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Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Cast di Lin-Manuel Miranda contenuta nell'album Cast. “Cast” è una canzone di Lin-Manuel Miranda. Cast Lyrics.

TESTO - Lin-Manuel Miranda - Cast

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TESTO - Lin-Manuel Miranda - Cast

But witchcraft be a wicked thing, John Proctor.

He cannot hide his sins anymore.

He hath his goodness now. I shall not take it from him.

God rest his soul.

Oh hey, we just finished our high school performance of The Crucible.

And we didn’t mess up at all.

So now it’s time to get nasty at the horniest event in town.

That’s right: it’s the cast party.

This year, it’s at Cody Shuck’s house.

And we’re gonna rip it up all night. Until 11:45.

Gonna hit the party like I just hit all my cues
Making eyes at guys as tan as my character shoes

My parents gave me a bouquet
But tonight I need my hands free

I’m the baddest bitch in sight
Who played a witch tonight

I see Zachary Marchelli, gonna help him get it up
Hope he likes a sexy teen in old age makeup
Gonna hit him with some moves, the most risqué I know
It’s the choreography from Chicago

All around the room, every boy wants me
Which one will I choose, every boy wants a piece
At the

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