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TESTO - Eddie Condon & His Band - Basin Street Blues


TESTO - Eddie Condon & His Band - Basin Street Blues

Weezy Wee, bitch

S-Q-A-D Siddeven, holla at us, underground
Muhfucka, what you know bout Weezy huh? Holla at me dawg
I got it, it's right here, listen

I'm off the rocks squat the box don't rock the spot
The Sqad pop 'em I'ma fuck with the hottest
Diamonds droppin’ temperature, bitch I'm one of the finest
And to be honest, I got all these hoes stocked up like sinus, now who you fuckin'?
Ice shining colorful, like a sack of fruit or something
With no heart for bitches like ??? or something
I be the true to nothing thorough nigga, young, raw, and famous
Get money 'til I'm dead or 'til the day of my arraigning
Spittin' game through the platinum smile
You can see the fuck I be saying from half a mile
How I hop out of the colossal Tahoe filled up with models
Poppin' bottles with pussy poppers that gobble until they swallow
See I'm a pimp Playboy when it come to these hoes
Cause all I give is cum to these hoes and run from these hoes
I comfortably roll in the latest sleepy eye Mercedes
Heat up for the haters speed up for the ladies
Miss, so watch your back, and watch your mouth cat
Weezy shit, this our click
You 'bout that? I send my Sqad to where your house at
All of a sudden niggas gs, why the fuck is you trippin'?
I cock and shoot up one of your knees, why the fuck is you trippin'?
You listening? I'm official pimpin'
Be lowkey dippin', Range Ro' be twistin' on blades
I'm O. J. Simpson, pretty limpin'
Big fucking cannon, holding me back
With some shit from off the Discovery Channel on my back
My niggas drowned in smoke, underground, pound daily
My hoes like Nelly cause they go "Down, down baby"

I used to dog chickens, cluck 'em, fuck 'em, and duck 'em
But now I'm more mature, I fuck 'em, fuck 'em, and fuck 'em
Stuck inside of the game for damn near two decades
And I'ma make you see the insides like a x-ray
Aww fuck...
Huh? Drunk off Cris', mami on e

Weezy on e, mami cummin' on me

The diamond long links sparkle, tough in the light
You do a lil' something tonight, I buy you something with ice
And I ain't stunting a price, shawty I can afford it
I been had dough before I was recorded
Started to order you a Mercedes C 240
But I thought it would be more nice for you in a Ferrari, peep me

It's whatever, holla
I ain't stopping, I ain't stopping
Check it, check it

Muhfucka bet' not fuck with this nigga
I'm itching, clutching the trigger
Muhfucka you can end up in a river, shit
I'm like a tornado I’m twisted off of shit
And my pistols off my hip but I give a shit about who I hit, fuck
I'm fucked up, I'll fuck you up for fucking up
Guns up like "What's up?", get your fucking guts cut
Tough luck bruh
Wonder why your bitch act stuck up?
Cause the slut got Weezy nuts stuck up in her fucking butt
Yung mack flip crack quicker than acrobats, get at me man
Look call me Wayne a. k. a. Big Daddy Kane
Nigga can't tell me nothing 'bout the game
Been in that deep shit, every year I'm M. V. P
It's just in me
Rims on the '
Lac like 22 inches

Play with me, I open up your back like 22 inches
Guerrilla pimpin'

And it really isn't wise for niggas to start poppin'
At any given time them niggas could start droppin', peep it
I'm off the strip muhfucka what you want?
This a freestyle coming from off the top out the trunk
Niggas be like Mase and go to Church

But I go to the trunk and then I go to your shirt
Holla at me, I'm the don bitch

Look we can get it on bitch
Gotta get another rap to flow on bitch...
Hold up, aight, aight, aight
Listen, playa, all I do is get bread, I'ma head to them cowards
And if they ever try me, I'll bring y'all the head of them cowards
This big spending, see the heads on them dollars
It's big pimpin', you see your bitch lipstick red on my boxers
Choppers pop at any time for any given reason
Leave 'em not breathing under cement for one disagreement
Freedom, we ride on them bitches, rollin' through sittin' high on them inches
My mission's to make sure Squad get expensive
And if anyone of you niggas better get defensive, your care will get intensive
Shot put humps on top of your head like Bart Simpson
I spark instant, now who want it? I'll light your set
Cause I'm all about money cocksucker, my life a check
I'm spectacular, I let the Tec tackle ya
I spit 16 after ya like I rap with y
Put your chest in the back of ya
You would think a truck hit 'em, it's Weezy, don't fuck with him
Better lock me up or get me to the graveyard quick
Come and get me I spray, spark, spit, it's straight war bitch
Niggas is hoes, like they take long dick
I wave chrome shit at home, shit, make domes split
And may I say these fake niggas on some Ray Charles shit, blind to the fact

