Kota the Friend

Dear Fear

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TESTO - Kota the Friend - Dear Fear

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TESTO - Kota the Friend - Dear Fear

Ah, ah-ah, ah, ah
Ah, ah-ah, ah
Ah, ah-ah, ah, ah

Toxic papi, turned profit, probably
Couldn't find me, I've been with my sheikha out in Abu Dhabi
Heard you saw my ex-girl chillin' in the Oscars lobby
Holdin' five trophies, cryin' and lookin' hella sloppy
I've been givin' all of my energy to my real ones
If you gon' flip the script on your homie, it's fuck a day one
Resmaa told me, "Why is you wallowing? Pick your face up!"
It's life reps, all preparation for when your day come
When people see you growing, surpassing what they imagined
They quick to call you a fraud, attempting to steal your magic
I told her I'm moving on, arguing every day
You don't trust me and you ain't wrong, but baby, the love is gone
Like, we should start this book club
Reading really been helping me
I'm learning to communicate healthily, this is wealth for me
But you ain't tryna hear it, you're hurtin' and yeah, I get it
But it's time for me to get up and get to where I am headed, I got

Free time
I got so much free time
I'm never gon' rewind
I left your ass behind
I catch my cab, I'm gone
I let my seat recline
I'm on my way back home
I'm throwing up peace signs
I really gotta thank you for protecting me
For all these years, but I had to grow up and tell you, "Let me be"
Let me feel, let me know love, my nigga, let me heal
'Cause you've been keeping from my best days, I know that you mean well
But this isn't back then
These demons are imaginary, bro, that was back then
It's time to move on, it's time to start a new song
You're always putting out some fire, but your water too strong
Used to be a firefighter, now I water my lawn and keep the grass cut
Tossing every snake to the birds, fuck what you heard
Every pothole I swerve, actions follow my words
All my people loyal, so loyal what they deserve
And I know that you here to make sure that I'm never hurt
But pain is unavoidable, that's just something I learned
If you never let in the pain, you never learn how to love, you don't experience joy
It's like, "How long can I run?"It's like, "How long can I live?"
It sucks to hold on to my love when I got so much to give
I always gave you the wheel, but now it's, "Get out the whip
And get yo' ass in the back!"
I'm lettin' love run the ship, so you can sit and relax
And if I need you, I'll call: at least I know where you at
You got me all the way here: I'm hella grateful for that
We made it farther than most, got me through all of my lows
But fear, it's time that you rest: just know I love you to death

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