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Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Candy di Danny Moss e Jeanie Lambe The Danny Moss Quartet contenuta nell'album Three Great Concerts (Live in Hamburg 1993-1995). “Candy” è una canzone di Danny Moss. Candy Lyrics.

TESTO - Danny Moss - Candy

Some say that love is sweet as a rose,
Some say it's honey and the bee,
Well sit right down and let me tell you
What my love is to me.

I call my sugar "Candy"
Because I'm sweet on "Candy"
And "Candy" is sweet on me

He/She understands me,
My understanding "Candy"
And "Candy"'s always handy
When I need sympathy
I wish that there were four of him/her
So I could love much more of him/her

He/She has taken my complete heart,
Got a sweet tooth for my sweetheart
Its gonna be just dandy
The day I take my "Candy"
And make him mine all mine


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