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Bye Bye Blues

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TESTO - Goodman Group - Bye Bye Blues


TESTO - Goodman Group - Bye Bye Blues

Title: Blood Money


*Kids are skating in an empty pool.
As the camera pans out we realize this is Walt's house. Abandoned, with a fence around it. Walt pulls up to the house and steps out of his car. He goes to the trunk and takes out a crowbar. He squeezes through the gate then uses the crowbar to open his front door. He walks into the house. "Heisenberg" is spray painted on the wall.
Walt goes to the window and watches the kids skateboarding outside. He walks to his room. He takes out his keys and unscrews the outlet cover to remove the ricin.
He looks at a broken mirror.
Walt, back outside, puts the crowbar back in his trunk. Behind him his neighbor, Carol, stands stunned holding a bag of groceries

WALT: Hello, Carol.

Carol drops the groceries



Hank steps out of the bathroom, a look of shock on his face.
Outside, Walt, Junior, Marie, and Holly are all enjoying themselves with music playing. Hank walks down the hall, Walt's book in his hand. He puts the book in his purple bag. Hank observes everyone outside for a brief moment then opens the door

MARIE: *to Walt jokingly* You are the devil.

They laugh

WALT: *to Hank* Hey buddy, ready for a cold one?

HANK: No, I'm not feeling 100%.

SKYLER: Oh no, I hope it's not something you ate.
HANK: No, no, I just...I just...

JUNIOR: We have Pepto, Uncle Hank.

WALT: Yeah.

HANK: No, I'm good, I think we need to shove off.

WALT: Oh, okay.

MARIE: I'm sorry, Skyler, I hate to leave you with-

SKYLER: No, no, no, don't worry about it, I have plenty of help.

WALT: And by that she means me.

They laugh

SKYLER: That is correct.

MARIE: Holly can help.

WALT: *to Holly* Come on, let's go say goodbye. Let's go send them on their way. Let's say goodbye to auntie and uncle. Say bye, sweetie.

MARIE: *to Holly* Bye bye. *to Skyler* Hey, you know and it's been about 100 years since we've been bowling.
SKYLER: Well, how about Thursday night?

MARIE: Oh, that sounds great. Thank you for having us.

SKYLER: Yeah, absolutely.

WALT: *to Hank* Hey, you okay to drive?

HANK: Yeah.

WALT: Alright, well, feel better.

Hank closes his door and drives off

WALT: *to Holly* Say bye, Uncle Hank. Bye, Uncle Hank
, bye, Aunt Marie. Can you wave bye? Bye. Bye.

SKYLER: Alright, let's get started on those dishes.



JUNIOR: No, you.

SKYLER: You. Washing, okay?
JUNIOR: I'll dry, you wash.

WALT: *to Carol* Hello, Carol!

CAROL: Oh, hi Walt!


MARIE: Europe. I can't believe it, were you there when she said that?

HANK: Yeah.

MARIE: You okay? Your stomach okay?

HANK: Yeah, oh yeah, I'm fine.

MARIE: Okay. God, Jesus, Europe. I just. And you know where they were three or four months ago. She was talking about, I guess a second honeymoon.
We need to go to Europe. We could go.

HANK: Yeah.

MARIE: We could go on a business trip, we could um...go to Italy...

Marie starts to fade into the background as Hank nervously drives forward. He starts breathing heavily

MARIE: Hank. Hank. Hank? You okay? Hank!

Hank drives the car onto someone's front lawn. He gets out of the car quickly and leans on a fence. He's breathing heavily. Marie gets out of the car

MARIE: Oh my God, Hank! Hank. Hank! Oh my God! Hank, no, are you okay?

The man who owns the house rushes outside. Marie is holding Hank

MARIE: *to the man* Call the ambulance! Call an ambulance! *to Hank* It's okay, take a breath.


HANK: It's an accident, it happens.

MARIE: I'll make the appointment, all you've gotta do is show up.

HANK: For what? Three hours in the emergency room, all for nothing.

MARIE: All they did was rule out a heart attack. What if it happens again?

HANK: It's not gonna happen again.

MARIE: How can you know that? You couldn't even say what it was in the first place.

HANK: Marie, baby, I'm fine. Trust me. Discussion over. Do not tell Skyler.

MARIE: What, why?

HANK: Just don't.

Hank has Walt's book in his hands as he walks away

MARIE: There's nothing to be embarrassed about, Hank...Hank!

Hank grabs the file from the Gale Boetticher case and starts checking the handwriting of the note in Walt's book


The garage door of the car wash goes up as all the workers are waiting outside. Walt steps outside

WALT: Hola, Mariano. Louise. Enrique, ooh, feliz cumpleaños, Enrique!

