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Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di December di Scared of Chaka contenuta nell'album How to Lose. “December” è una canzone di Scared of Chaka. December Lyrics.

TESTO - Scared of Chaka - December


TESTO - Scared of Chaka - December

She's a big girl so she lets go
I'm hers even when she don't think so talking too much makes it obscene
Smoke in my eyes like a day dream

she's a big girl and a sister.
So I pretend I don't miss her
Shadow her step like a brother
Shudder to think of another

cause I've got a thing about you
But I gotta live without and
I know out at night you'll make your scene
And kiss the guy from ween from ween and promise everything will be alright if I just close my eyes

She's a big girl but I hold her
Falling asleep on my shoulder
Wouldn't take too much to remember
Holding your head in December


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