9 to ya cap, blat, put your mind in your lap
I ride with the gat for hard times, crimes, and rats
It’s rhymes of the crack, my Sqad, I'll die for that
I climb in the '
Lac, drunk off 190 ?
Don't try me cat, I take this shit beyond the rap
And this Ecstasy is why my eyes are black

Don't like baby moms but the X make her thighs look fat
But fuck the bullshit I grind for scratch, I scrape and scruff, bake and cut
You hatin' us? We tape you up
I spin ya corner make you duck from blazin’ bucks
Bandanas, braids, and cuts, I'm gangsta'd up

Oh, oh shit, oh shit
What they want?
I dont think they want Weezy. Do you think they want Weezy?
Check it, check it

Lil' nigga pass slow in a S 430, ya ho be like "That's so purty"
Fuck with me I'll show your chest no mercy
Sqad get so dirty, but still we do it clean
Bring action to these fake ass niggas like movie scenes
I pop so much X man I feel like Wolverine

Wake up in the morning, lips burning, can't move my spleen
See this lil' dude is mean, strapped up with tools and things
I'll get you different drugs mixed up like Smoothie King

The heavy platinum jewelry bling over the white tee
Watch your wifey, she's mostly likely to blow me pipey
I'm so exciting
Money, murder, steal, kill, rape
You should do like the Internet and start to Bill Gates
This whole world gon' end up with some bad fucking tumors, listening to these Cash Money rumors
I'll blast, bust, and shoot you, hit your block without the mask, fucking screw you
Treat you like a bitch, bitch look at me while I do you

Ok, ok, homie, ok
Peep it out, Squiddad
Let me catch my breath, let the Danger track roll
And let me holla at you, now let me holla at you, check it out

Don't fool with any niggas like me
We pull triggers like weeds
Swigger off the Piña Colada

Dreams of having cream and the power
You need a problem? I'm the meanest to start with
And got grams the size of the head of Gina on Martin

For any discomfort the Ninas is sparking
Be in your apartment, many assault men and semi-revolvers
Keep it clean, I'm a young Sqad street teen, only into green
If you intervene I'll leave your ass colder than Winter
And y'all just look like bitches
You get fucked then I nut up
And just like bitches, I leave you face down and butt up
Nigga what up? I just bought a record to say fuck Hip-Hop
I spit it for them niggas who grip Glocks
Dip cops, flip rocks, and when the bricks drop
We fix blocks, suddenly watch the income
Fuck with me, watch the outcome
Niggas don't wanna hear the Glock rung

That's that real shit, that's-
K, ok, ok
Yea, holla at me, holla at me
This for all these niggas, you know me
Listen, let me tell you who the Sqiddad 7 is, bring it
It's Weezy Wee, Lil' Jay, Lil' Tez, Lil' Fee Fee, Lil' Yo, Lil' Sammie, T-Redd
Holla at us, holla at us, holla at us
Can't forget Bidd-Ugg-G, don't forget it
Check it, check it

Playboy I pimp huge
See the whip cruise on big shoes
Slide out the shit, cool, frostbit jewels like igloos
See Weezy gets loot, that be why your bitch choose
But dude, I ain't got nothing for her but some dick juice
I stick tools in the pocket of the S. Q. leather
They gon' have to rescue this fella if he stress my pleasure
I tells you once, I'm the don, you can trust my word
I say with a Herpes dick, nigga fuck the world
I be with niggas that could get me years
I be with hoes and bitches that favor Britney Spears

Listen here, you see the Sqad Minked up, Platinum S. Q. linked up
With a freak that drink nut ‘til my dick shrink up
You think it's soft? Let the thing bust 'til I'm seeing pink guts
Niggas watch them pigs come, they trying to sink us
You know who I be, Weezy Wee muhfucka
I ain't gon' stop the flow until the end
K we got a new game, I'm running, punting, I ain't passing the ball
You other niggas just be crashing the boards
With a team full of great players, but I'm a veteran, all-star
And let's be real man, I'm better than all y'all
I'm the truth, I'm the reason, I'm the meaning, I'm the shit
I'm the alleged convict in any Sqad incident
Last name Carter like Vince and shit

