The Haunt

Dead On Arrival

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Dead On Arrival di The Haunt contenuta nell'album Dead On Arrival. “Dead On Arrival” è una canzone di The Haunt. Dead On Arrival Lyrics.

TESTO - The Haunt - Dead On Arrival

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TESTO - The Haunt - Dead On Arrival

Yeah Thats Right
I'm Back
C-Mack 11
Felony Case Entertainment
And This Right Here Bout To Be A Classic My Boy
The Eagle Has Landed
You Know What I'm Sayin
Cause I Take You On A Journey Into Sound
I'm Letting All The Punk Ass Industry Know
Me, I Ain't Going Out Like That

Stay In The Fast Lane
And I'm Pushing The Limit
While These Fake Muthafuckas
Keep Coming With Gimmicks
They Try To Mimic
But Fool This The West
Lame Ass Bitches
Ain't No Cheating Your Death
I Chase Paper
And Make Gangster Moves
Ese Calculated Plans
C-Rock Won't Lose
A Chess Move
Got A Pawn Off The Board
And My 4 Track Demo
Put His In The Morgue
Bottles Poured
I'm With The Cheddar Boys
Homie Satan Is On The Corner
Steady Making Some Noise
I'm With The Toys
That's Automatic
Inject Dope Lines
Make Your Ears An Addict
The Paramedics
Is Picking Up Your Body
Out To I.C.U
Cause The Dose Was Rowdy
There's A Million Dollar Bounty
On My Next Lp
Its Already Wanted
For The Crimes To Be
A Duffel Bag Of Work
A Duffel Bag Of Money
Banana Clip Rain
But The Shit Still Sunny
C - A
Go From Rags To Riches
Good Weather All Year
And The Baddest Of Bitches
A 100 Stitches
Is What You Get In Your Face
The Only Thing On Thee Agenda
Is Fucking Beating My Case
The Trunk Banging
C-Mack 11
I'm Trapped Between This World
And The Gates Of Heaven
A Block Lunatic
That Stay On Smash
Ese Rocks Running Low
I Re Up On My Stash
The Feds Dropping
When The Pistol Popping
I'm Stuck In My Ways
Ain't No Fucking Stopping
You Wanna Squabble
Fool You Dead On Arrival
I'm The Meth Epidemic
So There Ain't No Revival
Its Homicidal
The Whole City Is Haunted
So Me And The Ink
On The Ave Most Wanted ' Yeah
We Ain't Going Out Like That
We Ain't Going Out Like That
I Ain't Going Out
We Ain't Going Out Like That
We Ain't Going Out Like That
I Ain't Going Out

Muthafuckas Going Out Sideways Homie
Trying To Get On
These Vatos Ain't Going Nowhere
But To A Grave

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