Bright Eyes

Bells and Whistles

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Bells and Whistles di Bright Eyes contenuta nell'album Bells and Whistles. “Bells and Whistles” è una canzone di Bright Eyes. Bells and Whistles Lyrics.

TESTO - Bright Eyes - Bells and Whistles


I was cruel like a president
It was wrong but I ordered it

Lost some limbs in an accident
Playing God

At a table down at Edendale

Didn't feel good, wasn't eating well
In the photo booth, made me hate myself
What a slob

It's hard now to imagine it
The currency was all counterfeit

Diana's face
was scattered to the mob
Expensive jokes and cheap thrills cost a lot

Zach's staggering down Bleecker Street

The label asked for a meet and greet
I agreed reluctantly, I couldn't be alone

Signed a sleeve for a teenager
It felt just like a harbinger

I was shaking hands with the manicured
Worked my fingers to the bone

No, you shouldn't go home with the So
Ho girl

Cause she only wants materials
And you shouldn't place bets on the New York Mets
Cause at best it's hypothetical

Expensive seats in a field of dreams

U-turns in limousines

Got to get around the detour when it's blocked
Bells and whistles, fancy cheap thrills cost a lot

No, you shouldn't make noise with those Bay Ridge boys

When they're drunk, man, it's impossible
Secondhand amps and a bent up crash
The band sounds like an animal
Cheap seats and broken dreams
U-turns in limousines
Gotta kick in the door when it's locked
Bells and whistles, cheap thrills cost a lot

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