But I don't slam balls and goals, my life's money, cars, and hoes
Cadillac white walls and '
Bauds, pimpin' partna
Plus I can get more work out than a fitness doctor
Let's get this partna, I'm the young don these niggas honor
And those of you who ain't cheap can't buy a vowel
It's cause the child's mom will eat me up like Jeffery Dahmer

Libel to find my condom inside of dry vagina
I'm kinda calm, drama goes with my persona
A minor with intentions to harm ya, holla

Ok, ok
Switch it up right here, switch it up, switch it up
Listen, listen, take this money, make this money, get this money
Puff holla at me

Homeboy it's Sqad shit
It's gon' be Sqad shit, swallow it
He who disrespect, hollows follow him
Flash the pistol, watch 'em stop and pose like they modeling
Blast 'em, watch em stop, drop, and roll like they firemen
Seriously man, I got enough money to buy ya men

Turn 'em against you and make 'em kill ya mom and them, don't fuck with me
Buck 50 on the dash of the box but that's only approximately cause it really do like two ?, blue fire
Wrist looking like blue fire
Piña Colada got me spiked like barb wire, Weezy Wee, Sqad rider
Holla at me, you know you know me
Got out the streets and start hustlin', there's still some fiends who owe me
Blow me some dro, nah I ain't smoking I stopped that

My niggas still get puffed out, I catch the contact
I'm kinda fucked up, fuck with me and I ain't gonna leave you kinda fucked up
I leave you fucked up, believe this stuff bruh, it's Sqad shit, bitch

Oh shit, I ain't finished
Oh shit, I ain't finished
I ain't finished Duke
Check it, listen

I come up from a shit deep town, where you hear sounds like "Click", "Squeak", "Pow"
Get down or you dying, niggas tote iron
Got that coke flying like birds, not the ones with feathers, I'm talkin' weight like birds
And you might get served if it’s proper enough
Or find your nerves on the curb if you a cop or something
A baller blocker or something, I'll send your noggin a hundred
Have the whole block sprinting, dashing, jogging, and running
Type of life I live, Gotti would love it
Sqad property buddy, some young niggas with a mafia budget
Can't nobody put nobody above it
And if they do, they find they body with your body above it
Fuck it, let's take it public, nah leave it the gutter
Fuck it, let's go and dump 'em, nah leave 'em in the gutter
Hustler, keep it thuggin', why the fuck you niggas buggin'?
The hot 9 slug it, dug inside of your fucking jucket (jacket)
Call me Weezy you bitch

Ok, ok
The d. j. just informed me that I got 20 more minutes to rap
How the fuck I'ma do that?
Holla at me, if you feel me holla at me
Sqad, I gotta talk to make some of the raps look more long, you know, holla at me
I'm a real nigga, you know, you know me
D. J. Riddaj Smoove
Bout to blow your head smoove off, cool off, dude you soft
You know me, let's go
Is y'all ready? Check it out, check it out

Listen, I keep the pistol hidden in the big pockets, hear shit cockin'
Better get flocking or get gotten
Dawg I speak with the gun, nigga's holla in the street like "What's up?"
I tell 'em "Chika buck buck chika, get the fuck"
The droughts come bring the pots out, let's do what we do
You fuck with me I send more shots out than D. J. Clue
Now who seeing me? Not a person
Got a personal grudge with these commercial thugs
No studio with me, true
I shine hard and I be flossin' very sweet
But I'm like Iverson dawg, I be ballin' but very street

Keep my name out your yapper, or you gon' have to try to keep my flame out your cappa
I ride around with like two bodies framed on the clapper
The tool cocked for he, do pop for beef, move out for chiefs
Supply two blocks a piece two blocks a piece
My crew watch for cheese and I do stock my cheese

Dude, dude, who you know fucking with me man?
Check it, check it

What up world? This here your people Weezy, holla at the don
Real nigga dude, I promise that to God
When I swallow half the Dom I go loco, stressed, hoping I'm not cursed
Walk around with TECs poking out my shirt
Niggas show off for them hoes, try play hard, with they chest poking out they shirt
Try me and I send shots, leave they chest poking out they shirt
Yes, expect the worst when you fuck with the Squad right
Pull you out your car at a stoplight
Catch you in the waist, make you my height
This shit's not nice, I'll have you chopped twice for a hot price
Or I can take off my ice and hit your block and stop life
Can you see that?
Properly under my seat is where the heat at
Directly in your head is where the bullets meet at
I be that cat who make sure my Sqad ball gracious, 'til the Lord take us
We gon' all get paper, just stay faithful
Cross the gate bitch and we rape you
Ain't nothing sugar nigga we all salt
Fuck y'all and that's y'all fault