SKYLER: *to Walt* Hi.

WALT: *to Skyler* Hi...okay.

SKYLER: *to customer* Have a good day.

WALT: Air fresheners are high margin, right?

SKYLER: At thirty cents wholesale, yeah.

WALT: Right. So I'm thinking we reorganize the display. Separate the food scents from the nature scents, I mean, does bubble gum belong anywhere near ocean spray? No. And pine is still our biggest seller, right? So maybe we move that over to the cash register by the 5-hour Energy drink.

SKYLER: Sure, that's fine.

WALT: Yeah, yeah. *pulling Skyler to the side* Come here. Speaking of the business. The story comes first. The story is that we are car wash owners pure and simple. But, if our story is that the car wash is successful, what do successful car wash owners do? They buy more car washes. Listen, Skyler, we'll be laundering that money for years. Decades. Wouldn't two be better than one?

SKYLER: Well there's General Hands over by Kirkland, I do love that location. I'll think about it.

WALT: Yeah, right, right. To be continued.

SKYLER: *to Lydia* Good morning, welcome to A1.

LYDIA: Just the regular, please.

SKYLER: Well, we're having a special on hand wax. $21.99 if you're interested in getting rid of those water spots.

LYDIA: Just the regular is fine.

SKYLER: Okay. Well there's complimentary coffee inside while you're waiting. Have an A1 day.

Lydia hands her car keys to Skyler

WALT: *to customer* Please give this to your car wash professional and have an A1 day.

LYDIA: *to Walt* 68% and falling.

WALT: Good morning, may I have your ticket, please?

LYDIA: I knew there would be a drop in quality, but 68%? This is not what I agreed to.

WALT: I left a viable operation, the rest was up to you. May I have your ticket, please?

LYDIA: I'm only asking for a few days. A week at most. Call it a tutorial.

WALT: That's the standard wash.

LYDIA: Fix this. Get the ship back on course. We'll make it worth your while.

WALT: That'll be $14.95, please.

LYDIA: Listen. This is a complicated situation, there are a lot of moving parts.

WALT: None of which are my concern.

LYDIA: You're putting me in a box here. You know what could happen.

WALT: Again, none of my concern. There's your change and if you'll hand this to your car wash professional and have an A1 day.

Skyler enters the car wash

LYDIA: Listen-

WALT: It'll only be a few more minutes, there's some complimentary coffee if you like.

Lydia walks away. Skyler approaches Walt while staring at Lydia

WALT: What's up?

SKYLER: Just wondering who washes a rental car. Walt, who was that?

WALT: She's a former business associate who wants me to go back and I won't.

Skyler puts a pen down on the counter and walks away. She walks outside toward Lydia

SKYLER: *to Enrique* Enrique, this one's finished. Terminado, gracias. *to Lydia* Get out of here. Now.

LYDIA: Excuse me?

SKYLER: Never come back here. Do you understand me?



Lydia gets in her car and drives away


Hank is standing outside. Marie walks ouside carrying a mug
The doorbell rings and two DEA agents are standing outside

SCOTT: Morning, Mrs. Schrader.

MARIE: Hey guys, what's going on?

ARTIE: Just dropping these off, ma'am. Where'd you like 'em?

HANK: Bring 'em around to the garage, guys. *to Marie* I got it. Have a good day.

MARIE: You too...

SCOTT: Boss, Janice said to tell you a few of them might not have indexes. We could give you a hand sorting through 'em?

HANK: No I got it, thanks.

ARTIE: See you, boss.

HANK: Okay.

SCOTT: *as the garage door closes on them* Okay, uh...

Hank opens a box and begins doing research


BADGER: Dude, you are tripping! I'm not dead. I'm on the starship enterprise macking on Yeoman Rand
while the Andori with the disrupter's back on Talice 4 or whatever.

SKINNY PETE: What do you think all those sparkles and shit are? The transporters are breaking you apart man, down to your molecules and bones. They're making a copy. That dude who comes out on the other side? He's not you. He's a colored Xerox.

BADGER: So you're telling me every time Kirk went into the transporter he was killing himself? So over the whole series there was like 147 Kirks?

SKINNY PETE: At least. Dude, yo, why do you think Mc
Coy never likes to beam nowhere? Cause he's a doctor, bitch. Look it up, it's science.

BADGER: I ever tell you about my Star Trek script?

SKINNY PETE: Star Trek script?

BADGER: Yeah, I gotta write it down is all!
The Enterprise is five parsecs
out of Rigel XII
. Nothing's going on, neutral zone is quiet, the crew is bored. So they put on a pie-eating contest. The whole crew's in the galley, they're eating tullaberry pies.

