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Do You Remember?

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Do You Remember? di Crumb . “Do You Remember?” è una canzone di Crumb. Do You Remember? Lyrics.

TESTO - Crumb - Do You Remember?

The sound of traffic below and under you
As you turn off the lights
As you feed the cat in slow motion on a Monday night
Take the car out for awhile
Turn the dial until the song broadcasts
That we got dressed to, we sang along to
And I went back to bed on those Tuesday mornings
It's not enough
They said it wouldn't last and they were right
We knew better than to stay together only out of spite
And I get dressed still and will continue to
Go back to bed on those Tuesday nights
Do you remember who you are
If you're not sure of who you were
I tried to find just who what where when how and why
I tried to find I made a mess
I broke the fence in your backyard
It's kind of hard to talk right now
To tell you things aren't working out
I know by now it's up to me
But who else can I be


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