Holla at us
Man this Sqad shit is real, real biddig
Ooo shit
I ain’t - oh, oh, oh
Check it, check it, check it
Follow me

Homie I speak for the streets, scream for the ghetto, and holla for my folk
Die for my Sqad, kill for my dough
My attitude is fuck bitches, fuck haters, fuck cops
My real father is a ho, my attitude is fuck pops
I'm living it up in a nice home, riding in trucks, tough drops
And I'm a young nigga, I don't even know how to do the bus stop
But I got my money right
When I hit the club, make it a sunny night
See the fake flossers, bum ballers, is a funny sight
Watching dudes front for these hoes in they Chevy right?
Pull up next to 'em in a 500 bumpin' Betty Wright

Keep my shit spaghetti tight
Playboy put the hood on that
We buy sports cars and put the fuckin' hood on that
My bank got too hot to sit on so I stood on that
Any place, you be careful cause I could own that
Moët and E, I'm good on that
Your bitch looking at me, I should bone that
Y'all niggas know where the fucking don at, holla

Holla at me, Weezy Wee, holla at me, Weezy Wee
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Check it, check it, check it

S-Q-A-D S-H-I-T, that's what I represent 'til I die
Muhfucka bust one in your eye
Flip pies, I used to do that shit in like '95
But I'ma switch it up to '99, 2000, 2001
I ride cars that's 2000 and fun
You know the motherfucking whip be cruising on shit, 22's
And hoes be losing they mind, boy

It's about to come, it's about to come
What y'all want? What y'all want?
Check it, check it
Fee Fee Favorite

Flippin' in a whippa
Peel the top back like a zipper
Skippin' on them chrome dip slippers
Rippin' on the lips of a stripper
If that's your bitch mister don't kiss her
If so you might as well kiss a pistol
Cause all I do is shoot off in her whistler
She finna get my name on her shitter
And I ain't even hit her
My nigga Fat did her, and slid her to the rest of the Squidda
Forget her, another bitch just paged in
Weezy blazing, come through in something amazing
I ball so good I need a sports agent
Look at me and squint your eyes like Asains, what's wrong?
My jewelry's like a white boy, always stoned
I got a big home but I'm always gone
That's why your bath towels is always gone
Hoes I meet nowadays panties always gone
And baby after I fuck I'm always gone

I mean I got a wife at home, you know me, holla, ha, holla
Bitch I can't love you
Holla, hahaha

Homie I go hard, push a whip with no hair on its head
So all I'm feeling is air on my head
With some ho that you might know, she sucking all the air out my head
Meet you close to knock you square out your head
Sip the Cris’ to clear out my head and try to get my loot up

In Cuba with a translator ?? coke newer
Plus the prices is cooler
I come back through the hood with that dirty
And tell 'em I'm like Tiger Woods, all I got is birdies

Got bitches in they 30s calling Weezy poppa
But Weezy not daddy bitch, cause Weezy in and out ya
Weezy never spouse ya, Weezy give shit about ya
And Weezy don't Master Suite, Weezy living room couch ya
How about you be a good bitch, and take these pies I just cooked up
And tape 'em to the pelvis, arm or your thighs
I gets high 'til I can't focus
But a main focus to remain focused, they ain't focused, muhfucka

Holla, shit, holla, oh shit, oh shit
Boy, boy, boy

I spit it for them niggas who run the corner, palm the revolver with honor
Any beefs involving homie, your momma
Homie we swarm out the Eddie Bauer, thoughts to devour
Spark and shower, we get more stupid than Austin Powers

Smell the aroma of marijuana, Coronas when upon us
We do just what the neighborhood have shown us
We murder opponents and don't think about it, forget about it
Niggas won't do shit about it
Wave the pistol, get the bitch up out 'em
I'm off the hinges, chicks on my dick, proper than Cindy Crawford

Any problems I pop the chopper and knock the appendix out him
Hit the block with bricks of powder
What you know 'bout doing that?
And splitting a key with flour, making it two in fact
Dawg I'm all street, if you want Hip-Hop, here's what I give you instead
I'll make you hip out when them fuckin' bullets dig in your leg
Positive niggas talking spooky, y'all ain't scaring nobody
Y'all love Mos Def, I love fucking John Gotti, holla