SKINNY PETE: Tullaberry?

BADGER: Tullaberries! From Gamma Quadrant.

SKINNY PETE: That's Voyager, dude!

BADGER: Okay, blueberries then. They're eating blueberry pies...


BADGER: As fast as the replicator can churn them out. *makes replicator noise* Finally, it's down to just three. Kirk, Spock, and Chekov, okay. Spock always wins these things.

SKINNY PETE: How's Spock gonna beat Kirk, yo? Spock's like a toothbrush, look at Kirk, he's got room to spare.

BADGER: Spock has total Vulcan control over his digestion! You wanna hear this or not?

SKINNY PETE: Yeah, yeah, go.

BADGER: Okay, finally, Kirk, he can't take it anymore. He yorks! Now it's just down to Chekov and Spock. But Chekov, you see. He's got a whole fat stack of quatloos riding on this. And he has figured out a way to win. He's got Scotty back in the transporter room locked in on Chekov's stomach. Every time Chekov eats a pie, Scotty beams it right out of him.

SKINNY PETE: Where's he sending them, the toilet?

BADGER: Space!


BADGER: There's blueberries just floating out there, frozen, because it's in space. And Chekov is just shoveling them into his mouth and Spock's like, "I can't believe this Russian is defeating me," meanwhile Scotty's in the transporter room fiddling with levers when Lieutenant Uhura comes in. And she's got, you know, her big pointies and Scotty's fingers are all sweaty...


BADGER: Chekov screams! He sprays blood out of his mouth! Scotty beamed his guts into space!


Badger laughs. Jesse leaves

Badger: Hey, where are you going? You're missing the best part!


FRANCESA: *to man with broken neck* Just fill this out. Bring it back to me.

The man walks away and sits down. Jesse is sitting in a chair with his feet on a black duffel bag. He looks over at Huell then back to Francesca

JESSE: *to Francesca* Yo. Yo!

Francesca ignores him. Jesse sighs and rubs his face. He pulls out a box of cigarettes and puts one in his mouth. He lights it up and starts smoking

HUELL: You know you can't smoke that up in here.

Jesse continues smoking. Francesca picks up the phone to call Saul

FRANCESA: Yeah, Jesse Pinkman's out here smoking pot?

HUELL: Give me a break, man.

The door opens and Saul waves him in

FRANCESA: *over intercom* Pinkman? He'll see you now.

Jesse drops his cigarette

SAUL: Woody Harrelson live and in person. Pull up a bong and take a seat,
hey I'm kidding about the bong, dude, don't be doing that. Uh, sorry to keep you on ice out there, kid. If I'd known it was you...well Francesca, I warned her before. One more time and it's back to the DMV. So uh, are we on our own today?

MASSEUSE: *to Saul* Barn door open.

SAUL: Barn door? *looks down at pants* Oh. *zips up pants* So, uh, how is the maestro? Things have been quiet on this end.

JESSE: Haven't seen him.

SAUL: Just as well. Probably. After that whole thing in the jails...when they start to whack the lawyers, that's where I start to draw the line.

JESSE: This goes to Kaylee Ehrmantraut and that goes to Mr. and Mrs. Albert Sharp. 315 East Web Roads up in Whitehorse. Two and a half million each. Total of five.

Saul locks his door

SAUL: Mr. and Mrs. who?

JESSE: Drew Sharp's parents.

SAUL: Drew Sharp, that's the kid on TV, missing, uh...why would you? Scratch that, I don't know and I don't wanna know. The thing is, what those folks want is to know what happened to their boy. Sack full of cash on their doorstep, that's just gonna raise more questions. Kaylee Ehrmantraut, that's Mike's granddaughter? So this is Mike's money?

JESSE: It's mine.

SAUL: It's your money? Okay. And you're giving it to Kaylee Ehrmantraut...?

JESSE: It's what Mike wanted.

SAUL: So you and Mike, uh, you've been in touch? So we're just talking about charity? Okay, look, you know uh, shelling out money to the ex and her little boy, I kinda get it. I mean, kinda.
But this, this is a bridge too far. I'm sorry to say, kid, but you're still gonna be two miracles short of sainthood.

Saul walks around and sits next to Jesse

SAUL: Brass tacks, okay, my job is to advise and my advice is: come on, already. Mike left one step ahead of the boys in blue and you better believe his family's on the radar. Couple million bucks shows up, they're gonna snatch it, tout suite.
The feds have already taken Kaylee's money twice. What are you, you're going for a hat trick?

JESSE: I'll fricken do it myself, Saul.

