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Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Distrokid di YN Jay e Rio Da Yung Og Louie Ray contenuta nell'album Coochie Chronicles. “Distrokid” è una canzone di YN Jay. Distrokid Lyrics.

TESTO - YN Jay - Distrokid

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TESTO - YN Jay - Distrokid

Alright, yeah
Alright, yeah
Alright, alright, alright, alright
Shout out to DistroKid
Alright, man, shout out to DistroKid, bro
I'm signed to them, nigga, you know what I'm saying? (313 Mafia)
I just checked my shit today and I'm happy (Alright)

Shout out to DistroKid, they got me lookin like the brick man
Walking through the hood with some big plans
How you up a hundred K, but you cryin' over six bands?
The way I run the money up, I got six legs
How you gon' drop a hundred shots, bro? You ain't even put the clip in
How you gon' suck my dick good? I ain't even put the tip in
I'm finna fuck her for an hour, then I'm dippin'
Me and Louie finna pour a whole four in a Lipton
I be drinkin' pints of Wock' with my rich friends

Lil' brodie off E, look how his lip dance
I can tote the four-nick with two clips in these big pants
You gotta get us all on cam, brodie, switch lens
Yeah, alright, you ready?
I gotta get the next piece did all baguettey
Shit crazy, they don't wanna see us win, no confetti
Signed to DistroKid 'cause they payin' out heavy

I'll have my Florida boy come and get you, he got six dreads
Yeah, the big dreads
I just hopped off the bench and start shootin', I'm the sixth man
Your bitch don't got no ass, she got thick legs
I just hopped fresh off a plane, I'm a displayer
In the club standin' on the table while my shit playin'
I'm a shooting guard, I'm not a big man
Yeah, okay
Your bitch give me good top, she got a big head
Walked in the house late as fuck, got my bitch mad
Your bitch wanna ride dick, she at Six Flags
Damn, how she end up there?

You was just talkin' 'bout beef, how you end up scared?
Who was that ridin' down the street? I'm well aware
Ayy, I just heard your new shit, yeah, that new shit everywhere
I ain't someone to approach, I got a dark stare
You might not believe it is, but it's a heart there
You would think I hate the hood, look how I park there

Yeah, where the 'caine at?
Plug wanted me to sell dope, he sick I came rap
Lift up your bitch shirt, over her ass where my name at
Fuck her good, then wake her son up like, 'Where your game at?'
Oh, you wanna go to war? Why you ain't say that?
Want a verse from me, damn near— you wanna pay that?
I've been feeding my pockets cheese all day, they gon' stay fat
Creep up on him like, 'You need some help?' Bitch, I'm A-Wax
Right now a pint of red eight racks, but I can pay that
Bitch, my rent twenty-eight hundred, where you stay at?
Just took a loss on twenty-eight racks, I'm finna shake back

I ain't gon' lie, lately, I've been drinkin' Wock' like I can't act
I was never good at movie roles 'cause I can't act
Fuck, I just failed my ACT 'cause I can't act
Burberry hat four hundred, but I can't cap
I'll beat a nigga ass right now, bet you can't scrap
I just pulled up with Lil Yachty in a Maybach
Backseat came with a recliner, I be laid back
I can tell you 'bout some old shit, it was way back (Ahh)
I just shot a nigga 'cause he owed me money, is that payback?

I'll fuck your story up and go a page back
I should do some crazy shit and get a face tat
I wonder if the blunt gon' hit the same if I lace that
Mmm, with some good rock
I just made too much money for a shoebox
Ahh, I'm too hot
I need a lot of ice quick, go to Icebox
They keep tryin' to figure me out, need an autops'
I'll drop a nigga roof, he a soft top

Yeah, alright, where we at?
We at the Piston game smokin' zaz' in the skybox
Askin' all the white people, 'Do I look high or not?'
I'm finna run a bag up in some high-tops
When it's time to slide, all I see is red, I need eye drops
Nigga, I keep a gun on me, why would I box?
It's a three of Act', dinosaur juice, we drinkin' triclops
Chains makin' too much noise, I gotta take em off
Unc' cleaned the whole block up, I gotta break him off
Yeah, them panties you got cute, but take 'em off
And I'm tryna see if you really bad, take the makeup off
Run up on me, I ain't got a gun, I'll break your jaw
Yeah, I run off on a plug, but I paid him off
Fuck the police, I'ma break the law

I think dog got COVID-19, he got a dry cough
I be coochie scoutin' in the dark, I'm a night hawk
I ain't let the pit off the— ahh
I ain't let the pit off the leash, but I fight dogs
I can't look down from the top 'cause I might fall
New bitch don't even suck dick, she just like balls
Yeah, she just lick balls
I'ma drop my nuts in her mouth, she got big jaws
I just push a red button every time your bitch call

How the fuck you got hair, but your bitch— okay
How the fuck you got hair, but your bitch bald?
I can't jump from up here, it's too far to fall
This bitch talk too much, call her blab-it-all
I'm damn near too fair, let you have it all
Now you got the big head, you a tritops
My cook space got a name, call it pie locks
I ain't tryna go to sleep, I need eye locks
We at the point to the point to where we can't stop

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