Billy May ft. The Andrews Sisters

Back in Your Own Backyard

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Back in Your Own Backyard di Billy May e The Andrews Sisters . “Back in Your Own Backyard” è una canzone di Billy May. Back in Your Own Backyard Lyrics.

TESTO - Billy May - Back in Your Own Backyard


TESTO - Billy May - Back in Your Own Backyard

Alright, Daylyt versus Ooops, that’s fire, right?
I like to call this the sequel
This time, I’ma sacrifice my first verse just to talk to my people
Question, question, question, question
You said you be about it right? Right?
Well, today, I’m here to sweat your persona and show your G is doubted
Question, didn’t the cops kill a nigga in your city?
That life you said you be about it?
So you mean to tell me it was a riot right outside your door
And you ain’t protest? You ain’t throw a rock at the police?
Nigga, you ain’t even tweet about it?
Los told you it’s a war going on outside
These type of niggas’ll get us killed
If we was the Spartan 300s, this would be the bitch ass nigga who couldn’t even lift his shield
I say “Show me your sword,” he go “Huh”
Look like he drilled him in the spot
Look how he drilled him in the spot
But if you can’t lift your shield, how we ‘posed to believe you familiar with the block?
Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god
Danja, well joint
I told him, we need to be stronger like well joints
You know why this nigga couldn’t help us in the war?
‘Cause we had a basketball game in Arizona
Us versus them and he let a 13 year old white girl score 12 points
What? Nigga, writer’s block make you a friend of me but skill make you a enemy
So we gon’ shoot the head up ’til death like we driving that ride with Kennedy
This your shot to the top, well, you better pretend to be
Precision, ‘cause in this division, we divide
One body with more lines than the side of a centipede
The crime’ll be into threes, it’ll be trilogy penalties
The the third call out for this guy, well don’t hide your energy
Mr. Devil, whatever level you decide your pen to be
High, he fried, what I’ma try for this guy called “rhyme infinity”
As the opening line spill, they say this the day we fear, he crazy tier
So, for I, I’m hoping the cries real
Mr. Battle Rap’s God’s gift versus Mr. Presentless
How you ‘posed to surprise Quill with some quotes like you Yoshi when 9s peel?
You gon’ lick a shell? You let it ring on these bitches? You hope she the bride still?
Crowd giving homie that side feel with them light jokes
You gotta show some type flow ‘cause this show for the white folks
Oh, this is Seinfeld
Notice this side filled with hope, bruh
Think Oprah, my bitch toting that 9 trill
Get money left on a random table, I guess it’s hope for the side bill
They say “Chill,” he tried Gain, stains soaking
Hoping for the clean wash, better potent that Tide
‘Cause beating me is a not for the next nigga, better focus your tied skills
Whoever I battled they said was stiff competition, well notice they died still
I left ‘em all lyin’ in packs, I showed ‘em my pride’s real
Now you facing a 15 second clip of greatness, I’ll show you divine skill
They said he good, right? He could fight
But I’m Suge Knight, I told him “My drive kills”
You ready, Watts? For the steady box
Body wet as a belly flop, yeti watch
I told you I would be monster, when I write, hand sharp as a Freddy chop
Day’s in his bag, you can tell he jot
Hot as the devil, my level, they bet he top
They better stop, it’s only one I in the game, Fetty Wap
The thug’s gon’ pay me, the blood’s gon’ pay me
I can’t get away from this Nina, I’m in love with my baby
This year, I’m gettin’ a lot of wins, I’m making noise
Oh baby, he ahead with lines, I’m making tadpole joy
But hold, is that the reason you say I’m a asshole true?
You get hit with the machine, kid, say hello to astro boy

