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TESTO - Lin-Manuel Miranda - Cast

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TESTO - Lin-Manuel Miranda - Cast

But witchcraft be a wicked thing, John Proctor.

He cannot hide his sins anymore.

He hath his goodness now. I shall not take it from him.

God rest his soul.

Oh hey, we just finished our high school performance of .

And we didn’t mess up at all.
So now it’s time to get nasty at the horniest event in town.

That’s right: it’s the cast party.

This year, it’s at Cody Shuck’s house.

And we’re gonna rip it up all night. Until 11:45.

Gonna hit the party like I just hit all my cues
Making eyes at guys as tan as my character shoes

My parents gave me a bouquet
But tonight I need my hands free

I’m the baddest bitch in sight
Who played a witch tonight

I see Zachary Marchelli, gonna help him get it up
Hope he likes a sexy teen in old age makeup
Gonna hit him with some moves, the most risqué I know
It’s the choreography from
All around the room, every boy wants me
Which one will I choose, every boy wants a piece
At the

Cast Party
Cast Party
25 virgins and a lot of Sprite at the
Crucible Cast Party


Got my eye on Alex Bard, wanna bone but I don’t know how
So I’m gonna steal his hat from him and just sort of walk around

Damn, this party’s off the chain! It’s a 10 PM massage train

But all the lights must stay on; that’s a rule from Cody’s mom

Mikey Mazzerino's got a stolen cigarette
I take a puff so he can see how nasty I can get
Then I call my mom and dad, I tell 'em everything
'Cause if we don’t have our parents' trust, we don’t have anything

Grab the cutest boy and steal him away
Close and lock the door, and watch a DVD of our play
What say you, Goody Proctor?
Aidy: You were so good in that scene.
Kyle Mooney: You were, too.
Aidy: Um, what do you wanna do now?
Kyle: I dunno. Maybe we could… go and get some pretzels?
Aidy: Aw, heck yeah, I love pretzels.
At the

Crucible Cast Party
Crucible Cast Party
Everybody comes but nobody nuts at the
Crucible Cast Party


Yo, I'm senior Cody Shuck, you are all in luck
They call me Mr. Triple Threat cause I can dance, sing, and f**k
That’s why I’m always the lead, the parents all come to see me
I was the Phantom in and I was Sweeney in
And now I’m here to get freaky, so ladies, take off your tops
And come over and get a show shirt outta this box
Your names are listed alphabetically, incredibly legible
And if you were on the crew, then you’re in a parenthetical
I got bitches all around me and they're down on their knees Begging, 'Will you sign my poster for my bedroom, please?'
Now here’s a big secret, don’t ask how I know this
But if you sex me right tonight I’ll tell you what the spring show is
I'll lay you on the bed and whisper in your ear
That Mrs. Donahue said we could do this year
I can’t wait for rehearsal, I'mma be in it to win it
We start in 525,600 minutes

Oh yeah!

At the Crucible Cast Party
Crucible Cast Party
It’s kind of weird that our teacher came to the
Crucible Cast Party
Crucible Cast Party
Crucible Cast Party
Worked up virgins who love to sing

At the Crucible Cast Party

Party, party, oh, yeah



Crucible Cast Party

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