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Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Come as You Are di The String Cheese Incident contenuta nell'album ‘Round the Wheel. “Come as You Are” è una canzone di The String Cheese Incident. Come as You Are Lyrics.

TESTO - The String Cheese Incident - Come as You Are


TESTO - The String Cheese Incident - Come as You Are

In the past we've been told to fear
Strange new things as they're coming near
Sometimes we listen without heed or care
We let our minds close before we see what is there
It's not like we try to let the world fly by
Without thinking of truth or what is all right
So if you stop to consider a world that is bigger
We might just stop and consider this world

Come as you are, Oh come as you are (x4)
There's no room for anger and hatred
Of people and things we have not faced yet
We're so quick to condemn by the color of skin
Before we look closely at what makes a heart beat
So if you take a step backwards
And see how awkward it is to stay closed and protected in castles
You may come to a new understanding of freedom
When you wave your arms and shout in the air



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