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TESTO - Like Mike - Alive

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TESTO - Like Mike - Alive

Bizzle, Bumps, Selah, Sevin
Datin, Boi-1da on the beat

You already know what it is
It’s God Over Money, let’s go!
They know
God Over Money (Come on)

Welcome to mi casa, partner (Uh-huh)
Let me walk ya into the kitchen, this sauce is proper, like- (Mwah!)
Every chef on this roster serve authentic pasta
While these imposters give you a bowl of superstition (Haha, uh-huh)

It's God Over Money, honey, the new edition (You know?)
I make my peace by bathin' beneath the crucifixion (Ugh!)

While they Judas-kissin', I'm tryna grow like a Chi-Chia pet (Mwah, yeah)
So I'm beatin' my flesh into submission (Ugh)
They want a coupe description, I hit the Philistine strip (Strip)
In a guillotine whip (Whip)- the roof is missin'

We surpassin' every facet of what you envision (Uh-uh)
So ain't no fashion, it's just passion in my true religion (Woo)

I make a student listen, His Word penetrates deep (Deep)
Then generates heat like nuclear fission (Ugh)
I aim straight for the lost, how can a shooter miss 'em? (Bow, grrow!)
Put a cap on the cross, call me the super-Christian (Right?)

Even if your booth was explode-proof
And you had the bomb squad wit' you and wore the whole suit
It still would be no use (Nope), 'cause on them Pro Tools
I’m known to react like Goku when droppin' vocals (Yes!)
G.O.M. is the go-to for that whole truth
A gang of bold dudes on the frontline, and we won’t move (Uh)
You would think Bizzle cut the locks, chains and bolts loose
Throughout the whole zoo, then freed the apes and formed this whole group (Yeah!)
It’s like you rappers stranded on the Planet
Of the Apes, and you lookin' like bananas in pajamas (Uh)
See, when the crew's by me it's Jumanji:
These animals will jump out the game and flood your street like a tsunami (Aah!)
Stampedin', like when the elephants rush
A small opponent, first, it's gored, then it's propelled from its tusk
Then it's stomped until its cerebellum swells and it busts
So tell Satan him and all his devils in hell'll get crushed

Fix your gaze on the Lord above
And sure enough, your eyes reveal a
God of righteousness wit' a light so bright, it kills ya
Death to the flesh, but still alive like Mike in "Thriller"
But He can free up a trapped soul like Bryson Tiller

Find the scripture, I am for realer, my mind is iller
Than a Riker's island asylum filled up with violent killers
Peep the irony, I used to hit the trees
And now I abide in the Vine like I'm tryna climb and go find gorillas (Ah!)

Man, no monkeyin' around
Like when Steve Harvey gave Ms. Columbia the crown (Sike!)

Same thing that any self-proclaimed king
Kick that, Liu Kang, flu game sick as gangrene
Lift the Great King, so you know we got to spit fire
Cause my God's outstandin' like a hitchhiker
Uh, can't brag on Him enough
Ask me, the flow nasty like Flint water in cups

It's Grand Skeena, God's 9 Millimeter
Livin' water by the river, come and get a liter
And everybody talkin' 'bout they "livin' fast"
But to God, you're a peon, I measure y’all in kilometers (Woo)
I see 'em bluffin', sayin' nothin' like they dead, um, I'm
Warrin' wit' whatever is real like Palestine
But I ain’t trippin', to be honest, homie, half the time
I'm just tryna keep Bumps calm like Calamine (Haha)
They don’t wanna know about Jehova's graces
Everybody got the works or that hammer go berserk
In the buildin', and they seein' somethin' comin'
Steady leavin' with they keys, like Taraji up in "Smoking Aces" (Woo!)
And we ain’t ever sittin' out
Lifestyle over rap 'cause we live it out
And from the start, I've been payin' from the heart
Crazy how He art, like the word 'heart' written out

I keep a big MAC for you small fries
And I mob wit' a pair of pumps for you tall guys
Off in the coffin, you goin' for the long ride
And talkin' 'll get you tossed off and then hog-tied (Yeah!)

See, the minute I spit what the killers spit (Uh)
The first thing you think is "Hypocrite!" (Uh)
But when he pop niggas nine songs straight
And start spittin' like me, on the tenth, you be feelin' it (Yeah)

I say I'm a Christian you stop listenin'
Like, "Why he always got to bring his religion in?" (Huh?)
But every rapper you know mention God
So it's kinda odd you only knockin' the ones livin' it (Real talk)
They say, "You're too vocal on tracks, Biz"
So they try to keep me under wraps like the ad-libs (Pssh)
And cats been sleepin' on the flow
But this hot sixteen'll put them back on they mattress (Yeah)
By faith, I shine with no Diddy
I don't move yayo for the buck, I’m no 50
I don't need henchmen for the Lord, I'm no Jimmy
And I signed up ready to die, it's no Biggie (Yeah!)
Yes, I rep Yeshua, the Christ
Best not test unless that pen shoot when it write (Blaow!)
You in a fight? You finna lose, and if I
Break all rules and apply to rap like you, you finna die (Yeah!)
Mr. Hashtag rapper, Mike Brown, Trayvon (Rapper, huh?)
Only time you promote peace is when they die
It lasts 'bout a week, then it's back to the straps
Cause your contract came wit' a stack and some KY (Uh)
Poisonous raps like crack in a pot
Major labels like, "Here, serve that to your block" (Pssh)
So I don’t want to hear how you let TECs squeeze
Let 'em cut a check, you be in a dress next week

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