Chief Keef

Almighty (Intro)

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TESTO - Chief Keef - Almighty (Intro)


I am not putting up with this anymore
Putting up with what, huh?
Look around, nigga
Almighty (Glory Gang)
I see y'all niggas, I don't give a fuck about y'all niggas
Y'all niggas watchin' me like the motherfuckin' clock
Your bitch like me
Nigga, your bitch all in my motherfuckin' DMs all the time, nigga, fuck you talkin' about?
This what greatness look like, nigga
This the motherfuckin' pinnacle, this the top
This what every trapper, this what every hustler
This what every scammer get out the bed for in the mornin', nigga
This what every bad bitch go get her titties done for
This what every motherfuckin' bad bitch go get her ass done for
This why they at the motherfuckin' beauty salon and the nail salon every day, nigga
Me, nigga
They want that money, nigga
They see the houses, they see the cars, nigga (Almighty)
They see this motherfuckin' jewelry around my neck and on my wrist, nigga (Almighty)
They wanna live this lifestyle (Almighty)
You know what it took for me to get here? (Almighty, Almighty)
You know what the fuck I been through? (Almighty, Almighty)
Nigga, I'm a motherfuckin' rapper's dream (Almighty, Almighty)
Nigga, you can live and die a thousand times, nigga, you couldn't live my motherfuckin' one life (Almighty, Almighty)
Your mama could have you all over again, you still couldn't be me, you still can't be here (Almighty, Almighty)
Boy, I'm almighty (Almighty, Almighty)

I get the cash so fast, my Hellcat so strong
Bag full of cash, if you mad, then go home
If Chief So fuck with you, then call Chief So phone
I'm runnin' out of patience, don't like when shit get prolonged
Red Ferrari, catch up, if not, then so long
Your money so short, bitch, my money so long
White diamonds on my body, bitch, I got some coke on
If you talkin' hot, lil' nigga, call my throwaway phone
Molly look like a skin tone, I call it Pantone
Nigga ran up on my dogs, now his ass ain't got no bone
Chief So the bank, hit the phone, you need a loan
She put my nut in her cup and she chased her Patrón
I was born in '95, I been ready since '91
Let's give a thanks to the God, yeah, the mighty one
Bitch, I'm Almighty, I'll shoot you with my mighty gun
Sense a cougar headin' for that ass, boy, you better run

Almighty, Almighty (Almighty, nigga)
Almighty, Almighty (Almighty, nigga)
Almighty, Almighty (Almighty, nigga)
Almighty, Almighty (Almighty, nigga)
Almighty, Almighty (Almighty, nigga)
Almighty, Almighty (Almighty, nigga)
Almighty, Almighty (Almighty, nigga)
Almighty (Almighty, bitch)

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