Yeah, yeah, yeah

I wish that there was no taxes, no cases, no police, and no racists
No rapists, wish they had a 700 Mercedes
Wish my Sqad live happy
I wish my kids grow stronger than me
I wish my momma live longer than me
I wish the cops stay off the corner this week

I wish the gutta, ghetto neighborhood hunger would cease
I wish them niggas who ain't got shit would stop hating on niggas who got shit
And you know I wish for Pun, Biggie, and Pac shit
I wish that I could get high but when I'm high I wish I wouldn't get high
Sometimes I wish I wasn't alive
I wish for Heaven gates to enter
Wish for Lakers' tickets at the Staples Center
My seats, floor me
Wish Chris Childs wouldn't of hit Kobe
When I see Lauren, I wish I knew why my heart burns

Wish 22 inch rims wouldn't rub on sharp turns
I wish these hoes stop lying
I wish these niggas stop lying
Wish dope heads stop using, as if they not dying

Fuck it. That's just some shit I wish for, fuck it
Aight. That what you want?
Aight, listen, listen

I wish I ain't have to go on tour to sell records
I wish I ain't have to sell records

Fuck, I wish I ain't have a jail record
Wish every bitch gave head
I wish I could've saved Dad
I wish I make money 'til I'm a dead man
I wish my chain wasn't heavy around my neck
Wish hoes wouldn't suck dick and try to kiss down my neck
Wish I ain't have to get locked up for slapping her to the ground for that
Bitch I wish you wouldn't wanna be down for that
I wish there wasn’t no droughts
I wish there wasn’t no fucking coke ??
I wish Shyne, Suge, and fuckin’ – oh shit

Don’t stop it though
Shit, boy
Fuckin’ D. J. Raj Smoove haha

Nigga respect Weezy
I leave everyone of you bustas to suffer
Fuck with me I’ll touch any fucker you got love for
The Sqad’s a motha – shut your dicksuckers
Kick up the ruckus, find your mother stuffed in nature

Oh I can’t do that one
Ok, ok
What you know about Weezy dawg?
What the fuck y’all know about Weezy?
Holla at me, holla at me, holla at me
Let’s switch it up
Holla at me, Weezy is the muhfuckin’ don
Don’t get it tangled or twisted
Your head will get splitted
Tell the whole world that I did it
You bullshitted
We don’t front; is Sqad shit exactly what you want?
We bring it to your head and your -
Boy, boy, check it

Nigga we peel guns, and homie we fear none
Intentions to kill some, from bitches to children
For real we will come inside of your buildings
With Glocks and M-1s, and pop and then some
Let them 4s blaze
My niggas blows haze
Guzzled Belvedere ever since we heard Jay
Be dying the worst way
Who want it? Your bitch, you
Sqad is the official shit
Pistols spit behind little shit
I get a bad bitch who lick
And keep her posted up on the low
She never cook pork but only cook coke
Die for respect and hope, look beyond I’m a celebrity
Hold minds for ransom, head sold separately
I’m a ape dawg
Trapped in the jungle, can’t escape dawg
But I bet you be the last man standing like a 8-ball

And I ain’t worrying ‘bout ballin’ no more, I’m past that stage
18 years old, I got cash that age

Who fuckin’ with me?
I’m 18 years old and I got cash that age, muhfucka

Shit, ok, ok, listen
This how we gon’ do it
Ok, yeah, yeah, hahaha
I like that, I like that
Lay low muhfucka

I can’t live forever
And so forever I’ll forever be thuggin’
And if there’s ever any trouble then the metals be bustin’
I swear to God, let ‘em be fuckin’ with me and see something
My Sqad ride, I bet we be up on the street to heat somethin’
We peace nothing cousin, this here is war and we battle
Big guns with deep barrels, bullets leap and leap at you nigga
Bricks go for 10 gs on street value
Patience is fragile, niggas be glad to come smash you
The S Class is casual for the summer

Let me re-deal, I bring out the 64 on three wheels

Holla at me dawg, holla at me, holla at me
Nigga we gon’ be here for a long time
‘Cause we done been here for a long time
Now who want it – some problems?
Uhh, uhh, oh shit
I ain’t finished
Check it, check it
I’ma free’ ‘til the bars’ gone, free’ ‘til the bars’ gone
Holla at me

