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Leggi il Testo, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di Air di Royal Trux contenuta nell'album Untitled. “Air” è una canzone di Royal Trux. Air Lyrics.

TESTO - Royal Trux - Air


TESTO - Royal Trux - Air

Woke up in the hazy shade
Of a rusty dusty down
To find that I had crushed the mind
Of one who from beyond the highway comes
Those legs were looking back at me
Wasn't this the version I was meant to see?
I can't remember what the hell she said
To think about a place of mystery
Air, air, air
I love you

The hook-up kids don't know don't care
They keep their secrets down upon the stair
The river floats in gambling holds
Made for the troubadour on a dare
He's the one from the movie screen
He's the one who knows the goal is never feel
He's the gun & the magazine
It's the one you know but it just won't say when


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