In this game, I’m Jordan, Magic and Bird all in one
You ain’t even the assist man to the sixth man
Nor or you who they could deem harder, son
Yet, you standing here like you the man in your city with plans to diss me
Knowing line for line who they assign fail, not even George could stanza with me
So what the fuck you gon’ do with God? I’m through with y’all
Whoever picked him for the win, this is Buns from Belly agains Buns from Booty Call
With a fucked up twist at the end, and I done had it with ya
Antics, filler, quit rapping, I don’t care it’s feeding you like a rabbit’s dinner
It’s DC, Maryland, and fuck everything past Virginia
Nigga, you lost to Lavos? And losing to esé was ass backwards
Nigga, I told him June in Cali, you better have B Magic with ya
‘Cause I’ll get rid of Lyt and block on 30 days like an Alaskan winter
‘Cause you average with the flow
Your battles on the low never made the cut and was ‘posed to get severed two Summer Madness’s ago
But we on this wave where our pens speak
We cool, but battle rap is when friends beef
Which is lite to y’all ’til I enlighten Lyt and enlighten y’all
When light come between a nigga tryna make ends meet
I swear to Christ and God everything I write is hard
Like enlighten, removing light to make ends meet
See what I did to enlighten y’all?
Complex concepts that Danja makes simple
Should be enlightening to a G like the Gatorade symbol
Bitch, you finna lose advantage
Gettin’ bodied on the net in your own backyard and I ain’t use a hammock
It ain’t got shit to do with fads or the newest fashion
Getting addressed on stage, he’ll be missed where he from like a beauty pageant
You a faggot, and going soft
But getting shot, we won’t involve
Sike, you was hit with strays, don’t lie
But when days go by, family matters is coming on or going off
Your bro is lost, you shouldn’t even doubt it
So what do you propose I do except put a goddamn ring around it?
The butt of the gun got a scorpion death lock sting about it
So perhaps Day’s Pat Stay, ‘cause once this Cal hit his head, he ain’t gon’ do a goddamn thing about it
Think about it, no really, think on it though
You might be light from Watts, but I’m the one they seen with the glow
So, nigga, you’s finna lost to Mr. Scrooge
‘Cause present day, I’m the meanest nigga you know
And yo, he did a show with Mickey and Lupe
I killed Mickey, saw Verb and made dude from the Lou’ pay
But you, Day? Trash, yo, he a dimwit
Y’all condone the acts of this dipshit?
If we review the facts, though, we may find a tidbit
Bringing you on stage was a fiasco to begin with

As I continue my road of positivity, only reason I'm here is just to preach
To put the message through the safe zone of my lil' niggas head, where I'm steering is just a breach
Cause the beef they still edit
What we need to stop doing is calling our brothers and sisters bitches and hoes

Shut the fuck up, we don't wanna hear all of that, Shareef

First verse was my test round
This new quill I copped make sure everybody'll rest down
I'm blessed how I got the whole game on locks 'cause I always come with the best style
This level I get's hot, I chose to do this battle in Cali 'cause we got the best crowd
I done became a virus to everywhere but my home, but I'm back to the west now
They say "Daylyt, why you taking this bacon hot trash? You must be digging for pig in the dumpster"
But when I jot for enemies, line boxed infinity, that's what happen when the grit is amongst ya
The answer? I been a cancer since I was a baby
That's why I grew up to know how to wig on a youngster
With the pen, since I ben 10, this kid been a monster
Four years old, I had to beam a nigga
We go hard, gat'll steam a nigga
They say I was cuckoo 'cause I had the tutu like a ballerina nigga
Gat Katrina niggas
I buck for the whole city, gat'll a nigga
All these shots that I land, I told you, this cat'll lean a nigga
Dude just a savage
I been in every war, nigga, duke in the
The guns I drew bury more niggas than you can imagine
I'm no bitch, you fucker
On my mom, I told you, I'm gon' get you fuckers
I gave you the shot, now defeat is going swell
I told you, I'm gon' get you suckers
But it's time to send Zone, with the pen, Zone
I kills this pussy, never the friend zone
You a fuck clown, soon as you touch down, I'm tryna end Zone
Four spray at his whole crew, four spray and we gon' shoot
I got one two-two, two threes, Zone play if we want to
He get two sweet rounds in one pack, the pen flavory
See, when I spazz, it's the last of my kind, I came to end Danja species
I don't care who Danja is, this is dangerous
See these niggas? They ain't tell you battling in Cali is dangerous
These niggas on the watch crazy, if you watch crazy, they cut off Danja wrist
Danja bitch, you unattractive to the girls
Bitch told me she gon' charge him 25 dollars to get this nigga cock in
Look at you, it's impossible for you to get these bitches rockin'
Last time Danja got a dance in the club, Mystikal was poppin'
Look at you, mobster
You dreading it 'cause I'm the look of the roster
I got a Star Wars gat, soon as I take a look at you, baka!
Let's flip that, I got a newer gat
Somethin' metal like Master Splinter for these sewer rats
Gun'll pick you up from anywhere, that's a Uber gat
Should I keep it going? Give me 20 dollars

