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YNW BSlime

Call Back

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Call Back di YNW BSlime contenuta nell'album Call Back. “Call Back” è una canzone di YNW BSlime. Call Back Lyrics.

TESTO - YNW BSlime - Call Back

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TESTO - YNW BSlime - Call Back

Call back
Call back, oh
Ayy, young new world, young new wave

I'm on the road I don't got time for you no
She wanna know if I got time to do so
Take care of me no I can't just not do that
I remember those days I couldn't even get a callback
Woah baby you need to slow your roll right now ayy
Go baby yeah I'm on the go right now
Shows baby yeah I'm doing shows right now
Talking to you got my heart on lockdown

Finish your sentences if you say you love me better finish it
Better finish your sentence before I catch your soul and replenish it
That Birkin bag you wanted so bad
We only kids so why you want a Jag (Yeah)
Man it's really sad you goin' out bad (Out bad)
I know you're really mad (Mad)
Actin' out in class (Ooh)
But you supposed to be classy so what happened to that
You actin' petty 'ya you ating me we don't do that (We don't do that)
You been on my mind girl I can't control it
Stars in the roof girl you know we rollin'
You was in my ride yes we was holdin'
We were city rollin' we were city rollin' (Yeah, yeah, yeah)

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