shiela's packet
Gone coupla freebies and a cheeky kiss on the cheek later
I learned she's got a fella
Cheeky Cinderella
Still giving me the eye though
Lulu, this party's sick
Treacles dancing on the sofa
Altogether, let's have a photo (Oi, oi)
2 AM, 3AM, 4 AM, session
Taylor's caught himself an absolute weapon
He's gonna need more than a few seconds in there
Corr, blimey, look at the stare
She's bloody fabulous to be fair

Yeah, what was that
A wonderful three hundred seconds?
They're out the carsi now and they're still necking on
I blame Lulu
This party's one in a trillion!
Wow, Sheila's dancing a bit close now
Fuck, she's off again
Oh, she's back now
Teasing the Malteaser
Always been a crowd pleaser she has
Can't let her have me up
Always had the Medusa touch she has
Gotta be strong, here, tequila
Ooft, shit, vodka straight
That'll make my body shake
Back in the rave, but it's too fucking late
The boys in blue, they've come to infiltrate
The bloody lights are on, tit heads everywhere
Ezeikel, Taylor, Vernon, Major, out the back stat
Jumped straight out the alley
Coupla grassy skallies taking pictures
Far from a charismatic exit
But just another night to scratch off the tally

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