Ayy, what's with all the contact?
You keep touching my chest like I gotta respect you
Bringing up your niggas, am I supposed to be scared if Waka Flock and Rick Ross supposed to protect you?
But he said I don't get no bitches though, right?
Well, my name ain't Tyrone
So I'ma start this round with fuck this battle, I'm here to fuck your wife, long dick style, nigga
Nigga, I will give her face all that pipe
She stay with me, she getting her skull fucked all at night
You remember the face Ali made when Sonny Liston lost that fight?
Well, she gon' have to do that to get her jaw back right
But I'm off that, sike!
This may not be pretty, the way I do Day wife is silly
Then sadly kick her out the navi', leave it hanging by the Lincoln like Daylyt in Philly
Or record me giving her straight pipe, and really your ho'll get raped, we roll the tape
You gotta watch me stroke and poke her face with the poker face and hold it straight
You home invade? I'll post and wait
Strap form under the coach with scalp, yeah, that's my sofa 8
No one's safe like when you date a chick and she find miscellaneous texts and naked pics
Of some basic bitch, so as a way to flip on bae and shit, you fake like you angry, pissed
Like you know what? You make me sick going through my stuff
See, that's why ain't no trust in our relationship
But Day'll trip, on his gangster shit, I painted that picture
Cause when the nina confront him, it'll flip this crip just like that nigga
I'm back with a different view of this bitch like a peeping Tom
I go retarded for the team, he gon' see a nigga from PG letting it sing, be wrong
If he don't do that right thing, I will radio Raheem Devone
The type shit D be on
Got him like "He dead nice" at the moment
So I'm the only one Carter deems great like
Stop with the trolling, side bet
And I'ma trifecta sidestep, apply pressure presently
You was better not showing, that's a first trimester pregnancy
Prepped, he better be, who saving dog?
St. Bernard, which may be off topic
Faking like you used to be with Jaz, but what can Day really say to John Stockton?
We don't need to weigh Devone's wallet, he making false profit
I should give his face a cross
If I can't break his jaw, lock it, that's Jamie Foxx or maybe not
But'll still make an impression better than Affion Crockett
Stop it, you came here to stand all brolic?
Then he gon' mention Watts and Baltimore, tryna compare our riots?
You still gon' lose, wait, the can's off silent
I drop some pounds but I'll raise 'em just as fast, Luther Vandross diet
And I give Oprah a run for her money, I feed on rappers
Instead, men retreat off top when frees don't matter
But he's no factor, just a fake for fronting
As far as bars go, they paid Day for nothin'
You had a classic with Ooops? Quiet Room, Trez was stumblin'
But I ain't Ooops or the Chef unless I make a mistake or somethin'
That was so well done