Ready for the track to switch up
Bitch play with me I’ll smack your bitch up

Bitch suck my dick up
‘Til she get the hiccups
*Hiccups*, excuse you ho
Now I got to lose you ho
You know how Sqad dos you ho
Move you through the shit smooth and slow
Now you gotta do the whole clique
You know how to fuckin’ go, suck the whole dick
Catch the whole nut until you never don’t spit
This some freestyle shit until the track gone
Bitch I’ll fuck you ‘til your back gone
I shoot the gun ‘til the Mac gone
Rap on

Oh, I’ma rap on
Oh, I’ma rap on
Oh, we gon’ take it back to the streets with this one

17th Ward nigga
My balls thicker, scars and hard liquor
Revolve quicker if I’m involved in war nigga
Fuck the laws and fuck peace
We all live raw
And we duck them boys and run streets
This shit won’t cease
You got a problem when you fuckin’ with Weezy the don nukka
‘Cause this shit that I palm in my arm is going blucka
And I’m young but a wise nigga
But in the meanwhile I’m wild going at it
Fuck it, tryna join my daddy
Automatic weapons, pow
You can call the paramedics now
And if any test the child he stepping on deadly grounds
I’m repping Hollygrove to my fucking grave woa’
And chase dough, slave hoes, and keep my head low
We can’t let the feds know nothing
We keep it quiet as kept
If someone frontin’ you find him dest

I’m sorry
What the fuck is “find him dest”?
I meant, “If someone frontin’ you find his death”
7, S. Q
Holla at us, check it

Pistols burning
Pop the barrel, turning
It got the faggots squirming
We closing any open shop we ain’t concerned in
Coke the size of Sherman Klump we flipped and doubled

And dropped the whip on dubs and dipped in Bubble
Get a bad bitch to hustle and move product
And split them niggas quick as fuck if them dudes try her
Not behind the ho, but only behind the dough
And behind the dough I kill whoever stand behind the door
You ain’t tryna go that route with the Sqad, it’s rough, I promise
We kidnap your mommas and sit our johnsons on her tonsils
We reside inside the S. Q. bombers
And we leave families emotional like Carl Thomas

So stay from ‘round us
And to be honest, ain’t nothing for me to do away with you
I be the same nigga that blow a Tre with you
Then let a K hit you
Fuck you nigga, I ain’t got no love for none of y’all
Make you my underdog, put you under dawg

Under dawg, holla
This shit we doing is under dawg
Man, listen

Bitch I’m explosive
All this niggas know this
Weezy, I’m your woadie
Holla, guns is toted
Never fucking loaded
But I keep more E
You know how I do it bitch, I do it for me
I do it for the streets, I do it for my peeps
I do it for Sqad
I do it ‘cause I ride
I do it ‘til I die
I never gets high
I’m always on my toes
I never fuck bitches, I never fuck hoes
But I only gets my dick sucked
That’s because I got a real bitch that’s on my siddide
Down with the Squiddad

Oh, oh that my nigga Six Shot
Yeah, bout to run it
Uh oh, uh oh, uh oh
Check it, check it

I do just what I motherfuckin’ want
I never live with regrets
I speak from the shit that bleed on the left side of my chest
Take heed to the shit that gleam on the left side of my waist
Or take three to the left side of your face
A multiplatinum artist still riding with TECs and 3-8s
A hustler, you can see the crack residue left on them plates
They fucking with me, I’m predicting death on them snakes
I ride in a frenzy
Ride in a Benzy
Fuck it, tryna fire my enemies
Fire a sack, recline back, and feel me
I spit that filthy shit
That gutta, guilty until proven guilty shit, get back at me
Let’s just spit rapidly at chests, you better fucking halt
Or the Glocks with the thunderbolts make you do somersaults

Holla at me mothafucke, holla at me
Holla at me muhfucka, holla at me
Holla at me muhfucka, holla at me
That’s my nigga, yeah
Listen, listen

This is for the Sqad I sip Moët with

This is for the Sqad that I pop X with

This is for the Sqad I be in the house of blues with

This is for my Sqad that I usually fools with
This is for Lil’ Jay, this is for Lil’ Yo
This is for Lil’ T-Redd, this is for Fee-Fee though
This is for my nigga Sam, all call him Supa
This is for my nigga Tez, stupid ass nigga

Haha holla, holla
I was feeling that one, that was real nice
Was real nice
Ok, ok

We carry automatic machine objects in jean pockets
And clocks with beams cocked and fuck with me - seeing doctors
The Sqad be in monster trucks with screens and bobbers
Passing green and brown chocolate like John Stockton

