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Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Crazy 8’s di Remedy e Streetlife Solomon Childs contenuta nell'album Remedy Meets WuTang. “Crazy 8’s” è una canzone di Remedy. Crazy 8’s Lyrics.

TESTO - Remedy - Crazy 8’s

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TESTO - Remedy - Crazy 8’s

The Shaolin Fist requires great speed
It detects your enemy
And all his vital points
You are ready to fight

Ayo, I dropped out of school when I was two years old
Changed my own diaper
One on the road
Partied every night in the playpen
Put a bitch near with me
Nigga I'm scrapin'
Now I'm a grown man
Run around like Usain Bolt
Rambo knife in the booth
When I lay my votes
Can't front yo
I did a few lines of coke
Then I slammed Jenna Jameson
And lit up a smoke
You never know a better blower
It's a daily show like Trevor Noah
The money used to talk now it scream at me
Paper bags make 'em all wanna
Squeeze at me
Colder than the Iceman Bobby Drake
'Cuz showing niggas love only got me hate
I'm straight outta Park Hill
Really the squad's ill
We showing more hands than car deals

(Get 'em!)
Intense like the poison of a cobra (Right!)
You hear a fat lady singing
And it's over (Right!)
Domination, David & Goliath
You can't see the truth when you're biased (Get 'em!)
Intense like the venom of a spider (Wu!)
You ain't in my circle (Wu!)
You an outsider! (Wu)
Live in the fire (Right!)
You can't see the truth when you're biased!

Yeah it will cost more to bury you
Than what you're worth
Toss shovels full of dirt
And put you under the Earth
Eight times eight
Sixty-four bars of perfection
Aligned like the stars in the heavens
They search for the remedy
Behold it's the truth untold
Etched into solid gold
Two tons stone
My fortune
Based on brains and extortion
(Fuck the World!)
I blow it out of proportion

Gorilla then the Planet of The Apes
I write a punchline and plant it on your face
Eat a punch you ain't even got a case
Here's a shot that you ain't even got to chase
You late, and you ain't even got a case
Get your Karma with your cake
Not a killer you ain't even got the tape
This an AirForce One not a bait
But I hold a lotta weight
In the game
And you ain't even gotta wait
Yo, I'm a suspect
Person of interest
FBI still can't figure out how I killed it
Forensics couldn't explain my horrendous
Methods that I use to display my vengeance
Brain scan 3D diaphragm
Can't dissect
Nor understand
The mental thoughts of a madman
The evidence?
Left them clueless
Sonar? Radar?
Can't try to catch my movements
Sample Transition
Keep going! It'll tear your head!

I'm a bad motherfucker
Medina warrior
With the black bandana
The panther I'm the answer
My work ain't for hire
I'm out hiring here in Kansas
But now I fire
Dressed up in my justified
Homicide attire
I kill so masterfully
For your desire
I do this shit with ease
The Chief Habib
Got the mic under siege
MC's (?)
Get buckled at the knees

The death rate rise when u enter my zone
I kill 'em all
1 of my bars split 8 domes
They runnin' from dawn
Shittin' on theyselves
For bars that will lift they feet
Smack they face in
36 Shaolin
Or hey
Rubber bit 45 Caliber
You get your face changed son
Fuck 'em all
W's everywhere
When you hear the call

From tomorrow you've got to start teaching all the Wu-Tang secrets
Give him a firm foundation and I believe he won't let us down

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