SAULl Oh no, no, no! I was just, I was thinking out loud.

JESSE: Enough bullshit, Saul, are you gonna do this or not?

SAUL: Yes, yes, absolutely. I live to serve. And kid, uh, you might wanna think about cleaning up a little, getting some rest. You've looked better!

JESSE: Just get it done.

Jesse leaves Saul's office. Saul goes into his desk and grabs a phone

SAUL: You know who this is? Don't hang up on me. Yeah, there's a problem, there's five million of them here in my office.

WALT: No, no, don't. Just hold onto it. Yes. Yes. Calm down. I'll handle it.

Walt hangs up the phone and looks up at the IV for his chemo treatment


Jesse looks down at a cockroach that is crawling on his table.
There is a knock at his door. Jesse opens it and Walt walks into his house

WALT Déjà vu, huh?
Jesus. Alright, look. You wanna talk me through this? What you were thinking? What you asked Saul to do, I mean, come on! It's just nonsensical. *Walt picks up a red bong on Jesse's table* If you have any explanation at all?

Jesse mumbles something

JESSE: It's like you said, it's blood money.

WALT: I s-…okay, yes, I said that. I did. But it was in the heat of the moment, I was trying to win an argument, alright?
And I was wrong. This is your money. Come on, you've earned it.

Walt sits down next to Jesse

WALT: Drew Sharp. That is a terrible memory, no doubt about it. But son, you need to stop focusing on the darkness behind you.
The past is the past. Nothing can change what we've done.
But now, that's over. You're out and so am I.

Jesse looks over at Walt

WALT: That's right, I'm done. I've been out for about a month. But there is nothing left for us to do except to try to live...ordinary, decent lives.

Walt takes off his glasses and rubs his face

WALT: Why Kaylee Ehrmantraut?

JESSE: She needs someone looking after her.

WALT: Mike is perfectly capable of looking after his own granddaughter.

JESSE: I don't think so. I don't think he is capable. I don't think he's coming back.

WALT: What are you saying?

JESSE: You doing what you did, offing Mike's guys. If he was out there, you'd have to look after your shoulder the rest of your life and that's not how you do things, so I think he's dead and I think you know that.

WALT: I don't know that. I don't! Listen to me. I did not kill Mike.
The last time that I saw him, he had his bag -- the one that I brought him. And he got in his car and drove away.
For all I know he is alive and well. And if...if he does come back and he doesn't understand why I had to do what I did, well then that's on me. Jesse. I need you to believe me.
It's not true, it's just not.

JESSE: So he's out there. He's okay.

WALT: Yes. Mike is fine, wherever he is. We both know that he can take care of himself. And he's certainly capable to provide for his own family.
Jesse. I need you to believe me.

JESSE: Yeah. Like you said. He's alive.

WALT: Yeah. Mike's alive. Absolutely.

Jesse turns away slowly. They both sit there on the couch


SKYLER: Well, you've gotta have a college counselor, are they bringing in someone new?

JUNIOR: I don't know. Maybe she'll be back.

SKYLEr: Well if she's not, what are you supposed to do? I mean, what's Louis gonna do?

JUNIOR: He's not worried.

SKYLER: Oh yeah, sure. What's there to worry about, it's only college, right?

WALT: Right. College, nothing more important.

SKYLER: Oh. You know, Uncle Hank's still not feeling well, so bowling is off tonight.

JUNIOR: Really?

SKYLER: Really. So you're spared a night out with the family. You do not have to look so happy about it.

WALT: *leaving the table* I'll be right back.

JUNIOR: Umm, so...if bowling's off, can I get a late curfew?

Walt is in the bathroom, he takes out a bottle of pills then turns on the faucet. He runs over to the toilet to throw up then puts a towel on the ground for his knees.
He looks up to the basket of magazines on the toilet and looks through them. He throws up

Walt is on the ground with a flashlight looking for his book under the bed

SKYLER: Are you gonna turn off the light?

WALT: Have you seen *Leaves of Grass*?


WALT: My book. Walt Whitman. Dark green hardcover?

SKYLER: I didn't even know we had that.

WALT: don't think Junior?

SKYLER: You're kidding, right?

WALT: Well, it'll show up.

Walt gets into bed and turns off the light

WALT: What's wrong with Hank?

SKYLER: It's a stomach bug, sounds like. He hasn't been to work all week. Well, goodnight.

WALT: Goodnight.

Walt turns on the light and walks outside. He looks around his neighborhood then turns to go back inside. He stops and heads over to his car where he finds a GPS device

A homeless man is looking through the garbage for returnable items. He walks over to a car where Jesse is sleeping. He knocks on Jesse's window

HOMELESS MAN: Mister, can you help me out? Spare some change?

