Kodak Black

Dis Time

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TESTO - Kodak Black - Dis Time


I done popped me a Perc', but I ain't really tryna get back on the Percs
I'm sad we ain't work, but I swear that it wasn't my intention to hurt you
Niggas stay gettin' murked, I know they wanna get back on me and I'm sure
So I stay on alert, stopped poppin' that molly, it was makin' me nervous
And lately, I ain't been in the projects like that, I done learned
Niggas be hatin' and they'll put them crackers on you 'cause they scared
I revived my career, I was trippin' last year, my vision got blurry
Now I'm seein' it clear, every decision I make gon' be worth it

From now on, yeah, every minute gon' count on this Earth
Ran it up with my peers, put it up for my children and them 'fore I splurge
Take it light on the streets, can't help my Z with the brain on the curb
Thinkin' 'bout all my seeds, I gotta be here for them in the mornin'

And they gotta see me when they get up early
Bitches be schemin' and niggas be lurkin'
I'm proud my lil' demon made it out of his surgery
Kill a nigga on east while I'm right in the church
Pull up, pop the shit and swerve (Swerve, swerve, swerve, swerve)
I got a gift or a powerful curse (Yeah)

I ain't fuck the bitch, I just bought her a purse
Ain't you was dissin'? Now look how it work
Now I'm focused, I don't want no friends, I got enough
Let's say I don't win, let's see who those friends when time is rough
When I was broke as shit, where was these hoes then? They ain't gave me no fuck
I was just homeless
Even my own friends ain't gave me no crutch
I was just homeless
Even my own gang wouldn't put me up
I was just homeless
Even my own gang ain't make sure I'm tucked
Stick to your own plan, don't be lettin' everyone tell you what they would've done
You had your pole and then ran, now you ran 'cause you know what you should've done

Put a lil' hole in one, fuck nigga, you don't even own a gun
I'm finna smoke the boy, tell the truth, I don't even know lil' bruh
Drop a whole one of them, since a nigga actin' like I owe him somethin'
I'm finna yolk him up, fuck around, put a nigga dome in his butt

Ain't on no Diddy shit, niggas gettin' they wig split
Take that, take
I smack me a elderly bitch
I even might kill me a kid, but I ain't rapin'
They ain't comin' with no plans, they ain't comin' with no bands
Then they had dead, they tryna wait 'til you stop
Then hop out the car when they hit you in the back of your head

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