Who stopping these lil’ niggas? Nobody, it’s impossible
Find me in a Benz – aqua blue
Rims colossal dude
And right under the seat’s a Glock or two
Don’t make me pop at you
And got two Hawaiian tropical bitches that will swallow you
People ask me “Weezy, why you do it so big?”
I pop my collar, drop the roof off the 6, then shoot up the bridge
Listen, I’ve had loot since a kid
I ain’t just start having dough
As a matter of fact, I started having dough
I’ma be fancy, send some warnings at folks
Be very cautious or them Glock 4s get pointed at throats
I bet he choke

What you don’t know?
It’s Weezy the Squiddon squiddy
Get with it
Holla at us
Oh shit, holla at me
Ya, ya, ya
What these niggas know about that nigga Weezy?
What these niggas know about that nigga Weezy?
Fat, I got us
Is you ready?
What these niggas know about that nigga Weezy?
Not a muhfuckin’ thing
They don’t know that I got a muhfucking thing right up inside my pants and I’m ready to make a bitch dance
Holla at me listen

Nigga fuck with me, get washed away
Glocks and revolvers spray
Cats get they corners blazed
Blast with enormous Ks
Understand Weezy be the don and ain’t no fading him
Play with him, shots turn him dome into a stadium
Beef with me and my gun immediately bust repeatedly
Unleash this pop one in your bitch Victoria Secre-
‘Atures creepin’ without the lights on
Doo rag, G Nikes on

Hope the choir sing your ass a nice song
Niggas ain’t tryna collide with the Squiddad
It is not wise
I’m robbing your block with Glock 9s
Pull out, cock, pop moms
Drop bombs
You niggas ?????????
Sqad bitch, ain’t no replacing me
Come to take shit
We be on some money make shit
Simply basic, you hate I put more designs in your head than Anthony Mason

Have you parents in the front emergency room pacing
Crying an waiting for the doctor to come out and say
“Miss your motherfuckin’ son didn’t make it”, holla
*Moans* all y’all better know no disrespecting Weez’
Come to your fucking street and kill families
Holla at this muhfuckin’ nigga
You know me
And ask your bitch, she blow me
You know I’m in love with Kobe
And Hovi

Ok, ok
What they want?
Check it, check it

Nigga it’s pistol play regardless of the matter
I’m a heartless lil’ bastard
Since Rabbit died my life’s been darkened and shattered
Fuck all of you faggots
Regulator, warrior, bandit, gun busta
Spit the cannon make you fall to the canvas muhfucka
It’s Lil’ Weezy in the flesh nigga, Hollygrove candidate
Running with The Sqad scavengers, we on some family shit
Niggas ain’t understanding it but they will in a minute
Or my K peel in a minute, make your head drill to your tennis
I’ma stay trill for the spinach
Tremendous when I’m on that green shit
Menace when I’m on that green shit for that green shit
I’ma a soldier, some Army, Navy, Marine shit
My appearance is ? shit, but I got Korean chips
Fuck with me I blast you idiots
Let the Mac and Semis spit like Pakistinians muhfucka

Muhfucka, ok, it’s real time
It’s real time
I know what song next
I fuckin’ know what song next
Check it, check it
"Nigga I crash parties crash-"
Oh I ain’t know that was next
I ain’t know that was next
I really didn’t know that was next
Sorry. I’ma freestyle to it

Ok ain’t no nigga like this nigga Weezy
Ain’t no clique like the Sqiddy Sqeezy
You know how we do it, we dos it easy but we gets loot
And if a muhfucka fuck with us we shoot
We do the things, we do it big, we ride big
And if a muhfucka fuck with us he die quick
I make your momma and your child spit up blood
I make shit come up to your thighs
This the Squad
I don’t fuck with niggas
I only fuck with six niggas
I only fuck with rich niggas
I only fuck with C. M. B. dawg
And they only fuck with Weezy Wee dawg
I’ma freestlyle ‘til the beat’s gone
I’ma freestyle ‘til the cheese gone
I’ma do this shit ‘til I’m gone
And I’ma rhyme on, muhfucka
Here’s my dick, you can climb on

Fuck, holla at me, holla at me
Full of that Mo’
Now I’m full of that dro
Yeah, yeah; what’s next Smoove?
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, shit, shit, oh, oh, oh, shit, shit
Check me, check me

