Chevrolet (Pimpalicious Candy Cane Mane ’74 REMIX)

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Chevrolet (Pimpalicious Candy Cane Mane ’74 REMIX) di $UICIDEBOY$ . “Chevrolet (Pimpalicious Candy Cane Mane ’74 REMIX)” è una canzone di $UICIDEBOY$. Chevrolet (Pimpalicious Candy Cane Mane ’74 REMIX) Lyrics.

TESTO - $UICIDEBOY$ - Chevrolet (Pimpalicious Candy Cane Mane ’74 REMIX)


TESTO - $UICIDEBOY$ - Chevrolet (Pimpalicious Candy Cane Mane ’74 REMIX)

The B, the- the U, the D
I'm ridin', shinin' clean, it's the pimp in me
Ain't slept a whole week
Wake up, pop a bean
Lil Chevy thang, $lick the OG
Hit the 7th with my brethren, no chance of seein' heaven
Surrounded by these weapons, you could get hit in a second
Uzi creepin' out the cut, I know you didn't expect him
I'm raisin' up the motherfucking threes before I step in, bitch

Bitch, I'm just Chamberlain swangin', I'm stainin' blankets
Stay in this lane, gotta stop at the bank, quit complaining
Blamin' me for all the stains the game's gainin'
Yung Mutt what the fuss all about
Yung Mutt what the fuck yo' slut talk about
Yung Mutt in the cut with a blunt fulla loud
Always duckin' a crowd
Fuckboy got a mouth, keep on runnin' around
I'm loving the doubt, uh
When I'm in public, they duck and they bounce
I'ma cut up his mouth
I stay in the grey clouds, fog on the lake
How I move at this pace, now I am what remains
Just some muscles and veins, couple bones held in place
But still, I am the plague that's hiding underground


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