I'll admit, I done messed up a whole lot of battles in a lot of states
Same antic from the Fatz battle went wherever I battled
My hat got smashed in a lot of face
I got naked in London and New York
I showed my balls all over the globe
Try the case, versus Rone, I walked out and said I was drawlin'
How when I left without a trace?
I asked 'em, "Who do I gotta beat? Who do I gotta chase?"
They say, "Lux," if that's a lot of grace
Every round I planted a line in like outer space
Now they see I be hot as a shot of mace
I'm in the zone, I go after holmes like I don't got a place
Now y'all 'bout to see this man black, Shabba Ranks
But it's crazy, baby girl got the tech

Think she ain't 'bout that? You think she ain't 'bout that?
You think she really ain't 'bout that? Baby, go in his pockets
You touch my girl ass, I'll beat your ass
You touch my girl, I'll beat your ass, nigga
Yeah, that's right, baby, high-five

It's crazy, our niggas hangin' us by our boots in the trees, but you love the Timb's, nigga
Facts, when they get to attacking our blacks, your turn your back like, "Here come the grim niggas, they come to trim niggas"
What happened to us sticking together in unity?
We need muscle like we love the gym, nigga
I know what type of nigga you are
Remember when Django killed all them white people and opened the cage
And the nigga sat there with the I-ain't-going-out-there face?
You one of them niggas!

I'm chokin'... time, man...

Round 3, it's on Danja Zone, let's get it–

I said yo!

Everybody on the card can tell, I like the work
JC, the cal behind you just like his shirt
But Danja–
That's time, that's time...

This whole battle, you been cookin', nigga
Then you got your girl to feel me up and she grabbed my dick when you wasn't lookin', nigga
This whole bout, he almost took the grown route
But I'm through with the riddlin'
Day dreamin' for thinkin' he takin' Zone out
Before I even psalm to give him a verse, maybe you should've went to church
Zone the omen a curse
Between Day, me and the Devil's son, you takin' one in the temple first, nigga
Let's get to work, I'm head huntin' to dead somethin'
The hands I may lay'll split his shit in a melee
Turnin him' Day Day like he Craig cousin', nigga
Spare nothin' as I flip inside the ring, Prince Naseem
Nina wild and scream over anything like a drama queen
I'm a king, dictator Aladeen
Spin it back 'cause he need a lie, get it? Need a lie? Aladeen?
My typer colder than bipolar, that's kinda mean
As hell, I'm the only nigga this sick with my disease
But you can't quarantine Constantine
Fuck you mean, nigga? These words'll take you out the picture
It's like a cropped a meme
Give him props, you win here and the footage drop
They'll be switchin' the win, though, like a toggle screen
You couldn't shine here or be winnin' with Charlie Sheen
Writers Block the team
But he still gettin' washed and did dirty 'less he hop in a hot tub time machine
Word to Young B, you gon' see the future if you can't pass my presence
And that's a hotter scheme
I'll make your soul food, that's macaroni with lots of cheese
Slit his throat and let the neck bone soak in a pot with the collard greens, nigga
Remove the stain, wipe the Oxi
But that Diz fight? False chain of events, that's why your neck and your collar green, nigga
Y'all was fakin' tension for attention to get fame quicker? That's bitch made
Lettin' the cuts on your skin decide you ain't even attempt fade, nigga
They book a flight and Zone touch down to get the job done
Diz, niggas get nervous when you board a plane
Niggas get nervous when I get off one
As long as I'm in the block, son, you not that nigga
And I'm a reptilian like the green Mortal Kombat ninja, nigga
Mmkay, mmkay, everything 'bout y'all diva
So if I speak with an "Mmkay," ain't a South Park teacher
Get straight stole, snatch Day whole face 'til he J. Cole
Let's see if your status go platinum without your features
Leave us, everybody leave right now, leave us
So we can have more of this discussion
I'm slaughtering somethin', the forty'll slump him
Like, bow! Is he alive? Did he survive?
I don't know, but he can't respond to a rhetorical question
And that's word to your face tat
You had to face that in a long match
I wig, too many punches to weave, hell, I done lost track
And off contact, looping a six second clip won't bring Davone back
So before you even mention a nigga, say where your bars at

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