I’m a outlaw
I’m quick on the draw
I’m from the motherfucking graveland 17th Ward
I go hard, these niggas can’t play with me
I got a whole bunch of guns, you can’t spray with me
I spit this shit like a K spit rapidly
I make your fucking family live unhappily
Who the fuck wan’ fuck with Weezy?
They know what I’m fucking ‘bout
They know I run up in they house, gun up in they mouth
I keep it ‘bout it, ‘bout it, not like No Limit

But this fucking shit I roll with ain’t got no gimmicks
This Sqad shit ‘til the motherfucking end you bitch
And I’ll kill your motherfucking best friend you bitch
I put the -
Oh shit, I ain’t ‘bout to finish spittin’
I ain’t ‘bout to finish ripping it up
I’m about to giving it up to my nigga motherfu -
Oh, oh, we living it up
We doing it real fucking big
We will kill fucking kids
If you ever fuck around with these mill’ fucking ‘ions

You get it? Mill’ fuckin’ ‘ions
Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh
What they know about me? Listen
Got some shit coming
Y’all niggas, if you listening to this, sit down and prepare
‘Cause here it come, ok
Let’s do it
Oh shit, oh shit
What you know about that nigga Lil’ Weezy?
Oh shit, oh shit
What you know about me?

Nigga I crash parties, crash shorties, crash Bacardis, crash Ferraris
Crash authorities, crash sororities, crash quarter kis
Infected with a raw disease, call it H. I. V
That stands for Hoes, Incoming Violence
That’s what I die with
I pop shit, don’t fuck with Sqad shit
We on some mob shit
Some lil’ niggas who seem harmless, but nah bitch
Glocks spit behind anything
Bitch lick anything
‘Cause I got plenty change like Bill Gates’ piggy bank
Got a young pretty thing sitting beside me in the whip
With Limo tints to hide me in the whip
Told mami you can keep your clothes on, I wan’ see where your head at
In other words I don’t wanna fuck, I wan’ see where your head at
You can catch me laid back in the cut with ounces and bundles
Bouncing from hustles, doubt me I’ll fuck you, fuck it
Lounging in bubble
Rocky watch resemble mountains or something

Fronting get your body found behind some mountains or sum’n
Aye, when you fuckin’ with me you fuckin’ with cheese
You fuckin’ with Streets, you fuckin’ with heat
You fuckin’ with Sqad, you fuckin’ for free
You touching your knees
And if you hate, you’ll be lucky to breathe
Now how you like lookin’?
When the double gauge is ???? you get your fuckin’ life token
Despite the business, fuck rap
Picture block on a motorcycle wheeling
But the Glock ain’t right for kidneys
I don’t like you bitches, I hate you hoes
Date you hoes, bust nuts in your facials hoes
Then replace you hoes, that’s the type of shit that makes you hoes
All the women in this nation hoes
Hot since my creation woa’
Who the fuck want him?
Bitch niggas with no nuts on ‘em
I got pistols with blood on ‘em
Whips with dubs on ‘em
Niggas with chips and drugs on ‘em
Got bitches with hips and tits on ‘em
Lips with dicks on ‘em
Chicks with bricks on ‘em
Chicks with chicks on ‘em
I’m big shit homie, wide body chrome 6
Get dome while driving home, shit, shit, shit
This shit, Weezy Sqad shit, shit
Some chicks can make a hit the way they tongue twist, shit
Pimp shit, no spit shit, raw shit
A bunch of Lil’ Waynes in your fucking jaw shit

Holla at me, I’m still not done
Holla at me, check it, I’m still not done
Nigga holla at me, holla at me
Listen, listen, listen

Don’t get it twisted ‘cause I’m younger than most
I come with the toast
Get it hot like summer was close
I’m hanging out the Hummer with Sos’
Exploding missile Glock ringing at the front of your door like Jehovah Witness’
Sober? Forget it
This C. M. B. thing, I’m over committed
The youngest soldier come with it
Cock back, guns put holes in your fitted
Nigga I told you to quit it
I load it with 50
I blow ‘til it’s empty
The dro and Henny got me lokin’ and limpin’
Ropin’ up when I drink ‘til I’m over the limit
Hoppin’ out the Rover with Semis
Wildin’ out, go straight to your momma’s house
With a rag on my face with more 9s than dialing out
Now who hating?
Niggas cheapskating, underestimating
The heat take him, put him under extra pavement
Some one week in Jamaica, come back with a accent like -

Whoo, whoo, fuck it
That’s 10000 bars for y’all bitches
Holla at me
Weezy Wee, Raj Smoove
And that’s the end of that story
Man, man

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