Dedicated Enemy

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Dedicated Enemy di Psycore contenuta nell'album Your Problem. “Dedicated Enemy” è una canzone di Psycore. Dedicated Enemy Lyrics.

TESTO - Psycore - Dedicated Enemy


TESTO - Psycore - Dedicated Enemy

You always did your best
To try to bring me down
To try to squash my heart
To try to tear me apart
To try to break my bones
With sticks and stones
To get to see me on bended knees
Please, it takes more than that
To make me a wreck
Check one, check two
I'm still in effect
Still around to work you down to the ground
If i want to
But i've made this choice
To try to follow the voice
That gave me the advice to stop
Listening to your lies
Becuase it's like this:
If you let his hate
Rule the rest of your life
Then you're playing his game
And you will lose
All the time

I refuse to be
Your dedicated enemy
You will never see me
As your dedicated enemy
I could spend my time
Getting back at you
Seeking revenge for the stuff
That you used to do to me
When we were kids
Back in history
But i choose to refuse
And set myself free
I refuse to let the ghost of past misery
Drag me back into time
To try to destroy me
I refuse to be
Your dedicated enemy
Spend my strength hating you
No, not me

I refuse to be
Your dedicated enemy
You will never see me
As your dedicated enemy

Never will you get the better of me
From your prison i will set myself free

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