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Black & Whites

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TESTO - Big Hit - Black & Whites


Black and whites
Gotta keep that shit black and white
Straight up

Got a cold lil bitch asking can she come chill
I text back SDD, that shit is Super Done Deal
Yeah, I gave them hoes a 'lil shot
But wasn't nothing real
First time I looked inside of my account and seen one mil
I hit my accountant like
'gotta get Momma a house'
Cause we had to struggle, they wasn't around
To see I was eighteen
Stuck to the grind and holding it down
It's a blessing how I move with no resentment in my heart
Was in that water I had to swim
They left me with the sharks, nigga
Don't get parked cause y'all not hard
Niggas ain't never been gangsta to me
When will they test me, I'm waiting to see
She ate the whole thing without saving a piece
Two new cribs, this isn't a lease, bro
Shorty exotic, she a monster I'm having a freak show
Poppin' Clicquot
Love to get new offers when they come with extra zeros
Best dressed at Complex
Con, this Casablanca peacoat
Killt 'em, they want pics with me
I won't ever stop this fly shit, not when I'm 63, nigga (forreal)
I won't ever stop this fly shit, not when I'm 63

I'm feeling drama free like God erased my enemies
Tired of living life dramatic
Erasing niggas sporadic
Reversing all bad habits
Move forward passive cabbage
Eradicate living savage
Always getting sticky with the static
Nigga cold hearted with the maggots
Drug Tzar living lavish
But I had to shake that white
'fore I end up in black and white
Niggas snitchin' dropping kites
Testify, ruin your life
Can't pick twelve, can't fight
Get railroaded on a heist
Get derailed on sight
Informants on the mic
Going platinum for that dough
Cryin' in shackles so they fold
Solid niggas sold they soul
Can't return they broke the code
Ruined they whole career, living life in fear
Bouncin' round like a deer, that 50/50 yard is weird
In a different hemisphere, but the four yard ain't no better
I've seen killers snitch for cheddar
I've seen police get so jealous
They at work drunk and faded
Talk down and degrade us
Act bool but they hate us
Sell you a phone then confiscate it

Throw on the rollers I'll show you how to wind skate
My blade is on the ice, I'm sliding on a thin slate

Riding on the wave like Charly Wingate
Raising up the bar I add another bench plate
I'm 85% muscle tissue
Your bones are made out of bologna
Not even one's official
I made it look like a mistake
But I did it purposely
One things for sure and two things for certainly
I'm suspended in timeless motion
I'm wacking out his name, I put a line over it
Pick out a section of the curb
And spill the wine over it
My brain is out of order
I gotta put a sign over it
Spilling out my gut until it's nothing left to say
From where I sit
The view would take your breath away
Cause in this life Hell and Heaven's only a step away
I wear glasses, my facial hair got a speck of gray
Never go out of style, I just age graceful
In a category that's flavorless, I remain tasteful
The UFO hovers in the parking lot
I came spacial Funnel the crumbs
And cut sushi up on the same table
Speaking of rap generically
The shoe fit, I'm on my way to the bank laughing hysterically
Fix me a cocktail, all I needs a little kerosene
Wrap yellow tape around the stage
And make it a terror scene

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