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Beatbox Freestyle

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Beatbox Freestyle di Young M.A contenuta nell'album Beatbox Freestyle. “Beatbox Freestyle” è una canzone di Young M.A. Beatbox Freestyle Lyrics.

TESTO - Young M.A - Beatbox Freestyle

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TESTO - Young M.A - Beatbox Freestyle

Fuck it, I'm going straight in
Damn E, this shit exclusive (Hey)

So much water on my neck, it's like I'm detoxing
Two drums and two sticks I'm beat-boxing (Grr, Hey)
I wish he would, we gon' treat top him (Pop, pop, pop)
I just blew 1 50 out the safe, I had to restock it (damn, damn)
Fuck a Grammy I got the streets watching (streets watching)
And for my bro I wear that red until I'm dead
I know that he watching (R.I.P.)

Left my ex bitch cause she toxic (Goddamn)
Got this new bitch now we toxic, can't cap, I been toxic (Damn)
Told 'em pussy niggas keep watching (hm, hm)
Always got the .40 on me with the beam and plus I keep options (Grr, pop)
Ready to get it started (Pop), VV's on my chest
Now I'm cold-hearted (uh), diamonds go retarded (uh)

Living in big houses from apartments, bitch I made it out
My money and my loyalty, two things I'll never play about (hm, hm)
My oppositions tryna take me out (Okay)
And I'm fucked up in the head and they gon' make me bring my brazy out
Fuck what you thought ain't shit to think about (No, no)

A twenty pack could get him whacked, turn my head up "Fuck it, lay him out"
We gon' ball regardless, twenty bottles in my section, look like alcoholics (Ooouuu)
Free my blooder, murder gang, I hope you beat them charges (Gang)
I be on that private plane, champagne when we departed, OG I'm the God
So much body on this bitch can't even park it

I don't never rep my jewelry (Skrr), if I were bitch I bought it (Facs)
That's cause I could afford it (Facs)
I've been fucking up these rap beats so long, it's getting boring now
They like "M.A how you been?" can't even call it
I just handle business, mind my business, feet up in my office
Prolly counting racks out, my stacks look like math books

The money turn me on, it's just some' bout "how that cash look"
Bad bitch she need her ass whopped (need her ass whopped)
She a pretty lil dicky, but ay lil mama "how that bag look?"
You look good but if you're broke then, that's a bad look
Turn around, let me get that last a look (Ooouuu)

Get out of here
Fuck outta here (Hah)

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