Luh Tyler

A Day In The Noya

Leggi il Testo,la Traduzione in Italiano, scopri il Significato e guarda il Video musicale di A Day In The Noya di Luh Tyler contenuta nell'album A Day In The Noya. “A Day In The Noya” è una canzone di Luh Tyler. A Day In The Noya Lyrics.

TESTO - Luh Tyler - A Day In The Noya

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TESTO - Luh Tyler - A Day In The Noya

Yeah, yeah, nigga, yeah, yeah
Zee, zee, phew
(Xair, lemme get that motherfucker)
Yeah, skee, yeah
Yo' bitch jumping on my trail, bitch, get off my meat
Yeah, yeah, nigga, yeah
Phew, phew, skee

I don't really like to talk, no, I don't wanna speak
Yo' bitch jumping on my trail, bitch, get off my meat
I was down bad, now, I'm back up on my feet
You ain't got a bag, nigga, you can't get a feat'
Got your bitch tryna kick it like she Bruce Lee
She just want me for that bag, you can't use me
You ain't tryna get no motion, nigga, you sleep
Came through sliding with L.O.E. Shimmy, we just two deep
We be staying out the way, nigga, we don't beef
And yo' bitch fuckin' with me, say she like my teeth
I'ma gorilla in the coupe like I'm Chief Keef (Skrt, skrt)
Nigga blew up in this rap, you in disbelief (What the fuck?)
Take yo' bitch and beat her down like she was my child (Yeah)
And yo' bitch gon' wanna fuck when she see my smile (Nigga, yeah)
Nigga know we dripped out, we stepping out in style (That's fosho)
Some of my niggas from the jungle, yeah, they living wild
Some of my niggas from the jungle, yeah, they living crazy
I am not no Justin Bieber, bitch can't be my baby
When we poppin' out, you better hide your lady
Smoking Za and sipping drank, got me moving lazy
Smoking Za and sipping drank, got my eyes low
We passing through the school zone, you better ride slow
And we brought that ticket up, I need 'bout five more
When a nigga get that check then it's time to go
Man, yo' bitch gon' hit her knees when she see that 20
If you talking 'bout that cheese, nigga, I got plenty
Bad bitch, she out the city, pull up to Kissimmee
Swerving in a coupe, nigga, me and Shimmy
When it come to moving pigeons, countin' chicken, I got plenty
If you want a bowl of , meet me at the Denny's
I just need a Perc, a line of Wok', I don't want no Henny
We in Tally, hope I don't get stopped with this dirty semi
I might rock Balenci', I don't rock no Fendi
Louie loafers wrapped in crocodile, won't even crack a smile
Streets done did me dirty, hurt me, momma look how they did your child (Look how they did me momma)
Send shit to the sky, I don't even lie, better check my fye (On God)
Uh, better not try and touch my pendant
Zombieland, I'm big lieutenant
Niggas tryna doubt like I ain't the one, I'm startin' to feel offended
Why he keep the beef? Just tryna hop on any beat and shred it
Pull up on the side of that car and frr, someone called a medic
Ran up all this guap, I'm finna hit the top, just watch how I said it
I'm still pushing loads, got 17 bowls in here like
Thought I was done but I'm still going in, this shit don't end
If that work don't lock up with that wrist then put your shoulder in
If that shit ain't purple when I piss then go ahead and pour again
If that rap don't work out, how I think back to that stroll again

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