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TESTO - Holly Cole - Carol of the Bells


TESTO - Holly Cole - Carol of the Bells

Come Again, Come Again, please make sure we haven’t forgotten

Holly and Ivy, a sound softer than cotton

Be sure to put what grows there in a coffin
Cause once we got to it twas rotten

Was rotten before I had the idea to have this written in quite a Beautiful December,
the one after the tears, but before the years, in spring fields row on row,
Amin go to the good fountain and fill up some water

Oh Shenandoah, I love your daughter

So I’ll be getting on That Train, which will be This Train, with memories of the future in my mind
Memories of our continued story, memories of Anaheim
We will continue to Rest Not, continue to leave our footprint in the sands of time

The Silence and the Song has got me struggling for a reference or a rhyme

You seemed to know me better than I know myself, better than chaos knows The Rose

Oseh Shalom

Imagine if you never came
If I would’ve been aware of that Road Not Taken, I probably would have gone insane
Even without knowledge, I wouldn’t have been able to take the pain
There just wouldn’t have been enough Soup du jour or cheese souffle to balance out the rain
But you are where I belong
You are the right kind of wrong
Even once I leave
We will still be going real strong

It really doesn’t take too long
For my eyes to water from song
It’s not just Musica Dei, something else has kept me here all along

Something was given to the quiet ones, the unsung heroes that were there through it all

While the outside world sees a lot of killing, the less serious whistling, the inability to continue giving
We just sat there thinking
How can I keep from singing

I can’t, and I can’t stop grinning
Except during the summer I wishing
For some reason
Waiting once again for the beginning of early ringing
Being gone literally kept me stinging

Something really was missing
Maybe it’s no problems

Maybe it’s flavored milk
Not strawberry though, you hate that, it had to be chocolate

Little did I know I would have pictures of that why flying through space at hyperspeed

Open your eyes, this is nothing like you will ever see

No matter how much I succeed
I will remember these
That’s guaranteed
I could never have believed what we would have achieved
It’s hard to continue to find parallels

Cold memories of Carol of the Bells
Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy went pretty well

Too often I have thought of Evening Prayers out of fright
Thinking about an Artisan of the Winter Night
Not the piece, but the words that makes music bright

We just weren’t quite
Ready to understand that rush you just told us about, that feeling, what they decided to write

Wait, I forgot Jabberwocky
Memories of that one are rather hazy, rather foggy

Back to those Evening Prayers on the occasional night
Due to the fact that those nights turned into nightmares
Probably before Christmas

Trusting that the religious won’t really affect me considering my judicious emails about language and consciousness
Aye, that’s none of my business
March caused quite the struggle, quite the knuckle
Everything seemed to be Double, Double, Toil and Trouble
Expelliarmus, just wasn’t, quite ready to give up on the puzzle and crumble

We continued to watch time get old
Watch them get their ticket for cette train, some what recalling the children run in Fields of Gold
They did say you’ll forget Helios, right

Well we must’ve, cause Baby, It’s Cold Outside

All of Me, unfortunately previously we didn’t get that on this years guide

But you are receiving it right now, not at all glorified

I Can definitely Feel The Love Tonight, not gonna lie, I am pretty dissatisfied
At least Kings and Vagabonds come together, for me this town has been diversified to nationwide

Because what was missing was identified
I would say to Keep Your Lamps but we are all really just Fireflies
That just restart everytime spring begins again
And though the winter is round about me
There are bright summers and springs yet to be

So don’t you forget
That I am not quite done with happiness yet
I’m gonna miss you when i’m gone

Not once he has opened up the door, but more when I stop dropping mugs, once I stop dropping Cups

Together we all Defied Gravity
I don’t know what more is coming
So just sing to me, say something
With the way he sings Bridge Over Troubled Water, I think we can agree he would survive in the hood

I wrote that before, hoping it would make sense and that I would be Feelin’ Good
This isn’t the norm
We weathered the perfect storm

Continue to inform me about how not to conform
And just continue to live it
Spigot, Spigot, Spigot

Hmm what’d I forget

Lean on me, if I didn’t mention that I would regret
I wouldn’t let that happen
It has been a while I have been rapping hasn’t it
The amount of intensity
The amount of complexity of everything we found

That was just the bare minimum, life’s necessities
You uncovered my hidden identity
Your words to me are my looking glass, probably ever since The Mad Hatter

But does it even matter
Anyone can see
Nothing really matters
Nothing really matters
To me

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