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Ain’t She Sweet

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TESTO - Unlinked Artist - Ain’t She Sweet

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TESTO - Unlinked Artist - Ain’t She Sweet

I am Legend

Listen Up!
Proving you wrong is one of my goals
So I'ma bring you hell fire
Something that you’re not used to when it comes to me
Take a seat, get up to speed
You gonna have to adapt to the heat
Yeah, you heard "Home Movie"?
I'm not gonna sound that sweet
I don't accept defeat, I’m one of the elites
On the beat, so concrete, not discreet, please retreat
I'm at your door not to trick or treat
I'ma liquidate you
Faster than the fastest heartbeat
Like Thanos
I'ma disintegrate you
In the Rap Game
You're a fucking disease

Had to think about it for a minute
Really, told you I was gonna take the city
Nothing you could do, I'm completely kitted
I'm not the type of nigga to bring you an inane skit
It's a full on movie and your throat will get slit
And you know hell fire is the only thing I spit
Actually I rap and sing but I don’t cook noise in the Microwave
Rappers nowadays, you’re not at tip top of the wave
Yeah go ahead and Mumble but don't grumble when I fade you away
I’m Raiden in the Urban Jungle, please behave
Bet on me, I'm not killing astray
You and I are not connatural
I got into the rap game the other day
I'm a fucking natural
I don't rap cliche
You do know
If we go
Toe to toe
You won’t make it to the outro
You sound like you giving deep throat
Your song, I outwrote
Your beats are recycled, you got no dope flow
I'ma show you, my ballistic report
So load up your rifle, let's put up a crime show
I don't bend the knee, real nigga like Jon Snow
I'm 5'3" but I get really rough
Now you know that I don't blend with the rapping idiots
I said it enough
Your music is fucking hideous
Clown ass nigga you belong in the movie IT
Cause Like I said this is critical
Y'all be eating shit
Rapping idiots like it's typical
I'm here to put you back in the pit
Till you become analytical
So I hope that you don't quit
Cause this is not political
Now you giving weed away cause you suck?
Unlike you I don't need anyone on the stage
To look tough!
I'm not a Cannibal, lyrically I'm Hannibal
Even Hannibal the Cannibal eat up enemies, artistically
I'm not a vegetarian either
Just call me vagiterian
Vanilla pie's my favorite type meat
Broke down that pussy lyrically and physically
This is the beginning of my legacy
2nd rap song, but I want you to see
The battle's on, and I know you gonna flee
I'm like that real nigga Bruce Lee
I bet you got chills
Bet you running down my hill
They know my music got you ill
Now you waiting to be killed
Now you waiting to be killed
Cause I don't fake it like y'all
You rap 'bout getting mad pussy but get none
She, ain't trying to fuck you at all
Blue, balls' all you got couldn't make her juice run
I'm like the mother fucking Moon
Upsetting Nerve Endings till we climax
I fuck her so hard pussy be looking fat
Came eight times clawed me like an angry cat
Fucked the red, out of her cute ass face
Fuzzy lips be drooling at the workplace
She walking kinda funny leaving a trace
Dick game so good she's fully glazed
She don't need a side nigga she's preoccupied
Hence, I'm deep in that vanilla pie
Four to six rounds a day on that porn star shit too
I got crazy overpowered stamina like Son Goku
So Get off my lane
Or you gonna need a cane
Trust me, I'm not sane
I don't want you to be in pain
You know this is my reign
I'm not playing though
I don't sample, I'm dynamo
From scratch, You can't outflow
My music, like UFO
When I appear
You know I take the show
For myself
Flip it around
I want to excel
I'm a fresh nigga
From Miami
I'm a fresh nigga
Yeah, I'm a fresh nigga
Three-O-fucking five, I'm a fresh nigga
Fina-fucking-ly, I'm a fresh nigga
Pedal to the Metal never Settle is my Credal
Red like Reddle you got choked with a Heddle
Hacked in the Middle won a Medal 'cause I'm Daedal I don't Fiddle with my Riddles
I be killing you Mosquitos
You can't Diddle with my time I don't Piddle
I'm in great Fettle, I love Heavy Metal
I'm not Nettled, I grew up in the Ghettos
I needed Dough
Had sell them O's
Keep it on the low though
Go show your fans "Home Movie"
Ma singing so fucking groovy
I'm Back
I'm Back
I'm Back
I'm Back to the Track
Smoking Green Crack
Making Green Stacks
Burning bodies with a Mean Flak
Delete your Tracks
Lines are Whack
Pack the Bags
Take your Tracks
Cannot Attack
The Alpha of the Pack
Rhymes are Trash
In a Flash
Back to Back
I be adding to the body Stack
Jack the Ripper's Back
I'ma turn you into Ash
You're a Hack
That's a Fact
I'm a beast ass nigga like Goku Black
I'ma take the crown
And wear it in your town
How does that sound?
And now, I'ma smoke a fat ass blunt nigga...

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