Tyrese ft. Peter Gunz - Big Mike

Do You Need

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Do You Need di Tyrese e Peter Gunz Big Mike contenuta nell'album Tyrese. “Do You Need” è una canzone di Tyrese. Do You Need Lyrics.

TESTO - Tyrese - Do You Need


TESTO - Tyrese - Do You Need

Ha, yeah, Peter Gunz
You know that cat with the Rolex
From the BX pushin' the GS Lex, yes
Playas still call him Lex cuz he flea-X
Any borough in the Montero
Headed to Queens on the Triboro and see my shortie in the QB
Spend some QT with my cutie, do my duty on the booty
And only you
See me up in the dark room, sexin' with Tyrese and the CD

You make me happy and I know that it's true
There's somethin' about the things you do
Takes all my cares away
Makes me sacrifice everything I want in life

You could never ever find another lover
Who would love like I do
(Like I do, you will never find another love)
And you would never ever need another
If you let me love you
(If you let me love you, oh yeah)

1 - Do you need what I need
Someone who's true
No time for denying what I feel for you
So let's keep it real
Like the way you make me feel
Don't make no mistakes, girl
I'll be there for you

I tried to stop my feelings
But I can't get enough
Girl, I crave for your love
Don't stop this fantasy
Let me know that you can be with me
Please relieve this agony

You could never ever find another lover
Who could love you like I do
(Love me, you would never find another lover)
And you would never ever need another
If you let me love you
(If you let me love you, whoa)

Repeat 1
Repeat 1

Yeah, oh, now you can find me on the red-eye to LA
Posting on the cell-ay, tellin' my man Greg, find Kell-ay
Meet me in the tell-ay
Seems she got the hots for this kid out in Watts
Known for bussin' shots, Tyrese, that's your man
Tell that cat beat it, honey rolls with Peter
His service no longer needed
Ballin' with the playas on the West
Got me trippin' in the Fox Hill Mall trickin'
My dogs think I'm slippin'
Repeat 1
Repeat 1

I'll be
Tyrese, what
Stephanie Cooke
Peter Gunz
Uh, what we do
Uh, all day, ay'day
Come on

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