Closed Casket

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Closed Casket di Esham contenuta nell'album Closed Casket. “Closed Casket” è una canzone di Esham. Closed Casket Lyrics.

TESTO - Esham - Closed Casket


TESTO - Esham - Closed Casket

("What do you call death when it's done come and gone?")

Now I lay me down to sleep before I go to bed
Redrum was the word that a nigga said
I'm dead, and once my mind bled all day
Better watch the word when the wicked man say
Simple and plain, I feel no pain
Rottin' body in the ground with my maggot brain
The fallen angel fell, Father forgive me for Heaven
I fell, so now I go to Hell at seven
I can't wait to meet the Grim Reaper, creature feature
Esham the Unholy, Satan was my teacher
And for the preacher, I'm gonna kill him when I catch him
Put your body in the coffin and stretch 'em
Closed casket

And I don't wanna die with my eyes closed (closed casket)
(Had a bad dream, woke up in a casket)

I said I don't wanna die with my eyes closed (closed casket)

I don't really wanna feel no pain, I'm ill
I'd rather be dead, still
Lay me down, let my body rot from the buckshot to my knot
And Hell is gettin' hot, watch the hammer cock (boom)
Now I lay me down to sleep
Watch the head of the head hunter once I creep
Shit's deep, six feet deep in fact
Bloody body in the coffin layin' on my back
Matter of fact, it's time to meet the Maker, the Undertaker
Sold my soul, as the story is told
Once again, it seems that I cannot win
And when I die, I'm goin' to Hell again
In a closed casket

It seems I'm just headed for Hell
I hear screams, they call my name
Symptoms of Insanity, the voices, they're all the same
I'm dead, and nobody feels my pain
One bullet, one gun, one person to blame
No shame, I take aim at my head
Cock the hammer back and hope for a piece of lead
It was said, that I'm gonna die anyway
At least six feet deep I got some place to stay
With the maggots, bury me alive and hush
Now I'm thinkin' 'bout ashes and dust to dust
If I must say one thing
I bet they won't say they seen me like the King: Elvis
Closed casket

"Now I come to conclusion
Look brothers, sisters, I want to ask...
There are two worlds...
There's the...the overworld, and the underworld
Which world are you a part of?"

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