Jesse shakes his head no and the homeless man walks away. Jesse rolls down his window

JESSE: Hey. Come back. Yeah, you, I've got something for ya.

Jesse opens up his duffel bag and takes out a stack of cash. He hands it to the homeless man

JESSE: Yeah, here, take it. Go ahead. Just take it. Take it. Yeah.

The homeless man takes the money and Jesse drives away. Jesse drives down the street slowly while throwing cash out of his window angrily

SCOTT: Anything you want us to tell Steve Gomez? He says he's worried about you.

HANK: Yeah, tell him I already got two grandmas. So tell everybody more work and less worry.

ARTIE: I guess we better hit it.

SCOTT: Yeah.

Both agents leave the garage. Outside a kid plays with a remote control car as Walt pulls up to Hank's house.
Hank begins packing his work away

WALT: *to agents* Hey guys, good to see you.


WALT: How are you, it's good to see ya.

SCOTT: How are you doing?

WALT: Good. Hey, how's your son doing, by the way? I was thinking about that.

SCOTT: Oh, it's back to 100%. He's goin' to district.

WALT: That's gotta be exciting. When is it, this Saturday?

SCOTT: This Saturday morning. I think the first pitch is at 10 A.M. so, uh...

WALT: I've gotta come, I'll be there. Should be a good crowd.

SCOTT: Yeah, yeah, it'll be fun. You gotta bring-

HANK: *to agents* Guys, you're still on the clock here, let's go!

WALT: Alright Artie, see you Scott. Be well.

Walt walks into the garage as the agents get in their car and leave

WALT: *to Hank* They're good guys, huh?

HANK: Yeah, they're good guys.

WALT: Well, it's good to see you up and about.

HANK: Yeah.

WALT: How you feeling?

HANK: Well, you know, been better, but...

WALT: Did you get to see a doctor? I mean, when one of these things lasts more than three days you really should get that checked.

HANK: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I did and I'm fine, I'm, uh, what they say on the upswing, you know.

WALT: Oh, good. Good to hear.

HANK: Yeah.

WALT: When I heard you weren't going into work, I…well, it looks like you've got the work coming to you. Perks of being the boss, huh?

HANK: Eh, you know. How's things at the car wash?

WALT: Good.

HANK: Yeah?

WALT: Really good. Hey, did you have any of that potato salad?

HANK: I don't know, maybe.

WALT: Yeah, I mean no one else got sick so I probably shouldn't worry about it. Well, Skyler will be very happy to hear you're feeling better. Which reminds me, I better get back to it. If there's anything I can do. Feel better.

Walt goes to walk away and stops. He turns around

Walt: You know. You're gonna laugh, but I have to ask you about this.

Walt takes out the GPS device

WALT: Believe it or not I found this on my car. I mean, it looks just like the GPS tracker that we used on Gus Fring, doesn't it? Back when we were tracking him just the two of us. You wouldn't know anything about this, would you, Hank?

Hank closes the garage door behind Walt

WALT: You okay? I gotta say I don't like the way you're looking at me right now.

Hank punches Walt in the face. Walt falls to the ground. Hank picks him up and tosses him against the garage door

WALT: Hank.

HANK: It was you. All along it was you! You son of a bitch. You drove into traffic to keep me from that laundry.

WALT: Calm down.

HANK: That call I got telling me Marie was in the hospital. That wasn't Pinkman. You had my cell number.
You killed ten witnesses to save your sorry ass
. You bombed a nursing home.
Heisenberg? Heisenberg. You lying, two-faced sack of shit.

WALT: Hank. Look, I don't know where this is coming from Hank, but just-

HANK: I swear to Christ, I will put you under the jail.

WALT: Just take a breath, okay, just listen to yourself. These wild accusations, they could destroy our family. And for what?

HANK: You don't give a shit about family!

WALT: Hank, my cancer is back.

HANK: Good. Rot, you son of a bitch.

WALT: I'm sorry you feel that way. I want to beat this thing, I do. I'm back on chemo and I am fighting like hell. But the truth is, in six months you won't have someone to prosecute. But even if, somehow, you were able to convince anyone that I was capable of doing these things, you and I both know I would never see the inside of a jail cell. I'm a dying man who runs a car wash, my right hand to God that is all that I am. What's the point?

HANK: Have Skyler bring the kids here. And then we'll talk.

WALT: That is not going to happen.

HANK: I don't know who you are. I don't even know who I'm talking to.

WALT: If that's true, if you don't know who I am, then maybe your best course would be to tread lightly.

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