All Falls Down

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TESTO - Phora - All Falls Down

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TESTO - Phora - All Falls Down


Disrespected by people I fuck with
Felt neglected by people I trusted
Left me for dead, now all of 'em duckin'
Chewed me up and they spit me out like it was nothin'
Now I know that love, it was never real
And I got so many wounds that'll never heal
But I put my faith in God, I'm protected still
I need like ten mill', independent, fuck a deal
It's been a minute, I been gone for a while, huh?
Court cases, my lawyer left me on trial, huh?
They want me to fold, but how can I put down these aces?
They all want me to quit and throw in the towel, huh?
Little do they know, God got me
Fettuccine with the bosses like I'm John Gotti
Certain people that I peep movin' real sloppy
All these people close to me gettin' real oppy
Like, who can I trust now?
Who can I call to have my back when I touch down?
Who can I trust to bust back when it's gun sounds?
And fuck a watch, I need a friend, not a bustdown
My niggas rollin' blunts now, niggas pourin' Hennessy
I be more worried 'bout these friends than my enemies
I know from the start that they been plottin' on endin' me
Even if they kill me, I'll still leave a legacy
So how the fuck you next to me and still wishin' I fail?
All the years I talked to my father through a cell
Locked in a box, my own blood, it was hell
Tears from my eyes fall, but nobody could tell (Nobody could tell)
And though we had our differences, I know my pops would kill for me
I gave my all to cats who wouldn't split the bill with me
I gave my heart to the world and you know it's yours truly 'til I'm gone
Shout out to the fans who still with me
Ayy, most my old friends gave up on me
And my ex just tryna one-up on me
Same time, I know it's niggas tryna dump on me
I should ride around with the pistol grip pump on me
I mean, they tried to kill me, they really tried
Bullet wounds in my flesh, but I'm still alive
And you might know my story, but you'll never know the pain of watchin' tears fall slow from your mother's eyes
Not knowin' if her son's gonna make it
But I promise, ma, we'll be okay, just gotta be patient
I'm tryna cope, but constantly losin' the ones I love
I could give two fucks 'bout what the internet sayin', yeah
I know who I am, I know what I'm worth
Try to drag me down, it'll never work
They can say that I'm nothin' and they can say I'm a failure
But they can never say my heart is made of fuckin' dirt

And even though I can't sleep
I try to close my eyes to escape from reality (Escape from reality)
And I'm runnin' towards this vision, I just feel like the devil's right behind chasin' after me (Chasin' after me)
I used to try to tell people I'll make it with this music, they just turned around and laughed at me (Turned around and laughed at me)
But don't think anything's impossible
This life I'm livin' now they used to tell me was a fantasy, so
All my prosperin' artists, I got a plan
Start where you are, use what you have
Feel what you feel, do what you can
Prove everybody wrong, come up with a plan
Cause I dropped out of school, believed in myself
Turned this pain into music and nobody helped
I was lost, can't describe the pain that I felt
But I knew I was special like nobody else, you know

The anxiety is one of the craziest things that I have
Dealin' with that kind of anxiety after bein' stabbed and shot, a lot of, uh, paranoia
And a lot of, just a lot of things with me where, where it's hard for me to be around people
It may or may not seem like it, but it's like real difficult (Yeah)

And when it falls down, how many numbers in my phone can I call right now?
Are they here to lift me up or here to watch me drown?
How many people can I trust when it all falls down?
Yeah, when it falls down, how many numbers in my phone can I call right now?
Are they here to lift me up or here to watch me drown?
How many people can I trust when it all falls down?

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