Icewear Vezzo

Back On The Road

Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Back On The Road di Icewear Vezzo contenuta nell'album Back On The Road. “Back On The Road” è una canzone di Icewear Vezzo. Back On The Road Lyrics.

TESTO - Icewear Vezzo - Back On The Road


TESTO - Icewear Vezzo - Back On The Road

Fuck it, take it at one time
Mm-mm (808s)
Phew, mm

Scary rich and shiesty, but so icy like we Gucci 'nem
I done turned my hood to Choppa City like Lil Tucci ’nem
My lil' Muslim goonies hit your coupe just for some Rucci rims
She fuck just like a groupie, get that coochie for two Poochie bags
It been stackin' season, been put up but now it’s motion, though
Need to kick that dope, I pour up cups until it overflow
Twenty-three, new Ghost up, bring that dealer, that bitch spoken for
I got so much water on my wrist, look like a ocean coast
Can't never bring my name up with no rats, I keep my work on
Can't help everybody, soon as you tell 'em "No", they gon' throw dirt on you
Sixty-three, look like a Limousine, I threw some merch on it
Stretch a twelve, they be the next to tell, I got the terps on me
Fuck around, be trappin' 'til I'm fifty, bitch, I love the life (I love the life)
I hate pussy niggas, don’t like rappers, I love mud and ice (I love mud and ice)
Steve done caught a body at the store, they gave my cousin life
Went to Mexico to find a plug, I just went clubbin’ twice
Niggas seen me come from rags to riches, tryna ride the wave
Uncle said before he touch that Fent', he rather die from aids
It’s like twenty shooters, got ten choppers sittin' right 'side the stage
Looked him in his eyes, you know they pussy, when they hide, they change
Problem with these niggas, ain't no different than these hoes
Seen the gangster break the code, watch the rat turn tro
Thirty ’tached on poles, forty racks on clothes
Fuck this rap shit, if it don't work, we back on road, nigga (We back on road, nigga)

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